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  1. The people who buy in these places are the same chavscum who would normally buy in somewhere like Slough. Its a case of lift and shift the 3 bed characterless and soulless pile of bricks to the sun for these excuses for humanity.
  2. Wages in the UK are unlikely to increase significantly - imported cheap labour into sweatshop deregulated Britain will see to that so any crash will not be masked by inflation or by pay increases this time around.
  3. Are you saying that Japanese + IR's are the 2006 equivalent of Miras removal?
  4. Yep and getting more relevant every year.
  5. Come, friendly bombs, and fall on Slough It isn't fit for humans now, There isn't grass to graze a cow Swarm over, Death! Come, bombs, and blow to smithereens Those air-conditioned, bright canteens, Tinned fruit, tinned meat, tinned milk, tinned beans Tinned minds, tinned breath. Mess up the mess they call a town -- A house for ninety-seven down And once a week for half-a-crown For twenty years, And get that man with double chin Who'll always cheat and always win, Who washes his repulsive skin In women's tears, And smash his desk of polished oak And smash his hands so
  6. London and the SE is rapidly becoming one big hell hole. Anyone buying there deserves the next 20 years of hell.
  7. Depends if you need to remain a wage slave or not. If the answer is yes then you probably have no choice but to remain on the consumer treadmill if the answer is no then my suggestion would be to get the hell out of workhouse UK and head for the hills and sanity. Any house in the consumer wastelands of Britain faces becoming swamped by roads, nuclear power stations and chav social housing estates in the next 20 years - so sell, get out and drop out if you can. BTW where exactly are you planning on getting 5.5% on any investment?
  8. Todays Britain is the end result of the decision made in 1979 by the great British public that money was more important than human life. And to think, many people here would welcome the same bunch back into power. Britain is too right wing with new labour, the last thing we need is the Tories back.
  9. Agree partially with your point however the apathy towards politics either in a direct form or indirectly through protest amongst young people in 2006 results in political indifference to them and their problems.
  10. Theyr'e all too busy watching big brother and getting smashed out of their heads at the weekend to protest.
  11. Continuing the football theme, as both a HPC and England winning world cup were both wrongly predicted by many for 2006, what is more likely by 2010?
  12. Yeah but......how would British young people fit in watching Eastenders/Big Brother, partying all night and making sure they have this seasons must have trainers? Lets face it, pensioners refusing to pay their council tax is 10 times more political action than todays 20 somethings have ever done.
  13. Local constituency party numbers are falling. If priced out FTB's joined a political party en mass and outnumbered the current members they would then have influence on the local MP and could also vote to deselect him/her. It is democracy, it can work but it needs enthusiasm and not apathy. You may get your wish but it will probably remain a wish unless you and others do something to bring it about. Find out what pension funds invest in shares in housebuilders. Start a campaign to boycott those companies whose pension funds invest in housebuilders shares.
  14. Do what people used to do. Get out there and influence people who can change things instead of preaching to the converted. Become politically active - if you don't like whats available then change it from within.
  15. OK I'm wrong and all those 20 somethings driving around in borrowed money BMW's, clogging up the local High Streets at the weekend pi55ed out of their tiny minds and pouring money down the throats of ' sell a pair of trainers for £99 that cost £2 to make in vietnam' sportswear chains are just an illusion then. Thanks for putting me right.
  16. So basically, Browns 'crime' is that he and the Labour government have behaved like Tories and failed to reform the deregulated and irresponsible approach to personal finance imposed upon the country in the 1980's and 1990's.
  17. Your first sentence sums your position up nicely. Perhaps if you and others like you wern't 'never really one for politics' then you could stop blaming those who were interested in politics at your age for your situation and do something to change it instead (and that doesn't mean voting for the Tories who started the consumerist something for nothing brainwashing that the Thatcher generation and it's offspring suffer from in increasing numbers).
  18. Your generation (not neccesarily you) is more interested in Big Brother, designer trainers, partying and fast cars than in political action. Your generation is the product of the consumer age. Your generation has had its brains removed and replaced by a chip that sees only short term gratification as worthwhile. Politically aware (or politically interested) members of your generation are the exception not the rule, that is why you are being stuffed.
  19. Speaking as a hog (with nose out of trough), you may wish to consider the number of hogs who have already and are currently moving to other countries to take advantage of lower housing costs. As one who is about to join the millions of hogs who have already done this, I suggest that your generation is somewhat behind mine in waking up to this option.
  20. Wait until August and invest in world cup T shirts. Tescos are currently selling England T Shirts for £10. The same T shirts were reduced down to £2.50 after Euro 2004. I know, I bought some.
  21. CIUW have you ever considered anger management? You never know, with the right therapy you might live long enough to get that house.
  22. It's not theory CIUW, its what I am actually planning on doing. PS hows work today? I've had to come in from the garden - too hot.
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