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  1. santander and black horse were/ are two big car financers. when i worked for reg vardy's now evanshalshaw (thank god i left) they dealt with most of our finance customers. or scumbo finance as was said in the trade. theres alot of finance debt in used cars. folks were comming in with 2 years still to go on their payments getting a new car worth 4k less than the ammount they would have owed even with out a financed trade in to get rid off. as for the chap above being offered 0% finance dont do it. that 0% is paid for by the profit in the car. eg 20k list price 15k cost price to them 5k profit 2.5k paying for the 0% oh and if your buying diamond bright/ pure guard super guard etc it doesnt cost then 200,300,400 as they will tell you. it cost maximum £30-£40 for 1 polish guy to apply it. kit =£20
  2. ^i realise that but it seems appropriate just now doesnt it
  3. imo britain (note not great britain) needs to find a market to be a net exporter in. theres nothing really left though cars, nope, energy nope textiles nope raw materials nope and our previously "great" export of financial services will be devestated beyond resonable credibility. the one thing i think we should invest heavyly in is green technology. more so wind wave/tidal power generation. if we can become world leaders in this have the manufacturing set up here (NOT EXPORTED TO CHEAPER LABOUR MARKETS) the technical expertise and training facilities using existing universities etc then britain could regrow itself as a major player
  4. what i want to know is how will the markets react when obama wins, and he gets assasinated 2 months later?
  5. m4rk

    Aberdeen Ea

    popped into an ea today asking if they had anything new in the area i want (westhill) they mentioned one but it had gone up in price??? i asked why (they claimed it was new on the market) but i said it had been on at 140k and now was nearer 150k . i asked how strong they thought the local market was and asked if i were to put in an offer under an offers over "value" what the response would be? "hmmm a few under offer but most are getting 10% over the market is very strong." to add insult to injury i asked if she'd been busy. "oh no really quiet not alot of buyers about" contradictory or what!!
  6. would the banks balance sheet not already have the original 133k vaule or loan down as defaulted and as a bad debt so already "written off" and thus see this sale for 15k ods as recouping something of an already written off figure?
  7. i think that that the point being made is that the EA has a conflict of interests. im getting pounced on every EA i walk into telling me its a great time to buy blah blah blah. would they honestly say nah hold off wait for the prices to come down and better interest rates? but i still hate them!
  8. my work is getting busier and busier. (aldi) despite tesco's big push against us (stupid tesco should be worried about asda which is cheaper and better than it but is only bigger because of the "loyalty card) people unfortunitly label us with lidl. walk into an aldi then a lidl and see the difference! iv converted alot of our very well off neighbours who in this time can stilleasyly afford to shop in the struggling food sector of markies etc.
  9. first post great site by the way. been watching the market for a long time. mates been looking at the new houses at esthill the glendale ones. they phoned him up last night offering 50k off a 378k house. we asked if that was negiotable. aparently not but we think otherwise so he's just going to wait. for myself im a bit annoyed. had my eye on a flat for 3 months and someone has put an offer in on it. it hasnt shifted in price. id love to meet the person and tell them to wait and the prices will drop. why would you buy now with the market the way it is and the distinct possibility of interest rate cuts. not saying it will all be passed on by the banks and building soicieties but some of the drop would be.
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