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  1. I am neutral in this argument, but it does appear that the chart says food is at 2011 prices, albeit rising rapidly. An index is just a unit-free measure for comparison.
  2. AZ, hardly any symptoms. Very mild headache (it hardly even registers as such), and very mild muscle ache I’m the muscle it went in (less than for other jabs I’ve had). No temperature change noticeable.
  3. Agree that there have been some one-off effects (that if they are to undo it will take a long time - 50 years plus). Firstly, there have been significant changes to family structure affecting the demand for housing (see slides 4 and 6 here: https://www.lse.ac.uk/social-policy/Assets/Documents/bsps/events/Explaining-changes-in-family-size.pdf). This can’t continue at the same rate, and it will take an unwinding of societal attitudes to put the genie back in the bottle. This adds to pressures from immigration, and is at least as big a contributing factor. Secondly, the housing market h
  4. I will take it when I can, but will continue to take precautions even after I’ve had it, until a significant proportion have had it (e.g 60%) or the case rate has fallen significantly. In case it doesn’t work for me. I am not worried about the vaccine, I am worried about complacency caused by it.
  5. Glad to see it back. I was feeling bereft without it.
  6. Down since Thursday night - about 2.5 days. That’s the longest outage I remember in over 12 years.
  7. BoE have just printed another 150 Billion.
  8. I hold identical views, am identically the same age, but had a 40% deposit. I bought in August. I hate the debt I now have, but I’ve got a roof over my head. Wish I’d been able to wait another couple of years. But family reasons.
  9. I am assuming her 3 kids have flown the nest? Otherwise she might struggle with the 4.5 x salary.
  10. That buyer is going to make a small fortune... having started with a large one.
  11. We had a RICS survey done in mid March, and there was no valuation given. Frustratingly.
  12. Really need the media to hit this hard. Ultimately it’s sentiment that’s so important. Only when estate agents, buyers and sellers are all bricking it (mortar everywhere) will quality reductions start happening.
  13. Need to charge it on selling as well as, or instead of, buying. It’s an alternative to inheritance tax.
  14. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-kent-52868241 Worth putting in a cheeky 5% below asking...?
  15. Okay with 2500 pcm (80%) initially, but the tapering down should have been much quicker. Giving companies and employees headroom to strategise and plan, then adjust expectations and retrain, etc.
  16. Needs to happen, and companies need to flush out zombie jobs. This is probably a good way to do it.
  17. It’s amazing! Some of these old timers are prolific posters. I’ve been on here for 12 years, and I can’t seem to rack up more than 1000 posts. though in those early days I was sh1t scared of posting. It was a bit nasty at times back then.
  18. I was wondering the effect of the Coronavirus on how many pensions would be drawn. So far, I think it’s killed about 0.4% of all 70+ year olds. So not all that many. But I wonder if it will have shortened the lives of other who have had it.
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