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    saving up for a noble m12 gto 3r. but probably have a pit stop at a lotus elise s2 which holds its value very well then sell and move onto the noble. quite fancy a track car too and as i had one before an old mr2 turbo would be perfect. if i bin it on the track i wont be gutted as opposed to using the elise or the noble! also really like the old audi rs2. delboy its 4.3 times my income not 6. yes the average house should revert to 3.5 times but id say this is more than the average house. 13% off peak you say hamish however there wasnt the big garage when the seller first bought it so 10k-15k added on for the garage to make it 195k-200k "value" at peak? maybe maybe not, its a way to scew the figures should i want to say i bought at a bigger reduction from 2007 prices.
  2. m4rk

    Just Bought

    so i did it. bought a lovely 2 bed semi cottage in the countryside with a massive garden a single garage and a huge barn like garage as well. all modern kitchen and bathroom so nothing needs done. it last sold for 185k (without the large extra garage) early 2007. agreed price after i refused to budge 160k. do i think iv caught the bottom NO. but i always said if oil went back to 60-70 id move fast and buy if the right house came up which it has. im a total car nut so to get the garage's is exactly up my street. stuck in this place for the rest of my life if property really goes to hell? well im happy the attached garage can easyly become a 3rd bedroom and quality of life will be good out in the country if crime gets worse in the city (which it seems to be daily right now) 25 year mortgage fixed for 5. couldnt get 10 year fix at the ltv rate (i know alarm bells) could actually have it paid off in 10 years with my 95% known future promotion prospects. as for wait a year etc few points that affected my decesion 1. iv been on aspc every day for a year and this is the only house thats had my dream garage already there in my price range and down from peak not just dreaming of past peak prices. 2. to get the same land and security (crime wise) in aberdeen id be looking at houses in bieldside miltimber etc. 3. im living at home just now so to move out and rent would be minimum 500 for a shitty torry flat etc and something car safe and respectable 800-900 per month which is the same as the morgage.
  3. sorry guys... im just about to buy!!! 20% off peak by my reconing. 9/10 boxes ticked. to tick the final box it would have to be in aberdeen as opposed to a 20 minute commute. however to tick that final box would require a house thats currently about 350k-500k in town/ suburbs. i fully expect prices to fall further however there are some very unique features of this house that are very rare at my price range and still rare at higher prices. if the worst case scenario happens and im "stuck there all my life" it has more than enough space potential to turn 2 bedrooms into 3 and a huge garden etc. plus my figures are based on current salary of which im 99% sure i will be gettting a promotion in 6-12 months time. il let you guys know more details when the deals complete.
  4. one i went to see. 2 bed semi cottage easy commute to town garage huge garden small conservatory nodern kitchen bathroom etc. loft big enough as anouther room. 134k.. sniff sniff what the hecks that? meat factory accross the road!
  5. i can understand that i can understand that i dont really believe that tbh HOW????? market priceing in future interest rate rises???
  6. you know if the media get onto a site like this and start reading all the recent bears that are buying imagine the headlines.. "housepricecrashexperts are buying
  7. i tell you what lets just send oil prices to the moon! seeing as they seem to rise 2% per day. whats that since the start of the week about 6 dollars. so a dollar a day fair enough end of the year oil will be $270 per barrel. wonder how many businesses can survive on that? apart from shell etc
  8. my passat i just sold is valued at £700 yet i just sold it at £450. that seemed a very unbearish response
  9. this is where the goverment could force inflation on us. chuck on a couple of pence every company raises prices. strangely alot of the oil and gas companies havnt really been increasing on the footsie even with rises from $37 to $60+ barrels
  10. if i looked at a property on at 170k down from 190 peak and offered 155k and it was accepted is the loan to value based on the "value ie 170k" or the sale price of 155k? as such if it was taken at 170,000 and i put in 27500 but bought it for 155,000 would i get a mortgage at 75% ltv? ie the difference between 170k and 155k gives 15000 of "equity" + 27500 deposit to equal 42500 which is 25% of the 170k?
  11. if this is really "IT" as hamish says then i wont bother buying il be happy enough to rent and let all these idiots drift into another massive hpi until interest rates go through the roof (which is the one thing almost everyone agree's is going to happen on this site" then we will see what happens to house prices! and i may just go and blow a chunk of my deposit now on a lovely noble m12 gto 3R and enjoy life.
  12. we are a net importer of oil anyway arnt we? "gulp takes a deep breath" hamish is right about rental figures up here though.
  13. did you see the sunday post today, merlynn (spelling) had a full page. wasnt hugely bearish but a decent read
  14. aberdeen. based on what hamish has said i recon ferryhill or mannofield
  15. what recovery what crash. as far as scottish EA'S are concerned "we are immune" thus when america finaly recovers then england then scotland and then edinburgh and aberdeen can be last to recover when they finally start to admit to falls.
  16. that would go for at least 1300-1500 up here. but thats leceister "innit"
  17. unfortunitly he's right. thats the going rate for rents up here. so much so flats at 100k actually make sense to btl as youd get 700 ish a month. problem is all the young sub 30 oilies up here (aberdeen) bought up flats to let out and all the ones over have had their huge houses paid off through inflation and previosu booms and busts. everone else has to pay the premium extra because i believe our average house price is cira 180k
  18. neither knowing exactly where that place is.
  19. im sure the blonde one said she was on 22k in earlier programs, so 135k mortgage or 135- her deposit is still a hefty whack
  20. id say the person doesnt know what a bull and a bear is and just picked "the cutest" also must be bisexual as this person is willing to buy with their boyfriend or girlfriend!!
  21. cant help but think the btl bug isnt out of britains system yet..... that money ship has been, gone, sailed away, and sunk so id avoid it all together. keeping back a good chunk of your deposit is a good idea and i intend to do it as well. at least a years worth of payments. added bonus if you go long term fixed now there could be a high chance that future interest rates are much higher than your mortgage rate and that cash could subsidse you nicely.
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