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  1. if this is the case that there are loads of exerienced ready trained teachers why are there constant adverts on the tv for new teachers.... shirly its wasted money?
  2. id image parts of if not all of the gregorshore development in leith harbour edinburgh are like this. stunning flats fromt inside too...
  3. i need some advice. im planning on building a few garages but need to know what will the income come under for tax implications? im close to the 40% income tax limit from my job. would this mean any income gets taxed at 40%? or would it be best to set the garages up as a sole trader? any info would be appreciated. my tax free allowance for the house is already used up with my lodger.
  4. problem with aberdeen, by the time prices fall it will be alot less desirable to live there. summed up nicely above though. the quality of your house has nothing to do with your job or skill but when you bought it....
  5. im planning on move in 6 months or so and as it is the house i have has a large 4 car detached garage with power in the grounds. obviously taking the garage out of the deal lowers the value but the house already has a single garage attached to it. i basicly plan to sell the house keep the garage for myself longterm for a car collection. are there any implictions will the bank be happy splitting the grounds? i know id need a seperate meter for the electricity. would i need a seperate address as well for the garage? will this be expensive or difficult? anyone who has done this or has experience id greatly appreciate your input. ta
  6. pathetic. 40 years old means you were 30 in 2000 when houses were easyly affordable relative to wages and at that age you should more than be thinking about buying somewhere. you had your shot at a respectablely affordable house and blew it. too busy living it up with holidays cars and cloths. now my generation have no choice as the older generation supports high house prices just to sustain their own level of lifestyle. i look at prices only 5-6 years ago and the equivelant wage id be on and i could be mortgage free in 5-10 years. however now it will be 10-15 years, and that is putting a considerably higher percentage of my wage more into the mortgage that anyone who bought late 90s early 00s ever put in. kids? pah il think about that when the mortgage is paid off.
  7. youd think card shops but their stock never goes out of date or out of fashion really. minimum wages too so i dont costs are that bad. personally id love tesco to go down but cant see it happening. few of the sofa places have been thinnned out so they should be ok.
  8. yes that little feature they love doing pee's me off as well the secutary and pizza shop supervisor are looking for offers over 300k etc.. wtf!!
  9. hi guys been a wee while. settled into the house well now and have a live in rentee paying a hefty chunk of the mortgage. however i still cant let myself away from this site and the local market. and some of my snooping does not bode well. for example 13 craighead avenue sold for 182k october 2007 sold again for 164.5k octobet 2009 i went to see this house. it NEEDED a new kitchen and bathroom. frankly a 10% drop is not very good news.
  10. . the F stands for fat. fat and ugly hence fugly
  11. oh boo hoo. motorists have been shafted as long i dont give a monkeys about bus fares. taking the bus is like renting. everyone says they prefer it. but they would all rather have a car.. joking to stir it up.
  12. a rundown of my friends and their situations. 1 builds house kits lives at home take home pay £1500 has no money at the end of the month. banger car no debt. 1 works in a pizza shop lives at home £800 per month no money big debts, no car no savings 2 work in pizza delivery no debts uni degrees cant get jobs relevant to degree (computing) living at home nice cars paid off no savings 1 ex oily took home £3000 lives at home wasted it all on drink and other substances. now works in a warehouse me good solid job should be safe as long as the human race keeps going to supermarkets house bought just recently planned mortgage paid off in 10years big debts as a result but room rented out so mortgage is half paid anyway. so its not looking good out of the 7 of us you could say only 1 has a clue about whats going to happen to their future financially and there will be no help from the government, what will save most of them is all their ( and mine tbh) parents are well off with multiple houses or big houses in desirable areas.. theres a thread above about how the 1963-1981 born are hard done by? i dont see how. most could have had a house bought and paid off by now if they paid the levels our generation are having to pay for our mortgages (relative to our salarys). .
  13. ah that gearbox. iv driven with it and im impressed with it. but it takes something out of driving for me, i like having a clutch that i operate even though its slower. anyway we have to even out all these prius driving nonsense!
  14. i dont expect to get any pension when i retire. im 24 and dont intend on putting anything into any pension. however i will have my house paid off by the time im 35. that gives me realisticly 30 years after that to work and save.
  15. well i have a lovely sports car that does less than 6 miles to the gallon. i really dont understand this site at times and some of the people on it. i ride a bike so i have more cash and im fitter. so what will you do with that cash? buy big blocks of gold so that in the future you can buy... nothing. does anyone on this site actually live?
  16. you know what makes me laugh about the current situation. these people who are struggling and wont be going on 3 holidays a year and wont be buying new cars every two years. These people mostly bought their house when they were (normal) cheap compared to now. iv never had that chance and a a result i earn considerably more than many of my collegues yet they have had numerous holidays cars and what i would class miniscule mortgages are constantly complaining /struggling with money/or lack off. basicly they are in houses normal to their income but everything else has risen so they feel hard done by. while im in a place much further "down the ladder" paying much more than they ever did but used to high prices for everything else. sorry for the rant....
  17. having a look at the thread about gold being at $1225. i remember last year when it was arround $950-$980 people were saying buy buy blah blah. there were no adverts on tv (cash for gold) etc. other predictions were that the £ when at $1.30 ish would fall to parity. but now at $1.65 or there abouts and finally house prices. almost every thread said that most would wait until winter of 2009 assuming that the reductions in early 2009 would continue through the year instead of actually rising. so how many predictions have been right or just pure blind luck. at times it ssems to me the people on this site are ahead of the curve with gold purchases etc. but most didnt see prices rising at all in 2009.
  18. one thing that britain makes and is pretty good at. british jobs as well. why not keep building them and selling them off! keeps jobs and brings in a few quid! hell we could insist they pay us in anything but £s for them. win win for everyone?
  19. went to see this today, nice looking building nice looking shops but id say only a 60% occupancy rate. loads of empty shops. alot of naff looking ones upstairs too. other issues were the shops that were there seemed to attract the type that all buy the same 4 different items each shop has. mostly la dee da cloths shops for the young elite willing to pay £30 for a T shirt that probably cost 50p to make.... felt embarrased being there no real interesting shops imo.
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