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  1. Sarcasm? If not, no, herbert is a close relative of dork.
  2. I tend to discount unsubstantiated rumour-mongering about matters financial by ****heads who can't even spell 'corporate' properly.
  3. Nah... just too many videos and images on one page. I can get the page to load in Firefox, then the vids disappear and re-appear like the Cheshire Cat when I try to scroll down. Memory problem.
  4. So am I here in Spain, where despite unemployment hitting 12% everything seems weirdly normal. The only 'tells' are the lack of cranes on the horizon and the number of estate agents who have either gone out of business or downsized and moved to much smaller premises. Some rapidly snapped up bargains in the form of repos are coming on to the market, but the majority of sellers are still 'in denial' 'Phoney' is the right word. We all know what's going on in the background but the effects take some time to work through the system. The economy is more like a supertanker than a Mini - takes quit
  5. And I thought I was a sad case. Yup Toasted pumpernickel. About a tablespoon per slice, for that rose tinted view of the world bought on by a nice glucose rush... sadly it doesnt last long.
  6. 1976, having just read Meadows & Meadows "The Limits to Growth", and having had the opportunity to muck about with their 'World Model' on the University of London computer system via JANET - an early subsystem of the internet. Didnt expect to see it in my lifetime, though. Back then I was thinking 2050 or thereabouts. More to the specific point - decided to get out of the housing market (obviously fantasy island) late 2006, sold flat in Richmond Feb 2007, packed up and am now in a cheap 1 bed apt in Spain, with the dosh sitting in Banco Santander - which seems to me to be about the saf
  7. Bingo! The juniors working the unconventional plays like the Bakken oil shale and the Athabasca tar sands are already being squeezed by $70 oil and their inability to raise capital. If OPEC follows through and cuts output as well that adds upward pressure on price. then its a race between declining demand as we drop further into recession and declining output as to where price goes from here. The inability to finance is really worrying. Could lead to a positive feedback loop pointing in the direction of down. Everything gets worse because everythings getting worse.
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