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  1. Maybe ''he who hath started the thread'' has gone off to buy some of this:-
  2. Yeah! I've been getting the same mantra for the last while too. I was getting a slaggin' recently because i put an offer on a house below the asking price and was being accused of being tight and unreasonable by different ones. I don't care what the sheeple think, they just believe the hype that is spoon fed to them from the media! I've offered to place £500 bets with some of these people that we're not at the bottom yet. Strange how no one ever takes me up on any of these bets. Mmmmmm! Might have something to do with the fact that they know they don't know enough about what they're saying or just want to 'talk the market up'. Try mentioning bolloxed economy, unaffordability, banks not lending, historical 3.5 average, delusion, nama, etc etc and they won't listen and laugh it off. We'll soon see who's laughin' when this all pans out.
  3. I voted 20 - 30%. Though i think it will take a bit longer than i once thought for them to reach that level, perhaps 2 or 3 years. I hope to see a 10% drop over this Autumn and Winter, hope i'm wrong, and the drop's even greater! Friends and work colleagues (with the exception of one) all think i'm wrong, they all think that house price have hit rock bottom and that i'm a doom merchant in saying they're going to drop further. I earn roughly about the average salary, and i wouldn't get a mortgage on my first house at today's prices, they still have further to fall to reach affordable levels, i.e. 3 - 3.5 x salary. I've an offer on a house at the minute, at RV. It's an ideal house and fits my requirements well and i can't see myself wanting to sell for a long time, if at all ever. Even though i'm sure they'll drop 20/30% over coming few years, i'd be paying less in repayments than i'm paying in rent and I'm getting itchy feet, fed up renting in less than ideal circumstances and having most of my stuff in storage. Though i'm having 2nd thoughts about the offer i've got in at the minute, and might hold off for another 6 months as i'm confident that they've got further to fall, despite what so many people are saying.
  4. Presently:- 2 rooms and shared bathroom and kitchen in large house in Moira - £240 PM (Inc. rates) Previously (6 months ago):- 1 bedroom bungalow with garage, again in Moira - £320 PM (Inc. rates)
  5. I certainly didn't inform the buyers outright, when they asked about the neighbours, i just said something like ' they're alright' and changed the subject to avoid getting involved in a discussion about it. I was lucky too that the neigbours were always out when the buyers had come round to view the place (3 times). To be honest, the neighbours that were there before i sold weren't too bad, and most people wouldn't have been that bothered. I was a bit more aware of hearing next door after the hellish time i had with the first tenants, it sort of made you more sensitive to it than you'd be otherwise, and you could hear so much of next door, especially at night. It was owned by a BTL investor, and it was his first tennants a few years prior that were the one from hell (long story). A friend of mine had gone through a similar experience, but for a damn sight longer than the two years than i had been through! He said you're better moving as soon you can as you don't know what sort of tennant you're going to get in the future, that could really make you're life hell again, and then imagine trying to sell then! Subsequent tenants weren't no where near as bad the DHSS ones (they would purposely make noise to irritate me and wind me up and do all sorts to get my back up) that first moved in, but i wasn't hangin' about to see if anymore troublesome ones would move in. So i buggered off, and now waiting to buy, like so many of yous, but at an affordable price of course. Neighbour noise is a big problem, and getting worse. I doesn't get a lot of media coverage that it should. Anyone who's ever had it bad with the neighbours will tell you it can REALLY destroy your life!
  6. I think it's a good area myself too. It's not too far from where i used to live before buying the house from hell. Inside it's bigger than what the adjacent semis would be, and the small garden appeals to me as it means less maintenance. I'm not too bothered about all the work that needs doing either. I'm not out to make money by buying or selling. I just don't want to get stroked and pay too much, and i'm certainly not paying the ridiculous prices so many people are still asking. I sold my last house only because of the hell from next door (DHSS tenants - i'm not slaggin' everyone who's on DHSS off, but of course luck would have it, that i ended up with your stereotypical neighbour from hell) and i've been waiting now for 14 months to get something affordable. I wouldn't live in another semi no matter how cheap it was.
  7. I'd be buying on my own anyway. I could afford up to an extra £300 PM in repayments if the interest rates took it up to those sorts of levels. I'm only looking to buy detached. There's lots of nice semi-ds and terraces out there, but wouldn't buy after noise problems in last house (semi). The only reason i sold was because of noisey neighbours. :angry:
  8. There's already an offer on at £130K I would maybe go slightly above by 1 or 2K, but that's all. Needs total gut out i know, don't mind that too much, and would probably spend about £20K over 3/5 years. There's a garden though not much of it to look at, but that suits me dead on; hate gardening anyway! Just totally fed up renting and getting impatient TBH!
  9. 69 Beechdene Gardens, Lisburn http://www.propertynews.com/brochure.php?r...=1&sort=h2l RV = £130K I'd offer £130K Getting itchy feet now. Mortgage on this would be £140 less than the rent i'm paying now. Getting impatient i know. Would love to know what some of regulars here think?
  10. I've been lurking here for a while too, and just like you, this site has saved me money. I know i'll save even more money too, as i'm not buying for at LEAST another 12 months, and more than likely not until 2011. I don't think it's worth the money. The house I sold (3 bed semi in Lisburn with garage) is probably worth about that now (£115K) and 'yours' in N'abbey is 2 bed with no garage! £112K? I don't think so!!! Everyone keeps saying to me 'now's the time to buy', 'they're going up again' etc. etc. But i'm listening to none of it. It's worth waiting at least another 6 months, if they're going up in price, they're not going to go up by a massive amount. We're in the 'bull trap' phase at the moment and we still have a good bit more to go yet before i start putting any deposit down. I'm not getting sucked in by all the hype that the sheeple go along with! As i've said, 'i've been lurking about here too', reading what others have posting, and i'm convinced that now is certainly NOT the time to buy! Far from it! Just be patient.
  11. Yesterday a work colleague received a call from a dealer, about a car he went to look at 15 months ago ! It's not as if this guy had been anyway serious about purchasing, he just went for a look and the usual test drive and thought he would hear no more about it. Untill yesterday's that was! Dealers must really be sitting about with so little to do, and so desperate to sell, that they're having to turn to these sort of tactics and phone people that walked into their showrooms over a year ago!
  12. House prices fall £46k in year The housing downturn is being felt across Northern Ireland Date: 18 November 2008 IT could have been cheaper to stay in a five-star hotel for the last year than to own a house in Northern Ireland, according to dramatic figures released today. Unless you live in Lisburn, where it could you a while to find a hotel!!
  13. I have to agree with Belfast boy I've said before [and have done for a good while outside of HPC], don't buy now, despite what what some will say. Prices still have a good bit yet to drop, around to about 50% from peak, 70% would be great but i'm not quite sure to be honest about that. DYOR and watch like a hawk, but don't get sucked in with those that think we've hit the bottom [Oct.'08] we haven't. A house price crash [and it is a crash!] is a new thing for NI considering the UK has had a few of these and we haven't, so it's hard to anticipate how it'll will exactly it will finish up. Remember this is NI, prices rose 400%!!!
  14. You're lucky if you don't need to worry. I only sold because of noisy neighbours, I just want to buy a house again and move on. I don't know. Between Icelandic banks [house sale money held with]; house prices, unemployement rising, oil etc... I don't know anymore! I'll just keep watching and deal with situations as they occur. I'll just go to bed and see what Saturday's news brings.
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