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  1. hey folks, i know a few people involved in this do you want me to press them for more details?
  2. 2 hours of my life are better spent either working to pay "full price" for food or enjoying it with friends. not to mention the fuel/bus fare or kinetic energy you used to get to all 7 supermarkets to get milk for 5p.
  3. you know i could swear theres a childrens story about building houses on sand.. something to do with wisemen as well.....
  4. my god it was the cauliflowers at fault this whole time. cut backs will mean 4 a day instead of 5.
  5. wev got a tiny boat with holes in it, seems like the spanish want us to jump out into the freezing water with them so they can jump on our heads to keep them afloat
  6. looks pretty good, hasnt got full double glazing though so that may be a cost to factor in and parking wont be great but for the money in aberdeen in a good location thats pretty good.
  7. just doing a little research. i think i can get a better deal if i moved my mortgage provider. even though id suffer a hefty early repayment charge it would still save me a good few thousand if i moved. would i be better to go to my current provider now and tell them what im planning in the hope they may match or improve my deal in order to keep the custom or straight to the new provider and work it from there. your experiences and thoughts are welcome. cheers
  8. we cant print euro's? however print £s buy the euro's to bail them out euro rises in value to £ and we benefit from the exports to ireland rising anyway.
  9. hmm i live in aberdeenshire. neighbours house up for sale at previous high 210k now down to 195k after 6 months on the market. its a very nice house 3 bed semi massive garden. flats in aberdeenshire are arround the same price as 2 years ago when i was looking at them but the semi detached are up a little. awful lot been on the market for a long time though.
  10. rosemount is fast becomming the new torry.everyday in the papers there articles or vandalised cars locals complaining about "gangs of youths"
  11. could this in the long term lead to a shortage of labour as the middle generation grows up and retires without being able to sell their house. house prices fall. demand for young labour rises higher wages and lower prices occur restarting the cycle over again??
  12. has this not been on the news all day or is it suddenly breaking news in time for the 7 oclock news?
  13. a jimmy carr sketch once had him telling a young chav girl to hurry and and get pregnant before all the council houses are gone!
  14. ha ha, i do it a different way. driving past particular houses 200-250k detach in a nice neighbourhood but crappy car must be mid 40s sweeping generalisation i know!
  15. why are you all here? you all seem to have bought late 0s or mid 90s. heck even up to 2004 was decent enough prices.
  16. really? where did you get that information from? must be some very productive asda and tesco's near you.
  17. well congrats on getting a place but torry is not a place id be buying.
  18. 9999999 people believe the world is flat. you know it to be round. who's the looney?
  19. i seem to remember my early viewing of this site folks saying mid-late 2009 would be the time to buy the low. yet as soon as that time came the goalposts as it were got moved now to 2011-2014. will the posts keep getting moved until the "site" gets it right? i thought back before interest rates took a huge plunge i was so clever locking in my savings for a year into a 6% account.. and the sheeple were the idiots who hadnt. then i thought about it a few months ago. this was the period when the banks probably knew shit was going to hit the fan and the possibility of a collapse could happen or sterling becomes worthless or mega inflation takes place. not such a clever move having savings in sterling. turned out savings were fine and the £ is ...so it turned out to be the right decesion but lucked into it. cant really claim to be clever with money on that basis can i? well seems to me to be the same situation as happened to alot of people who bought 97-2002 or thereabouts who also claim it to be a brilliant financial decesion.
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