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  1. imagine all the possible endings though. "interest rates have gone up" dum dum...... dum dum dum dummma dum "your getting repossed" dum dum...... dum dum dum dummma dum
  2. made some pretty decent points in my opinion. now im going to make a sweeping generalisation here but would it be fair to say that the majority of people who watch this morning would have been labour voters?? and in their poll of who should be pm it was 22.5% for gordon brown and 77.5% for david cameron?
  3. whats the average wage for perth? its close enough to edinburgh to commute so locals could be priced from that. however when i looked at perth prices a 2 bed nice looking semi with garden and garage was fixed 120k. which compared to aberdeen and surrounding area is 30k-50k cheaper for similar housing.
  4. MORE JOB LOSSES mate of mine just phoned me. he works for Q serve (slipline) i think. he was being told for months that there was loads of work just got laid off today as well as a load of others. no links or articles yet im sure there will be in the P & J tomorrow out of my circle of friends lets say top 10 on bebo (lol) 3 out of 10 have lost their job in the last few months. 2 oil related 1 construction. construction has since been rehired only because they closed a whole factory in sterling but at a reduced wage....
  5. interesting. however you'd have to think where the crime element of it would go. into harder drugs, robbery fraud.
  6. ironicly it will appeal to the YES CAR CREDIT customer type but they will get knocked back for the finance for the new car for the very reason that the economy is in trouble (unsustainable debt)
  7. lets say you are a cash buyer for a car. take me with you and my £600-£800 passat. which iv had for over 1 year. basicly you decide what to buy do the deal everything goes in my name then soon as documments come through everything gets transfered into your name. problems/ sticky points no finance find a seller that you trust. your inabillity to negotiate 2k off that you can if your any good with car sales. dealers decide that manufacturers RRP is now the bench price they use instead of (RRP £20000 OUR PRICE £17995) dealers put prices up before hand... oh wait they have.
  8. he he guess who has 2 cars over 10 years old both mot and tax had one for 1 1/2 years other for 2 months. it will just make it to the year before the time liimit. however i never intend to buy brand new... ever worked in car sales so could easyly negiotiate the 2k off myself anyway. and both cars are worth about £700 instant sale price so it would really only be £1300 better off.
  9. interesting question. what goes up must come down. but what goes down must it go up???
  10. £10 says someone at the royal mail started this on a few internet sites
  11. id love to walk into aston martin etc yep id like to trade in my 1994 1.0 fiesta and il have 2k off one of your cars. lol come on what did you expect anyone who buys a car 14k upwards but cant haggle 2k off is an idiot anyway. what is it they say about a fool and their money?
  12. John MacRae, the chairman of the ASPC, said: "While it is disappointing to report a drop in the average price, the news is not unexpected. Our local housing market is not immune to the difficulties being experienced nationally. Our average price is still higher than Scottish and UK national averages." why is that bad?? bloody ramping idiot. £100k house 200k house a sales a sale isnt it!!
  13. as someone of the age of 24 i feel i should comment on this. i have absalutly no intention of ever paying into a pention that will more likely than not give me less return on my money or be stollen away from me somehow by wahtever government is in power at the time. as far as im concerned a pension is just another giant pyramid scheme,
  14. i currently live at home. but i have no life. i go out on random car drives to places just for something to do. i havnt even bothered taking any of my holiday weeks in the first half of the year because id be bored stiff. mates you say. most are up to their eyes in debt live at home some dont even have to cost/ ability to run the costs of a car. move out and rent you say. yeh great £600 a month for a 1 bed shitter propping up some btl landlord who bought when the repayment of that mortgage will be less than current rental income. rent with a mate. id trust people (well maybe not hamish ) on this forum more to rent with rather than ANYONE my age/ social circle to be financialy savy enough to be responsible for a budget and paying rent. which is why i said above im looking to buy now but at 25% off at least peak price. im 90%sure bpeak to bottom will be 40% accross the board once interest rates go to what they should be. but im willing to take that last 15-20% loss myself in trade off for getting on with my life as i put it earlier. plus theres NO skill in calling the exact bottom of the market nor calling the top. but if you do your homework and research i dont see why someone shouldnt be able to come pretty close. im not looking for capital gains either if someone said to me il transport you back to 2006 prices and told me the future of property ie 50%-60% rise to late 2008 but 2008-2012 at bottom it was even less than 2006 prices id still buy then.
