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  1. just about to rent out my single garage to a long term restoration of a car. it will bring in £100 per month and i have another 4 car double double garage in my garden for all my use and anything else storage wise. however i will probably be moving house in 6-8 months due to work. obviously i have a contract between my rentee 1month rolling 1 month notice for each party to cancel. when the time comes to sell will this be seen as a bonus (ie this house brings in £100 per month already for no effort or will it put people off? rent of the garage is equal to about 15% of what the mortgage cost would roughly be. there is plenty of distance between garage and living area for there to be no noise. your thoughts?
  2. never thought of it that way. allow people to "afford" their mortgage with the low rates but lower their standard of living my taxing heavier. otherwise higher rates would keep the downward spiral going.
  3. personally id love to see the stats with glasgow and its surrounding sh4tholes cast off from mainland scotland. i hate everything that "city" and area represents. the violence the crime the unemployment the benefits. yes edinburgh aberdeen dundee has its no go areas but in no other city do i feel unsafe as anywhere near glasgow. personally i do not count the rambling "aye min fking scotland wah hay buckie drinking swine" as scottish, just a disgrace to true scots and scots attitudes. and what i mean by that is go to the highlands or royal deeside everyone knows everyone people leave their front doors open and cars unlocked etc. meh im just moaning i guess at the state of modern society.
  4. maybe he got his computer repossed however on a darker note for bears in aberdeen i know iv bought but im having trouble breaking the habbit of looking at every new house that comes up for sale. a 2 bed end terrace with garage in oak drive westhill last year was fixed 150k new one on today offers over 158k "valued" at 160k 2 bed flats on peterculter low point was offers over 105k or fixed 105k now arround 115k. i dont want prices to rise above wage% increase nor do i want them to fall.
  5. i just bought in aberdeenshire (cottage built in 1900s no newbuild cr4p) still keep looking on aspc as its habbit now and there is a definitly a shortage of affordable houses. one just came on today 2 bed semi in desirable suburb garage and conservatory offers over 178k. thats madness. but this notion that aberdeen is recovering is mad, it was the last place in scotland with edinburgh that prices had even stopped rising. now with a 3 month lull its all of a sudden on the way up again... however oil price not credit suppy IS the one thing that drives the aberden market. the period of $40 oil had aberdeen worried and many of my friends were laid off. many have since been rehired. $50-$60 is sustainable for aberdeen though not desirable. anything above is a bonus. not to mention most (and im generalising here) owners here have been through an oil crisis and previous crash in house prices and have most of the very desirable houses well paid off. usually onto buy to let which rediculous as it sound when bought anything before 2006 in aberdeen the mortgage REPAYED is covered by the rent... for example in 2006 a 2 bed semi in very very well off area was 100-110k. the rent on that now is 800-850. 4 bed detached house in a desirable area in 2004 was 140k. priced now 280k-340k rent 1300-1600.
  6. i got the impression the young chap was pissed off that he had missed his chance for the "good times" of banking and bonuses.
  7. figures dont add up. 156k house assume deposit 5k. 950 a month bound to be 25 year deal. even at no deposit thats 5.2% interest rate...??
  8. seemed a decent guy but car fridge sofa all on finance. could have probably afforded it with out these. £300 a month solutions get a lodger its a 3 bedder so the kids share. 15 hrs a week part time work for her would net 300
  9. 156k 3 bed looks a nice area??? where would that be? thats 2 bed semi average area here
  10. see the guy left at the bar he's a renter. the guy on the dancefloor he's a buyer!
  11. yeh you could walk it... in 3 hours. near inverurie
  12. off topic i know but anyone looking for a room to rent 350 all bills inc? would be interesting living with someone to still debate and talk about the conomy. i have 1 person lined up but isnt really up on the idea of property prices and the economy!
  13. you wahts funny, years ago first year in uni i asked a lecturer how a -ve balance of trade cound be sustainable for the uk. his reply was pretty much it doesnt matter. i hadnt worked out that the only country with a positive balance was china, germany maybe too?
  14. this is the problem. the system is the wrong way round. same as young teen mums getting houses and life paid for because they have a kid. they wouldnt have a kid if a house and the benifits wern't available. *obviously there are exceptions before someone comes on here and says blah blah blah im a single teen mum etc*
  15. if it were me id rent it out. long as it covers your mortage and property management costs if your away long term.
  16. iv had alot of cars. generally old ones. had 6 french cars. currently a xsara vts that i give total death to and apart from the brakes not up the pummeling i give them (going to get some uprated ones) the car keeps comming back for more. so did my first little clio 1.4 mk1 but iv had 2 german cars a mk3 golf driver and a newer shape (S) reg passat that have both been piles of shit! really unimpressive. at least if french goes wrong its relativly cheap to fix. if kraut goes wrong its much bigger money. only german id have is bmw other wise jap for reliability french for fun
  17. well thats my place all done and dusted. everything finalised move in in august. im sure il still kick about this site its taught me alot. bought with a good chunk off 2007 prices and it had extentions to the garden to the value of 10-15k so happy enough. 25 year mortgage but il have it paid off in 10 years i recon. 35 and mortgage free and probably thinking about a family or whatnot will do me just fine. now i can start thinking about cars and maybe my first holiday in 6 years!!
  18. a company that can afford to have a guy standing at the door (as well as security staff) who says hello as you walk past.
  19. out of interest guys anyone interested in renting my second bedroom? favourable rates and your own garage? amazing views huge garden train station 2 miles away. 25 minute drive to city centre.
  20. i think the fundamental argument on here comes down to. do you trust the government in what they are doing and what they say about the state of the economy ie hamish's stand point. or do you see it as lies and deceit to cover up a massive failing. ie bears. problem is if your on a desert island and theres 10 stark raving mad loonies with pencils up their nose and their underpants on their head and just you. someone looking in is going to say.. look at that madman on his own all the rest are normal...
  21. usualy that sort of wording means if you have to ask... you cant afford it
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