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  1. Didn't see the programme myself....but was in Tescos yesterday to pick up a few bits and pieces. Lovely sunny day so had a nice walk about town too. Shall be glad when spring arrives....this winter seems to have been very long and very dark. Whilst in Tescos also picked up a couple of items for the Tin Foil Hat Survivalista stash. In particular four small tins of New Potatoes...at 22p each these seem to be very good value and of course a good Emergency Supply item. What was very noticeable was the store had loads and loads of Toilet Tissue on specials. Very appropriate I thought for the current Brownturn.
  2. Was doing some browsing about T'internet and came across the following stats. It seems they're the latest published figures for the UK Debt Mountain as of the end of 2008. Apologies if it's already been posted. Acknowledgments to Credit Action... the full PDF file can be found at :- http://www.creditaction.org.uk/assets/PDF/...cember-2008.pdf From an HPC point of view the Consumer Credit of £235 Billion might be of interest. As employment increases over the next couple of years or so, the Government (Tax Payer) will be assisting mortgage defaulters. Those defaulters who have mortgages and secured or unsecured loans and no job will, I would imagine, will find it ever harder to service those debts. The Government (Tax Payer) will not and should not bail out these consumer loans. However, I have no doubt whatsoever the Banks will convert unsecured debts to secured at the earliest opportunity and on the slightest pretext...thereby opening the way for formal repossession to take place. Since we are still in the early stages of the Job Loss Phase and going by my experience in the last recession, people will fight tooth and nail to hang on to their homes.....in the most surprising ways I might add. I would estimate that mass distressed house sales and repossessions will start to escalate seriously much later in this year and throughout 2010. For those HPC'ers looking for a home.... patience is the keyword for the moment.
  3. This is interesting and I've been pondering long and hard as to what to write....but ponder I did and write I now must. Now don't get me wrong I'm not Bleating or getting my Fleece in a twist but 'Sheeple' is a bit of a derogatory term but not in a really, really harsh way....in more of a 'Gosh...<rolls eyes>...there goes another Sheeple' way. Another lamb to the slaughter so to speak. It mainly implies stupidity or ignorance and there are lots and lots of different types of Sheeples and varying degrees of Sheepleness. I am an older Retired Sheeple so what is the essence of my Sheepleness? Here's a summary.... My Stupidity 1. I have truly, truly believed until recent years that our Politicians were decent, honest, fair minded and had an integrity of character second to none and only wished to improve the well being of the Nation and of all our peoples. Selfishness, trousers around the ankles, hands in the till, stupidty, wastefullness, incompetance on a Grand Scale along with arrogance could never be attributes of British Politicians. To see my country being reduced to the level of a Third World dictatorship is truly shocking. Oh... how we the Voter Sheeples have been duped. My Ignorance 1. Things financial and economics send me to sleep. Death would be an easier option than opening an accounting textbook. I do understand the importance of such subjects. I trusted completely our Leaders knew what they were doing, to ensure they employed the best qualified and experienced financial people and to implement policys that would ensure the well being of UK Plc and the population as a whole. I myself have never MEW'ed or been a BTL'er or completed a Liar Loan Form...in fact...I'm a Boring Sheeple having lived within my means, both modestly and frugally...what a Silly Bill am I. Oh... how we the Frugal Sheeples have been led up the Garden Path.
  4. I watched the programme. Thought it was very good and well put together. Well done the BBC...see what you can do if your put your mind to it. Love the old black and white clips. Gosh...some of the horror storys though. How can people really believe or get sucked into the belief they can make loads of money out of Thin Air? Just plain old common sense says it makes just no sense. The hysteria and greed were palpable.....just like the last several years here. Tin Foil Hat on/ This last ten years appears to be an action replay of the movie but with bigger numbers. Oh my...If we follow it through to it's natural conclusion then.... then...World War III kicks off about 2014. Tin Foil Hat off/
  5. I grow my own cucumbers too...so easy peasy and ever so tasty. How wonderful. I tend to just grow one of the greenhouse varietys...just four seeds provides about 40 cucumbers from early summer onwards. My neighbours love me very much Here's a couple of piccys....
