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  1. No, that's what you want it to be. I can almost sense the pleasure you're getting as you describe it.
  2. Its funny how you foreigners are always more concerned with what England's doing than what the English are! hahaha
  3. Polls are a form of mind control. Don't let yourself get sucked in.
  4. Area with high numbers of migrants = Area with high number of remain voters What a surprise lol
  5. I have to take my hat off to those of you taking the time to reply to these..... umm... people.
  6. I did. I'm trying to teach you there's more than one extreme. Do you think your name calling will make them go away?
  7. Shitstirrers Of which you are one. You're always posting inflammatory BS. Stop giving them the airtime.
  8. You own your own shitwork. You posted it and the Guardian printed it. No one would have known otherwise. That's you pushing the other extreme.
  9. That's it, keep pushing the other extreme, it works really well doesn't it.
  10. What on earth are you talking about. As i said before the right size is one that works reasonably well. Otherwise it changes.
  11. Yeah well this is what happens when one side pushes too far. Its the extremes that move the center line. And you're still pushing the other extreme so be careful.
  12. Yeah because there's a million different factors to consider. OK see if you can understand this, The right size is one that's not the wrong size.
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