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  1. There is a new thread on the other forum with the info you are looking for.
  2. TQCONCERNED, I would be up for a meet. Possibly we could meet at the Arc on a Sunday and have a ten minute chat. I have just registered on the other forum and am waiting for the admin to authorise my account. http://www.phpbb88.com/tq/ Will chat there once my account is live.
  3. The short lived euphoria of getting the very one you had in mind booked. The idea of what the whole area can become, I felt very lucky for a few weeks afterwards too. We all knew there might be a market correction and I thought about 15% max. I really hope that the builder will help in some way so that the development can succeed. I really can't see what they can gain by pursuing a young couple who are just starting out. Let's face it the 10% deposit is already a lot to lose. I will have to get round to moving to the private TQ forum before Arthur Heckler pops up again.
  4. It's obvious I have an interest and rightly so. You remind me of the old Muppets that sat up in the box feeling superior, detracting and heckling. Admit it you are a grumpy old man and will probably still be posting the same comments years from now.
  5. Don't need legal advice my problem is solved, I look forward to completing. By "your type" you mean people who need a home.
  6. Welcome TQCONCERNED. There are quite a few buyers on here now. Are you going to live in the apartment?
  7. I've just made my estimated shortfall on an Au ETF which I used as a hedge. The banks have actually done me a favour today.
  8. Again I only want to discuss the TQ project with people who are interested. Have you a beef with the property market? I know why I'm posting on this thread I just can't work out your reasons,
  9. Why would i do that to meet other helpful posters like you? I'm on this thread as it relates to TQ I have no other interest in property. Clearly you think you are an expert but I can't see why. You aren't here to offer any help and bang on about what the developer will do if we don't complete. I think we are all aware of the actions they may take.
  10. Is this the text your are referring to, posted by talksalot81? I was in the halifax today and was in discussion on mortgages and such and we came to new developments. The halifax man told me that it was not as simple as running away and losing your deposit (which we basically knew). However, he tells me that some of the developers he has dealt with have been careful in their contracts and he has seen conditions along the lines of "if you fail to complete as agree, you are liable for 20% of the cost in addition to the deposit". He is aware of clients who are finding it impossible to pay as they agreed and the developers wont budge knowing they have this behind them. His feeling was that the developers saw it coming and this is their safety net....
  11. Someone posted that they were in an estate agent office and heard this. I cannot find this clause on my contract. Again you state the obvious and if you did read the posts you would find that I accused you. I'm not going to take this thread on a tangent any longer.
  12. That is a useful and helpful point and I have thought about doing this. I would prefer to complete when the time comes as I need somewhere to live. Also I wouldn’t sleep easy knowing that I didn’t do everything in my power to honour the contract. I’m just weighing up all the options before contacting the builder.
  13. Thanks talksalot81 clever chap that you are, I don't think I asked for your pity. Can I ask what your interest in TQ is? I would prefer to chat to other potential buyers, anyone interested in the area. Anyone who can offer advice on the current mortgage market, management companies and general updates on the development.
  14. talksalot81, I can handle a 25% shortfall and saved very hard to have this buffer given my age. The lender gave me a loan in principle as I only need 1.9 times salary. They won't give me a firm offer this far out and as we all know the market will probably fall for the rest of the year. I think these apartments may be worth about 50% of the agreed price by the time I'm due to complete. Can you honestly say if you had bought somewhere to live and faced this prospect that you wouldn't ask the builder for discount. The builder will get less if he puts them back on the market and that's a fact. I really can't see why the few negative and unhelpful posters bother, they never add anything constructive. Thanks to all the helpful posters.
  15. What a futile post, basically stating the obvious. I don't know if you are trolling or you haven't read the complete thread as you haven’t raised a single point that hasn’t been discussed already. Some of us are buying our first home to live in and want TQ to succeed. This isn't an investment for everyone and most have the intention of completing, if possible. No one likes to lose money but that's not why we are posting. If the lenders don't accept the original valuation then we may not be able to complete. Affordability isn't the issue either. We have already discussed the actions the builder can take. It will cost us nothing to find out if they are receptive to a small reduction of the original valuation to aid completion. Hopefully we will continue to have helpful posts and info regarding mortgages and the development...
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