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  1. And of course it has nothing at all to do with the fact that Waitrose tend to site their stores in more affluent areas which also tend to have higher house prices. Aldi and Lidl tend to build on cheaper land in less affluent areas which coincidentally have lower house prices. Do the f*cktards who write these reports ever think about cause & effect? (rhetorical question...)
  2. Sorry to be contradictory, but oh no it isn't (automatically) calculated from all jobs and oh yes it does work! The only caveat is that the multiple jobs can't be with the same employer or with 'associated' employers. Otherwise the NI for each job is calculated totally in isolation. You can choose to aggregate your NI from all jobs together if it would benefit you to do so, (eg if some of your total income is above the upper earnings limit) but there is no compulsion to do it.
  3. Arguably the best way of doing this is to have loads of part time jobs, each of which pays you exactly £153 per week (the Class 1 NI threshold). That way you build up full NI credits without ever actually paying any NI. Not surprisingly a lot of director/owners of small companies pay themselves £153 per week and take the rest in divis.
  4. Yes, I was born in Lincolnshire, have subsequently lived all over the UK, but returned to Lincs and now wouldn't live anywhere else in England by choice. It's not to everyone's taste but the lack of traffic, lack of queues generally and being able to buy a decent family home with large garden for about £150-200k are definite plus points. I tend to visit London/south-east about once every ten years and can stand it for a max of 24 hours before I've had enough.
  5. Well to add a slightly bearish slant to it I had an offer for the first time on my place yesterday afternoon, 12% below the asking price... that I'd already dropped by 15%. That's pretty bearish don't you think?
  6. I'm fairly relaxed about it really, we're hoping to sell our 2 bed & 3 bed semis and buy a 4-5 bed detached. I'd be quite happy with a 40% price crash as it would make what we're looking to buy so much cheaper, despite a (smaller) reduction in the price of what we're selling. What I can't stand is the current tumbleweed situation. Things were ticking along nicely here at reduced prices until the government decided to 'help' the housing market. It caused a few months of madness here followed by total stagnation ever since. For god's sake Dave/Gidiot just stop fekkin 'helping'...
  7. My OH and I are currently trying to sell our respective houses in northern Lincolnshire. The market is completely dead and seems to be getting worse if anything. Nothing much selling, nothing much coming on the market. The same houses sit on Rightmove week after week, month after month. The only way to sell quickly seems to be to send it to auction and accept whatever price you get on the day. I've knocked 15% off my asking price in the past four months and still no real interest! Even our EA admitted the market is 'very quiet indeed' in this area. They said they'd hardly had anyone through their door all summer.
  8. I've been surprised by the amount of smokey petrols I've seen around of late, reckoned to be caused by the widespread switch to direct injection petrol technology. It's enough of a problem that PPFs or petrol particulate filters are being talked of now.
  9. Yes there were still older non-DPF models being sold new until autumn 2010 (when Euro V became compulsory for all new registrations), whereas some models had DPFs as long ago as 2001.
  10. Indeed. Or that the market appears completely dead in the north, despite many houses being priced below the £125k stamp duty threshold.
  11. Anyone who thinks the north or midlands is on the verge of another boom should try a selling a house (or three) in those areas, as myself, partner and sister are all currently trying to do. Mine: In four months no viewings, no offers, asking price dropped twice. OH's house: three viewings in a year, no offers, asking price dropped three times. So far my sister's house is doing the best: Two viewings in two months, one offer 15% below asking price! Suffice to say the boom doesn't appear to have arrived in Lincs quite yet.
  12. He's going bald down the centre too, usually a sign of overinflation....
  13. In a similar vain perhaps Ian Huntley could become education minister?
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