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  1. Such as 'Never Again' and 'we need the EU to prevent european wars'?
  2. You mean the 1975 one? Its true, had the destination been made clear back then, we wouldn't even be discussing this now.
  3. In your opinion. My opinion could easily be that Leave won despite a 'miscarriage of democracy' (whatever that is) And had this so called 'informed choice' been available, Leave would have won with more like 75%
  4. Who supplies this 'information'? you? msm? remainer MPs? The world is full of information available to everyone who wants it, and i prefer we do our own research. Even so called experts can debate something and both have completely different views of whats true. Its our freedom to make our own minds up from the information we absorb.
  5. Or Remaining. I would suggest more remainer MP's would fail your exam than leavers.
  6. Good point. In my case, England. But we are already part of a union that some argue is too big - see the assemblies in the other countries. Further UK devolution i agree with.
  7. Pretty much impossible to say. It could just as easily be worse..
  8. You're first part is nonsense. You're second part is easy to say until its an invading force that's burning your flag.
  9. Fair enough. But I can't see how handing those powers (mostly unelectedly) to others from further away solves that problem. IMO that makes it a whole lot worse. Personally i do feel somewhat patriotic. I'm proud of this country as were my ancestors (the ones i knew anyway).
  10. Not a lot, but why does that make you not feel any attachment to our country?
  11. Na, they would just slip more treaties in through the back door.
  12. Because the scottish globalist took power??
  13. Because of the elites hold over the media
  14. For me it will allow us to keep our country as an independent state rather than becoming (a small) part of a new country called the United States of Europe.

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