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  1. Hows the heating oil prices going these days?
  2. You mean it started when a bloke called Archie Duke shot an ostrich 'cause he was hungry?
  3. Cost of 900 litres today £499 Cue the "OIL PRICE DROPS 12% IN A MONTH" headlines?
  4. thats a 78% increase!! "Not so much the squeezed middle as the squashed bottom"
  5. Cost of 900 litres today = £545 Cost of 900 litres April 2010 = £425 Cost of 900 litres April 2008 = £505 I guess the headline "Home Heating Oil Rises 8% in 5 Years" wouldnt have got as much attention though.....
  6. http://www.wilsonsauctions.com/property_details_mallusk_new.asp?id=764564 Was this property mentioned a while back on this forum?
  7. Some good news anyone? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-14843300
  8. I make that a conservative £1825 post tax joint income before a car loan, holiday, child care or any other debt – Student, credit card or personal loan. Which I think is unrealistic. Even if average couple were both only earning minimum wage, if they were working 38 hours per week their joint income after tax would be £1730 a month, only £95 short of your conservative figure. Oh yes, having 2 kids would result in child benefit figure of £130 a month, not even taking into account family tax credits. So the MINIMUM a family with 2 kids, both parents working fulltime would bring in would be £1860 a month.
  9. Thank you, hope the Easter Bunny brings something nice ( Are we allowed to mention the Easter Bunny Shotoflight?)
  10. So i've been looking at this forum almost daily for approx 2 1/2 years now, and made a few (mostly) antagonistic posts in this time. One of my favourite poster has been Belfast VI, who I think gives informed opinions which usually fly in the face of most others on here. I always thought that Belfast 6 was a bit of a strange name though...........
  11. The Eu tax harmonisation policy is still at the proposal stage, ie it doesnt actually exist yet! So they can't really relinquish something they don't have yet can they? Re our Southern Cuzs: Dublin has refused an offer by the European Union to reduce the interest payments on its bailout loan by almost a fifth in exchange for abandoning Ireland’s competitive 12.5 per cent corporation tax rate. French President Nicolas Sarkozy demanded a raise in the tax rate in a move towards greater EU tax ‘harmonisation’ in return for a 1 per cent cut in the 5.8 per cent interest rate on the £73.5 billion debt. But new Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny insisted on maintaining Ireland’s flagship tax policy at the Eurozone harmonisation pact meeting. So if Europe are having to use these tactics to entice Dublin to raise their rates, then they can't really have a lot of power can they?
  12. Actually its already been established that our European Masters can do diddily squat about it
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