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  1. 'Character' property for sale in Framlingham. Hold me back! Terrible front photo, could they not have at least moved the bins?! https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/116737214#/?channel=RES_BUY
  2. I’d be interested in that myself, especially as the development opposite (NIAB/Darwin Green) comes on the market and those houses are cheaper than Eddington.
  3. You need to understand the aims of co-housing which is to create a community feel by people sharing communal space rather than spending all the time in one's own little box. I think it is an interesting concept and works well elsewhere. Here's a link to more information and there are case studies there of other UK co-housing projects https://cohousing.org.uk/about/about-cohousing/ Don't be so quick to judge what you do not understand.
  4. The market housing at Eddington is eye-wateringly expensive. Sure, they are built to a high standard but they have no outside space and will be on a very odd development where the University runs everything and the population will be very transient with university staff only allowed to rent there for a max. of 3 years. Also the developers are selling these at just the time the housing market is going into a nose dive. How many international buyers will want to take a risk when the effects of Brexit are so unsure? Certainly not many from either of Cambridge's big employers (uni and hospital) will be able or willing to buy them when for the same money you can buy an established house with outside space.
  5. I live in Cambridge so can't speak with too much authority about other places except what I know from traveling. The ripples out from the overheated Cambridge market and rail link have caused Ely to expand with edge communities i.e. soulless new housing estates by the ring road! As with all rapid expansion, the local amenities and infrastructure are creaking in what has been until recently a small market town with a big cathedral. Saying that, historic centre of Ely is nice and walks near river are lovely. If you need to commute to Cambridge or London then the railway is convenient if not particularly fast. Peterborough has also expanded massively as land there is cheaper than elsewhere. The area around the Hampton has grown hugely and again the housing estates there are not to everyone's taste. P'boro has good road and rail links if that's what you're after. Can't say much about March, Wisbech and Chatteris except like all Fen towns they lack investment in almost everything and you have to like big skies and nothing much else! It's worth reading the local papers online to give yourself a flavour of the places and of course visiting for a weekend would give you a much better feel. Hope that helps.
  6. There are a lot of people of Chinese origin in Cambridge and so they need not be 'internationals'.
  7. 'The flip side to the next new development is that Cambridge is now over-heated: central Cambridge is too crowded to be any fun any more, and the area around it is in gridlock.' Can't really sum up Cambridge in that one sentence! Agree the housing market is madness but that is an imbalance in supply and demand, thus developers can charge what the market will take for poorly designed boxes. But still the city has a great deal of charm, many high skill jobs and great sense of community (in parts!). Transport into/through and out of the city is pretty much only a problem at rush hour so more needs to be done to encourage flexi-time for example. But I still wouldn't want to live anywhere else.
  8. Trying to buy a 3 bed house in Brighton but don't know the area very well. I know it's a tricky place to buy in but would appreciate any helpful suggestions as to area/roads to look at and those to avoid of course. Houses seem incredibly overpriced for what they are and I come from Cambridge! Many thanks.
  9. 'Unless you work in Biotech, IT or Academia, wages in Cambridge are pitiful. If the UK housing market is mad, Cambridge is on a whole different plane. I could understand it if Cambridge was uniformly great, but apart from the Colleges, backs and some of the streets south of the city, its pretty unexceptional, ugly even.'[/snapback] Well, that's a list of where the majority of people in Cambridge work!
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