  6. Er...not quite a caption...but... "Darling....I have some good news for you and some bad news". "Oh....tell me the bad news first Dearest". "Well...the Police have found your Mother.....she was 50' down in the harbour....when they pulled her up she was covered in huge, really tasty giant lobsters and scrummy yummy crabs". "Oh...dearest...<sob>....what is the good news..." "The good news Darling is that they are going to lower her down again tomorrow"
  7. It's worth remembering that the banks are utterly ruthless. Irrespective of the nice warm words that the politicians utter and the crocodile tears the Big Wig bankers shed....they are ruthless in their dealings. Their sole purpose in life is to make money for their shareholders and themselves....and lots of it. A person or family who has a mortgage does not own the home...it belongs to the bank until the last payment is made. If the bank ejects the defaulting mortgagee, for whatever reason, then the resulting social problem is not the banks problem...it becomes the State's (read Tax Payer) problem. That is how the current ruthless system works. But it gets worse..... The defaultee is not only repossessed and very miserable but then the home is sold at auction for whatever can be acheived. In a Depression such as the current one, very low sales amounts are/will be achieved and the difference is then ruthlessy sought after. The banks will be doing this for the next 10 to 20 years. 100% guaranteed. They will bide their time....wait for an upturn, say, in several years time.....they know the Sheeples will buy another home somewhere, sometime. HPI may take off again....then the Banks will strike, demanding the outstanding debt be paid as ASAP or court action, forced sales or repossession will ensue again. A double whammy indeed. Repossession cannot be stopped....the banks are just taking back what rightly belongs to them.
  8. One for the Sheeple Smokers in preparing for Armageddon. Such an event would be a great opportunity for giving up once and for all since tobacco supplies would all but dry up. Getting off the weed Cold Turkey would be painful but well worth it you can do it. On the flip side, a supply of tobacco may provide another weapon in our Tinfoil Hat Survivalista armoury. Tobacco, if available, would I believe be a valuable Currency in it's own right. A wonderful bargaining tool for goods and services as well providing the means to continue our dreadful smoking habit....how wonderful (Lima Oscar Lima) I've been looking into the possibility of growing my own Tobacco and it turns out it's not only possible in the UK but completely legal and surprisingly easy. If you can grow a Cabbage then you can grow Tobacco.....how cool is that... hooray. Seeds are readily available and very cheap....around £5.00 for 200 seeds. Seeds can also be harvested from the mature plants so an initial investment of a fiver is all that is needed. I will be buying my pack of seeds in the next few days and hope to harvest my first crop later in the year. I won't go into the ins and outs of growing and curing your crop on here as there are a number of sites on the web with extensive notes, piccys and ideas and places to purchase your seeds. Here are two sites worth taking a peek at.... 1. Coffin Nails 2. Tobacco seeds Asta la Vista...Baby Edit to fix URL thingy
  9. I understand what you're saying about equivalence and of course I could have written something more suitable. I agree it doesn't matter one jot that anyone else's NHS is worse or better than our own. It's our own way of doing things, paid for by our own taxpayers, voted for by our own voters that's important. Perhaps those who strongly disagree with the NHS should be given the opportunity to opt out and go private....I don't know. My thought processes are not too logical and I'm certainly not as well educated as the vast majority on here are. Some years ago I was doing some soldiering overseas in some god forsaken, filth infested, rat hole of a place. Children at birth were crippled quite deliberately and when old enough placed sitting on the streets as professional beggars. Clean water and enough food of any sort were rare for the poor. Rumaging in cesspits and rubbish dumps a normal everyday activity. Blindness, malnutrition and all those tropical type diseases rampant. If for whatever reason, our NHS were put on one tenth of the current budget, could only cater for the most serious ill or injured and the Doctors and Nurses asked to work for a minimum wage I would still vote for retaining the NHS 100%. What I do know is that we are exceptionally lucky to be able to live in the UK and those politicians who many decades ago devised the system are to be given a great deal of credit.
