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  1. I have just watched "after the gold rush " on prime time RTE business. it is a video lasting 54 minutes with a link to the video on the page. If someone would be kind enough to provide a link I would be grateful. Is this our future in a year or 2?
  2. I don't think we can compete, we thought we could survive on property and financial service's, which was a myth. Now we have a big problem that should have been looked at over 20 years ago.
  3. I would look at florida, we are 12 month's or so behind the U.S in this depression, and florida is one of the worst effected of the States. I think we will be in a similar position in 12 month's, but these things don't go in a linear progression, so we could see events unfolding much faster.
  4. This economic slump will go down as easy credit financing a housing boom, then the bubble burst. I believe the reasons are much more fundamental than that. The start of a market economy in China and a more capitalist India, with other countries in the far east also starting to expand their exports to the west. This started in the early 1980s. We can not compete with the wages, the gap is enormous, I know a fully qualified computer technician here in Manila he gets $6 a day, a car worker $4 a day a labourer $3 a day how the hell can you compete with that. The west is going to see a drastic fall
  5. I think your right about collapsing tax revenues. As a previous poster said we are in unchartered water, so many things that we know already can blow up at any time, so much we still don't know that can take us down. I feel like a passenger in a plane that has had a explosion, and the captain say's just a little technical difficulty we will soon be landing= but how hard?
  6. People keep saying the U.S$ is going to be worthless, I am on the other side of that trade, in the short- medium term. When the #[email protected]# hits the fan the $ is the currency I want, with some gold as well.
  7. I wonder how many life's have been ruined by those weekend free sales flights they used to run. I knew a couple who went on one of these to the costa blanca and bought a villa in the boondocks 45 mins from the coast, they realised their mistake and put the property for sale, no interest even 3 years ago. Now they can't even leave the place in case of a break in by the various gangs roaming the area. Nightmare.
  8. I visited Singapore a few month's ago, I enjoyed it nice place for a short break. A warning to any smoker's bringing in cheap cigs from outside Singapore, you will be fined $500 singapore for every packet unopened, yes even one packet.
  9. If you bought a house at auction, and now wanted to sell on the open market, you will find it bloody hard if not impossible to answer the questions posed on the Hips pack.
  10. I think most people would like the bottom to come and get things over with. But the U.S and most of the other goverments including our own, are trying to bring to bring back something that is dead, the old economic model is finished, and they would be better off walking away and letting the markets correct things.
  11. Sell in may and go away, I would take that advice. If there are any house's selling? it is probably the last chance to get out before the economic collapse later this summer or autumn.
  12. I met a english guy recently in Manila, he had 2 beautiful filipino bodyguards with him, both armed with glock 45. A real life charlies angels. I found out from a filipino friend that young lady bodyguards are popular here because the bad guys think the girls are his wife or daughter, so it gives them time to return fire in a attack.
  13. The only thing that is rising 75% is the crime rates, it is not safe to walk after dark.
  14. The fall has been spectacular. A lot of unemployed will be trapped, London is not a option this time either, no jobs anywhere. The Irish prime Minister was asked a few years ago when will the boom end? he said "it is getting even more boomier". Well midnight came and Cinderella was transformed from a princess in to a peasant girl.
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