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  1. just had a look at a house in portlethen, talked to the neighbour. he bought for 225k 6 months ago 3 bed detactched garage conservatory. next door no garage no conservatory but now fixed 169k!!
  2. likely that these cash buyers see no safe place for their dosh??
  3. whats all this about terraced not falling? exibit A 18 wellside end kingswells. fixed 185k 1 month ago aspc exibit B 9 wellside end kingswells, price arround 165k vjust today added to aspc granted A has a conservatory
  4. may i ask what you bought. roughly type of house and area? rough price from peak if your ok witht haty. just interested whats selling etc
  5. iv been weighing this up too. on one hand if things are so bad i cant see how anyone would have funds to invest in britain regardless of interest rates and if things are as bad as people say here then how can the government knowingly raise interest rates when it will further lower house prices and compound the problem
  6. if there was a clapping emoticon id give it to you. well done you if only more people were like you and willing to get jobs instead of sponging off the state.
  7. yep quite funny. thing is why dont all estate agents just accept that lower prices are better. what do they care if its high or low. its volume that makes the money surely. heard that 2.5- 3 times what a shot in the foot if he'd said 4 times etc he wouldnt have been totaly miles away but 2.5 is so far away from current prices
  8. edinburgh and aberdeen ar ethe two places in the uk that are the last to accept drops so its definitly only started here. put it this way a taxi driver (not own taxi) bought a 3 bed detached in a nice area of town here 5 years ago for 140k. those houses are now 280k minimum (some reduced for 310k) could a taxi driver afford that now? not a chance. the problem is when the rest of the uk has had its falls lets say it is 45% or something we will only be 20% down and all our EA's and VI's will start up with how prices have now bottomed. (as if they dont do that every week anyway) personally if you can wait there will be another "dream" property for you. iv already seen 3 properties i thought were perfect then it sells and another comes on thats even better, btl is going to hit the fan in edinburgh with less folk going to uni and there will be hefty savings to be made.
  9. you got yourself into debt you pay for it. sums up the modern society nowadays doesnt it. "its not my responsibility"
  10. link to the program its not on iplayer yet and i desperatly want to see jackie turd pooping herself!
  11. heres a wee pic of all the pent up supply of oil btw is average pirce of a house in aberdeen is 180k odd as stated by one of the many aberdein considine partners that loves ramping the market "best week ever since last week" etc and we accept the very generous 36k average wage in aberdeen then 3.5 times that = 126k plus say 14k deposit = 140k average price. which equates to a 25% ish fall just to bring back the the normal before any over correction.
  12. where exactly has fiat got the money for this? i know the new punto has done well and fiat 500 (which i predicted to friends) would make or break the company. government help?
  13. problem with that is depots are usually not local. so when i order stock from a store 40 miles away it gets picked up on the return delivery from that store brought back to depot put in my lane and sent to me on my delivery. yes the goods have travled further (round trip 250miles) but used less fuel becuase there is not a lorry traveling from depot to store- store to depot and store to store to transport 1 pallet etc. same with "local produce".
  14. offers over has been hiding the true prices for a while. only 6 months ago aspc (aberdeen) would have 10 properties at offers over and 1 at fixed. i kid you not its the other way arround now. they have shot themselves in the foot and blooming well deserve it too. all the EA's up here have done is set themselves up for a bigger fall hoping that the market would recover in england so they could claim that it will recover here. it hasnt and now they are slowly starting to accept that the prices are rediculous. 2005 a 2 bed semi bungalo was 70k . now 149k and next door 135k. even wage adjusted its miles out. edinburgh and aberdeen have been the 2 most stuborn of places oil and banking and look what has happenend to them! there dont even have to be job losses to affect the market. the mere threat of job insecurity is enough to make people think maybe i shouldnt be spending as much as i have been.
  15. it most certainly is not. i believe break even (in general) is $60 even then its touch and go. many budgets have been cut back this year and even next year.
  16. what you mean the woman that would only go out with you because you have your own place thus they assume "you have money" yet because you live at home they wont go out with you because you cant afford your own place? sounds like a great person to me. personally i woulndt touch a woman thats obviously a money grabbing asset seeking whore but hey whatever floats your boat.
  17. this is the usual blooming cr4p that comes out of every scots ea. we are imune we never had a bubble etc! sick to death of hearing it. and now after months of "prices havnt fallen here" we suddenly get "the market has bottomed!" what we skipped the actual falls and went from the top of one side of the U to the top of the other?? they say that car salemen and EA's are hated and lie. at least the car salesmen admit they are in the sh!t.
  18. come on thats an easy one. because of the tax and cars are evil.. government wants you on public transport.. btw buy a car the industry is in trouble ironic isnt it?
  19. as much as i feel sorry for those that lose kids to road accidents 99% of them happen when X kid crosses the road when they shouldnt have been. if parents taught their kids how to cross roads properly and at appropriate times there wouldnt be half as many fatalities. yes the driver is usualy speeding but that is not the cause of the accident. you have to look at the ROUTE CAUSE of the incident. cue flaming from the cycling greenies
  20. that is a fair whack im £15 300 mins free 300 txts. never get close to using it.
  21. actually i have done it. asda smart price everything though i think she was getting meals from friends as she did look pretty well groomed etc. however given her financial state pretty impressive to even get up in the morning and get on with it!!
  22. no when i first read the story i had actually prejudged her thinking here we go young up the duff some mink doesnt want to work and complaining they cant live on the money they are given. then watching it i think how great the platform has been for myself to start out in life and get on with a career etc. in a different situation im sure she'd be doing well. yet some people no matter what situation they start out in manange to squander it away. though i dont see why she doenst go to one of the supermarkets for work. im sure asda dont have the lower scale for minimum wage. the job she was offered tips would actually give her a decent whack onto her low wage though.
  23. because she cant! but she didnt bleat about it she accepts she has to pay it and wants to work!!
  24. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/mortgages/hou...p;in_page_id=57 and the wee you tube video
  25. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/8015023.stm now regardless of how this girl got into this situation leaving home at 15 im pretty impressed with her attitude. didnt have a kid made a priority of paying bills ok if you take it to the extreme she has a tv but seems like she just needs a chance in life... hhmm bit of a looker too
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