  10. In the short term it's very unlikely Her Majesty, The Queen, would comment on Brown's incompetence or indeed his insanity. The Generals would have to take over the country first and that may be a year or two down the line. At that time, I would imagine she and the Corgis will address the Nation. Brown would be beheaded of course. The deed would be conducted privately.....in Wembly Stadium... before an audience of 100,000 cheering, flag waving Sheeples.
  11. Gosh...I thought I was pessimistic being a Survivalista Frugalista Tinfoil Hatter. This looks like a very serious deterioration indeed. We need to get Gordon on the blower ASAP. We can't afford to have a Silly Billy galaxy eroding our fiscal stimulus thingys now can we.
  12. Having had the opportunity to live and work overseas, including the United States, at various times over the last few decades I can say that our NHS is a wonderful and marvelous institution. Like any huge organisation it has problems and always there's room for improvement, but on the whole I think it's very, very good. The beauty of it is that we can all receive equal treatment no matter if we're rich or poor. Very socialist I know...but imagine a UK without the NHS....unthinkable. One area that could be greatly improved upon is Dentistry. I have no idea why such an important area should have lagged so far behind all the other specialities.
  13. Well, I went to Tescos on the weekend and along with the normal groceries picked up a few more tinned goodies for the Emergency Supplies. The really tasty Tuna & Bean Salad has gone up 6p in two weeks....about a 6% rise. They must know something and are not telling. I don't have a lot of savings in the bank because.... er... I don't have a lot of money. So no problem there then. I do have a little cash in a safe though (Sterling and Euros). Everyone should have a safe. If and when Armageddon does strike I think one of the new currencies will be Tobacco. My gut feeling says it will be priceless and worth more than Gold. I need to look into how or if it's possible to grow our own in the UK climate and try and source some seeds. I will report back in due course.
  14. This is soooo true. Gosh...a lady friend of mine...lives a couple of miles away has a couple of horses. Absolute fortune to keep. They have a nice paddock with water and a stable and so on and lots and lots of hay and other things. She loves her horses. The horses love her. When she wears her really tight Jodhpurs I love her as well. Her husband doesn't love her... he has to pay all the bills.
  15. Going by my experience of the last Recession then almost no job in any sector can be considered safe or immune. No job. Remember that. You will be very surprised over the next few years or so how vulnerable all jobs are due to the 'knock on effect'. Companys will take the opportunity to re-organise and re-group. Unions will be Impotent and Scared and will doff caps and pull forelocks. The companys will be ruthless and cull entire departments and then re-hire the Sheeples at half or less the original wages. The Sheeples will be held over a Very Large Barrel indeed and then Shafted good and proper. However.....some jobs are less immune to lay-offs.....such as:- The Death Industry: Grave diggers, Preachers, Pall Bearers The Finance Industry: Pawn Brokers, Loan Sharks, Debt Collectors
  16. There's certainly some interesting stats and facts on this thread...such a variety makes you wonder somewhat. Here's my own ...... .Three bedroom detached cottage (80 years old) .Live alone .Cavity wall insulation .Modern double glazed windows and doors .Modern gas boiler .Attic lagged to death .All water pipe work lagged and insulated to death .Hot water cyclinder insulated, themostat set to 60 degrees C .Quality thermostat in the hallway (set to 21 degrees C) .Radiators each with own thermostat .Attic water tanks insulated .Gas - £38.00 per month .Electric - £26.00 per month The electricity drives the fridge, freezer, energy saving light bulbs in all rooms and table lamps, TV, computer & printer, washing machine, iron, radio, bread making machine, toasted sandwich maker, slow cooker, kettle, toaster, outside lights, garage and DIY equipment, mobile phone charger. The gas drives the central heating, hot water, stove, oven and grill, gas fire in the sitting room
  17. Gosh....I'm a Boomer. I didn't ask to be birthed when I was though <Sheepish apologetic grin>. The folks whom I have a great deal of sympathy for are those going through education at present and the under 35's. There's some wonderful young folks down our local pub but I really fear for their future. I don't know what the answer is. Not all Boomers were BTL'ers or MEW'ers or irresponsible Credit Card Junkies. I believe the principal causes of our current woes has been the criminal mismanagement of UK Plc and the appalling social re-engineering by ZanuLabour (Chav = Endless benefits, Workers = Death by Tax).
