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  1. Do you know what is realy sad....is many people who claim to use this website for the purpose of talking about the housing market (though not all) are complete hippocrites.... For anybody that has read George Orwells 'Animal Farm' will know what I mean. Many are embittered by the fact that they missed the boat and not about the social implications that over priced housing has had. I feel all to afraid that too many people will not learn the leasons that have unfolded in the past and that are unfolding at present. In a few years from now these will be the very people who after forcing the far
  2. ....am I talking a different language....?? ....what the hell as that got to do with house prices?....
  3. ExeC: Sorry to here that ExeC, coupled with today's headlines on service sector jobs it shows the way things are starting to unfold. The recession is no longer due it has already arrived. Look To The Past: Get of THe thread! If you want to preach moralistic values go and join the Green Peace forum. But before you do: No I don't sell drugs nor club seals to death, pretty stupid response realy wasn't it...for any body that wants to club seals to death there is an excursion trip leaves Portsmouth Habour every Monday and Thursday.....as if! The sad fact of life is that directly or indirectly
  4. ...and as for you...you use a picture of a bullfighter on your posts and you agree with the comment"serves them right for dealing in death"?!! ...so whats stabbing a bloody defencless bull to death in the name of entertainment?! ... I realy can't be bothered GOOD BLOODY NIGHT!!
  5. If nobody smoked in this country where would the extra tax come from...youv'e got it... from yourselves!...and before you go quoting all that tosh about cost to the National Health service..it doesn't add up!!...and if smokers didn't die young there would be even less of a pension waiting for you than there is now. Arguments that say don't give smokers health treatment is crap...whats next don't give skiers treatment for broken bones because they know the risks before hand? You could keep on going couldn't you. You probably own a car don't you..doesn't bother you polluting other peoples lun
  6. ...What is interesting is where do all these names come from? Stoozers, Rate Tarts and remember Carpet baggers?....How come these names surface when its the banks etc losing the money! ...Why didn't they come up with an official name for recent BTLers, ehhh...oh yeh they were making the banks money...!!! ...sorry...
  7. For anybody who still believes that employment has never been so good think again. Still more job losses along the South of England. As with Rover in the Midlands these aren't high attrition jobs, for many these have been life long careers, good places to get into if you could. These are companies that have made it through previous recessions etc starting to bail out. These workers will not find like for like jobs. Low unemployment?, ...No,just ENRON accounting......!! http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/hampshire/4605703.stm
  9. He would probably retort with a comment about himself being the perfect landlord and how he is always having intellagable conversations with his tennants, and how much they value and admire him. (Sorry, wasn't trying to score points, its just this nervous twitch i've got...couldn't help myself..!!) Seriously though, both yourself and bikerb are a fine examples of the way things should be within the property market, a healthy market. You both have had very valid points of view and I found it made interesting reading, so thank you for contributing to the thread. You show that you are both fir
  10. Good informative research Spoon...keep it coming.....
  11. Thankyou JBFTB for underlining my point.......either that or alot of agents are deploying the oldest trick in the book (bait and switch?) as suggested by TTRTR...though I think you and I would say different.
  12. You know, I had you down for 'fairly' intelectual, but you realy havn't thought anything through at all have you? Your latest comments are an excellent example and very indicative of this. You think that by building extensions and loft conversions you are expanding you product to meet expanding demand. Unless you have tennants that have specificaly requested this work to be undertaken on their behalf and are willing to pay extra then fair comment. However I doubt that is the case. In your own words "expanding my product to meet the expanding demand" has undertones of 'packing them in like s
  13. I'm sorry TTRTR but I just don't believe you are capable of making serious comments. You chastise me for being childish with my comments then come straight back with taunts of your own. O.k I'll own up and agree with you for once, maybe I was a bit childish...youv'e got me there...but I had had a few drinks last night and was just unwinding, and going for the lighter side. If I were to post the same thread again now I probably woud aim to be a bit more diplomatic. However, what people on this site need to realise is what possible gratification and rewards you get from posting on this forum?
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