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  1. Mr Deflation, I would love to know where you are from. It is true that Wellington centre has become run down. Its charity shop heaven which is always a sure sign. But have you ever lived in Peckham? Lets look on the bright side. Wellington has some very good schools, is surrounded by beautiful Shropshire countryside, is attached to very large modern industry, and has good motorway links to the West Midlands one way, and easy routes to Wales the other, still has its own swimming pool, is close to Oakengates theatre,is the home of Telford FC, a 5 minute drive from historic Ironbridge, the birthplace of industry, and property is reasonably priced. Now lets get onto Wem. Any strong feelings on Wem?
  2. I should have written that the NW6 property market does not crash, does not fall as much, recovers sooner, and recovers quickly. Thats from more than 4 years worth of data
  3. Australian dollar is up more than 36% over the pound so its a good time to buy into the pound but here you can apply for a first home buyers allowance could you tell me if the uk has any kind of allowance for first time buyers ? NO. Cant believe youve waited so long for this answer. FTB mortgage approvals very low though there are a few new products coming on the market, but vast deposit is always required. What is the scheme for first time buyers in Australia? What form does the allowance take and who provides it?
  4. If it looks like a forced seller, walks like a forced seller, talks like a forced seller and smells like a forced seller then it is a forced seller did you hear the glass of white liquid? if it looks like milk, its milk. So what is the point of this story? Is there an outcome?
  5. Oh No Ive really enjoyed it. All views should be welcome
  6. No She always warned that a lot of profit made was only due to the market and gave sound advice to the sometimes stupid dabblers in property development. She cannot be compared to the others.
  7. This is obviously a year on, but I would like to add that anywhere along the Jubilee Line is on the up and up, and London is top overseas property investment destination with St Johns Wood overtaking Mayfair for 27 nationalities looking to buy
  8. Not Sure this is Useful. You have a contract/Inventory/Schedule Of Condition and are protected under the tenancy deposit scheme. I expect after 5 years there may be more work to do on the property to hand over...more than a quick clean through.Equally, there will be fair wear and tear on carpets etc to be expected. Read your contract, read up on the Tenancy deposit scheme.
  9. http://www.paramount-properties.co.uk/content/Lettings/Tenancy_Deposit_Scheme/ Landlord legal responsibilities from TDS? You will be breaking the law if your tenant/'s deposit/s are not protected. You will be unable to regain possession of your property using notice-only grounds for possession under Section 21 of the Housing Act 1988. Your tenant can apply for a court order requiring their deposit to be protected if it isn't, or is entitled to request information to find out where it is being held. If the court decides that you have failed to comply with the new rule or is not satisfied that the deposit is being held with an authorised scheme, the court can enforce the following: Order you to repay the deposit within 14 days of the issuing of the court order. Order you to pay the deposit into an authorised scheme. Order you pay the tenant three times the deposit amount within 14 days of the making of the order the tenant.
  10. Sarah Beeny has been rather more respected for her television property programmes, because as far as property development was concerned she had been there seen it and done it. She also appeared to be handing out sound advice, which was usually ignored by the newbie property developers. Furthermore, she always pointed out the selling prices and profit made were in a booming property market, and that she would always look to the real profit margin- the added value the developer put on the house, rather than the market.
  11. I read so many web articles with different interpretations of the same data. But The BBC did produce house price surveys explained last year and it is simple and useful for deciphering the differences from survey to survey.
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