  15. the response was "if situation is that bad ie that the 175k should go back to 105k (and further by my research) then the country is in terrible state. i hadnt the heart to tell a trained solicitor who should know better that the shit had hit and is still hitting the fan that the country is pretty fcuked! thats not even mentioning what higher interest rates are going to do to the property prices. you may ask then why am i looking to buy now if i expect this to happen? well was going to view the above repo in inverurie peak 175k (next door same house etc) on for 135k. it sold for 95k in 2005 so id expect it to go back to that sort of price range at the bottom. however if i can have my cake and eat it ie repossed price and lock into a 10 year fix id be willing to take the hit of the financial loss of potential 40k for getting on with my life.
  16. maybe im missing the point here or stating the obvious. but wouldnt china want the imf to sell gold. and sell it with public knowledge of the sale so that they can buy it up and get out of a chunk of the dollar holdings they have??
  17. thats the sh!t im already putting up with. even my solicitor said we havnt had the same boom blah blah blah. yeh well how come a house i looked at is 175k now but in 2006 was 105k?? or the repo i looked at in inverurie 135k today 175k in 2008 95k in 2005??? trying to justify that this IS normal prices is just taking the blooody piss!
  18. delboy m4rK us marks regard the spelling marC to be of the homosexual way yes i know delboy a 2 bed flat is not worth 150k in westhill however i am merely trying to show that the almighty aberdeen and its "micro economy" is not immune. mr W: can i have a mortgage please banker: yes certainly 3.5 times your salary 30k salary mr W: my salary is 35k banker: certainly 3.5 time that then mr W: but im from aberdeen banker: OH well thats different then 6x 7x do you need more?? mcglashan im fully aware that jobs= relation to house prices however i believe that banks will depict house prices not job losses of which there will not be as many "percentage wise" in aberdeen as other places. (obviously job losses can = repo's but not alot.
  19. its like when your sick (ie puking) im not going to be sick ,im not going to be sick huuuuuuuurrlll!!!!! few thank god for that the worst is over. but the worst is that stomach wrenching nothing to come up bile that forces it way out and has you on your knees throat burning in agony until your begging for it to stop
  20. THIS POST IS ABOUT HOUSE PRICES!!! a while ago i said id post up price changes and sale prices. now iv dug out a printout and coppies of prospect's iv had lying arround and thought id post this up. 2 bed semi bungalo westhill original 175k oo now fixed 164.5k unsold 12 westdyke place ab326qt 2 bed upper flat westhill original 149k oo SOLD 140k 11 braecroft drive 2 bed upper flat westhill original 145k oo sold 155k 4 beech road ab326wr (oh yogi i mada a booboo) 2 bed semi brig o don original ?? "slashed to fixed 149.995k sold 145k 80 collieston circle 2 bed semi kingswells original 169k oo then fixed 175k then fixed 165k dissappeared off aspc possibly sold 15 clova crescent ab156pr 1 bed flat westhill original 139k oo fixed 139k fixed 129k sold cancled sold cancled back on market pretty obvious what property iv been looking at but blows chunks out of hamish's argument that offers over =70%-90% of the "believed" value of property. if anyone can add others it would be good to compare.
  21. woohoo you guys are all stupid. forign currency shares, GOLD investment. you had it wrong all the time iv "invested" in 2 cars under £1000. now worth £2000 each!! on another note does this not smell of forced inflation? every decent drivable car under £2000 value and 10 years old now becomes "worth" £2000??
  22. yep i sat in my chair laying into the old guy. he had a golden shot and blew it. £175 a month mortgage. i made that in a week doing chipper deliveries! he wasnt financialy wise il give him that however when jackie asked about saying no to the banks for loans based on equity etc he just said its too hard to say no... teh only one who actually deserved any sympathy was the exotic cloths lady. who understood and wanted to pay back the mortgage without a handout. only got it sorted because the bbc were involved. though for making money she could have gone for a bit of prostitution. i know i would have!
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