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  1. Agree with you in sorts Malco, though it's arguable that motorists are indeed targeted as pedestrian killers nowadays. Just consider all the traffic safety ads, speed cameras, etc...
  2. You can't trade GBS online but set up an account with Hoodless Brennan (very quick - takes about 10 mins) and you will need to call them to place the GBS trade as it is a US stock http://www.hoodlessbrennan.com/ First months trades are free, thereafter it is £7 for online trades and £12.50 for telephone I think. I did this with them and was charged nothing for buying GBS over the phone as it was within the first month.
  3. FT Of course it would be crazy to invest large amounts of a pension fund into a single asset especially at this stage in the market. Although I expect there will be plenty of good professional advisors like yourself who will advise such sensible thinking, I expect there will many who are tied to the VIs and will be ramping property in SIPPs for as much as they can milk it. See these guys http://www.movewithus.co.uk/international/si.cmsx?itemID=686 I've registered to attend the seminar as it very near me just to see how this is being promoted. I do think that they will be influential for the
  4. GW I agree that the official rate quoted is generally understated. However how did you come up with the 4-5% figure? Is that just adding approximately another 50% on top? Are there any commentators out there who have made attempts to measure in alternative ways to the official measures?
  5. Am cosidering moving to the area over the next year and am wondering how house prices have boomed in the area? My guess is that Winchester is a pretty expensive place, but do locals in the area find that prices have been dropping at all?
  6. This seems to be available when you subscribe to a post. e.g. a daily subscription takes to you to the last point where you were viewing a topic, but doesn't seem to be available directly... Or am I just being thick?!
  7. I've already got a small amount of money saved away in a bog standard pension with one of the big Life Insurers but frankly don't feel comfortable trusting them to deliver a decent performance which will allow me to retire in relative comfort. I've been looking at SIPP options which at least come A-day next tax year I can fund freely and into investments of my own choosing. I've been ready some investment theory which suggest that a diversified portfolio delivers better performance by investing in a range of assets: shares, unit trusts, bonds, gilts, commodities, gold and precious metals, pr
  8. I believe the cheapest one on the market is Hoodless Brenan http://www.hoodlessbrennan.com/ I joined recently but have only done a single trade so can't comment extensively Trades are £7 and free for the first month.
  9. Has anyone looked at the Bullion accounts with these guys and how they would compare with similar things like Goldmoney.com? http://www.anglofareast.com/banking_accounts.html Anyone's experiences much appreciated!
  10. This is not a criticism of gold, but I can't help thinking that although a Britannia might always be worth at 100 pounds as legal tender surely with inflation the real value of that 100 pounds will be eroded, so although a Britannia has a minimum value below which it can't drop, that real value could be an awful lot less with inflation. Or am I missing a trick here?
  11. The 5.65% was indeed a guaranteed offer (min of 5.5%) which Cahoot offered last year. You should have received an email a month or so ago from Cahoot (check your registered email with them) to say that they are holding the rate at 5.65%!! Unfortunately not available on savings accounts for newbies
  12. About to take the first steps to buy gold and would like to hear what companies other HPC'ers would recommend (or discourage!) to purchase allocated gold. I might buy some physical coins or bars at some point but am attracted to using a service like www.goldmoney.com or www.bullionvault.com as it seems much easier to buy and sell and there would seem to be a guarantee of purity. What would people consider to be a reasonable spread around the spot price for buying and selling and also for custody charges? Also this webpage http://www.galmarley.com/framesets/fs_keep_it_safe_faqs.htm recommend
  13. Hi Am about to start looking for a rented house and would appreciate any advice on strategies and tips on negotiating the rental price down. Don't know why but I'd always assumed that the advertised price for a rental was non negotiable. What happens if you offer too low on a place you like. Would it be likely to put off the landlord? It seems a bit different to buying a house as if you are asking for the rent to be lowered, wouldn't that give the impression you might have difficulty paying the rent? All advice appreciated!
  14. Just to add that for anyone in the Stroud and Swindon Building Society region you can get 5.5% but only at a branch or through an intermediary. In case anyone isn't aware the FSA will only guarantee a maximum of 35K (100% of first 2K, 90% of next 33K) for an individual's deposit with any individual institution. BTW, does anyone know if the FSA has ever actually paid out for a failed bank?
  15. There is a good Rent vs Buy calculator you can download here. http://www.mortgagesexposed.com/Book_Conte...eet_summary.htm You can put in -ve HPI and all sorts of other variables.
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