  18. Part of the problem is that there are millions of Sheeples who are not as financially or economically savvy as many of the members of this site. I myself am one of the Great Ignorants in such subjects. The Internet and Forums such as this have been a wonderful invention in disseminating information to a very wide audience indeed and long may they last. However, many of us just try to live our lives as happily as possible, to do our best and hopefuly make the right decisions for our loved ones and ourselves. Sometimes, perhaps often, we make decisions based on feelings rather than financial alone. Astonishing as it may seem, I actually bought my current home in the last recession and although it's a really nice place, large garden and so on the main reason I bought it was because it's close to two lakes where I go fly fishing. Madness... absolutely.... Muppet.... 100%... Lucky... without a doubt....but it felt right at the time and it's what I wanted to do. The OP and many, many other Sheeples will be going through a similar process now and in the near future. Some will lose and fall by the way side, others will win and wonder what all the fuss is about. Such is life.
  19. I've gone for Option 5...but I'm feeling optimistic this evening. This is my fourth recession and my gut feeling is that this is the Big One. There's simply too much corruption, mis-management, incompetance and greed in the system. Our political elite are nothing more than a Comedy of Errors. Our whole economy is based on a foundation of sand. We produce little or nothing of value to export....and now there's a diminishing supply of customers. We are completely dependant upon importing food and energy and live on a very, very overcrowded island. I can see the Armed Forces having to take over within three years. May God help us all.
  20. Early days yet....early days. Unemployment is only just starting to kick in....the Four Horsemen of the Apocolypse are now visible and getting ever closer. Fast forward 18 months. Balls of tumbleweed roll down Main Street....er. ... the High Street. The bat wing doors of a decrepit, empty saloon creak back and forth to the sultry sounds of a Harmonica. An ancient Hooker plies her trade but to no avail.....she drapes a '50% Off - While Stocks Last' sticker around her shoulders..... Early days....early days.
  21. Just on the gardening side...it's surprising how little space is needed to grow a nice variety and quantity of vegetables and fruit. On your average sized allotment, for example, you can produce a huge quantity of items. The space in my own garden dedicated to vegetables is less than a third of an allotment size and I have more than enough things for neighbours and quite a bit goes back into the compost bin. Also to be considered is the amount of time needed to grow your vegetables. It can be quite time consuming to grow quality produce... digging, watering, fertilizing, pest control, weeding, harvesting, storing, blanching, freezing and so on. Also, one of the raised beds is framed and netted to deter the Cabbage White butterflies...in this I grow the cabbages, broccoli and such like. I grow the potatoes in very large tubs. So there are quite a number of additional jobs other than just planting seeds. A couple of acres sounds wonderful but I can't help wondering if it would be a full time job and require a certain amount of farm machinery as well. A friend of mine has 30 acres and he grows mainly fruit and sells to supermarkets. Perhaps the few acres could be turned into a small business?
  22. Much sympathies to his family and of course to the Train Driver and the Emergency Services who have to clear up the mess. Picking up a severed head along with limbs that have been ripped off, leaving a bloody, battered stump of a torso can't be a too pleasant a task on a cold and frosty day.
  23. A quote I read somewhere, sometime..... 'Man is incomplete until he's married....then he's doomed'. I speak with some experience with regards to the above having been married and divorced twice and .... er...having also been engaged four times. It's all very expensive indeed. I guess I'm a slow learner.
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