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  1. Crikey there are some small people on this forum.

    Lets see. A man and a woman grow up on a rough estate in Newport to a family on benefits and attend the local comprehensive.

    They leave these humble beginnings behind and move to Capital City and get good jobs and build themselves a lucrative career. Fortune smiles on them and they are blessed with a child and then decide they want to leave the City and return to their childhood area.

    By luck a very unusual building is for sale which they love. They work hard restoring it with love and attention and a hands on approach. The planners are happy, the conservation officer is happy and they are happy with the result. They move into their unusual, large, well appointed and characterful home. A small television episode is even made about their project.

    A lovely tale. The only odious part is the bit where the day after the episode is aired there are dozens of less successful people typing anonymously on the internet about how rubbish the home is, how they must have 'lost' money on it and speculating the couple are horrible thieves.

    Its the British disease and its call jealousy and its very, very, unsavoury.

    I salute the couple and wish them every future happiness and success. The new bit wasn't too my taste but it was very much to theirs so good luck to 'em.


  2. Exactly, Im not saying travellers are perfect, far from it-but he who is without sin and all that. The rest of society is not in a position to judge them just because their way of life is different because it is hardly a utopian dream from where Im sitting. I have lived, partied and worked alongside these folk and they are no better or worse than anyone else-I have felt far more threatened by the local chav outfits than I ever did by any of them.

    Stoney you are still confusing the hatred of the breed (racism) with the inequality with which they are treated in preference to the rest of society.

  3. There is still institutional discrimination against travellers, whether Romany gypsies, Irish travellers or new-age travellers.

    Yes I know there are problems on both sides, but these people need space to live.

    Why should I have to pay for that. Can I come and live in your garden, because I do not place to live and lots of people are not my friends. FFS

    Deal with the discrimination in other ways.

    As I understand it, Romany gypsies are descended from tribes of Aryan Indians who were sent to Persia as landless musicians and gradually spread from there. Ironically Hitler hijacked the term 'Aryan' to describe the supposed German race, while killing over 300,000 gypsies in the holocaust.

    Irish travellers - who face a lot of discrimination in Ireland too, are thought to be decscended partly from the 'indigenous' pre-Celtic Irish people and partly from dispossessed smallholders.

    I not against the gypsys as an ethnic entity. I am unhappy that they expect to live a particular way (under human rights laws). Far removed from the main stream and expect the rest to pick-up the tab.

    I realise you could draw some parallels with politician .. but that would be OT

  4. The difference being??!!


    Such as?

    See below..

    But purpose built council houses and housing association accommodation for those that never lift a finger is perfectly ok?

    Then let them join the queue. Dont have problem with that. Not that I wholly believe in social housing

    This last comment says a lot more about you than it does about travellers I think. Brainwashed, ignorant, racist little sh1tforbrains-well done!

    Oh dear ... cant argue the truth therefore resort to character assignations. Juvenile at best....

    Please give me some reasons why I should fund a certain group people that wish to live in a caravan and or move around. Expect washing and toilet facilities and educate their offspring.

    I have friends that have caravans …they don’t site their vans where they like. They also expect to pay for what they use. Why are these people any different.

    Were you once a “New Age” traveller that could handle the cold ???

  5. Irish Pikeys mainly. Not Gypsys in the true sense of.

    I'm totally against them getting any special treatment what so ever.

    I dont not want to pay for thousands of economic migrants that believes they have a human right to live in a caravan. At my expense. Or one of those nice purpose built jobs paid, for by the tax payer.

    Preferential planning, education and welfare.

    I say Fork OFF back to Ireland.

  6. Bovis Homes has been forced to sell hundreds of unwanted houses to the Government, it emerged yesterday in further evidence of weakness in the property market. The developer sold 379 homes in the South-west, West Midlands, East Midlands and East of England in an £18m deal with the Government to provide affordable housing for poor families on waiting lists.


    48k each

  7. Were they not using some forms of NLP.

    Anchoring is the process by which a particular state or response is associated (anchored) with a unique anchor. An anchor is most often a gesture, voice tone or touch but could be any unique visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory or gustatory stimulus. It is claimed that by recalling past resourceful states one can anchor those states to make them available in new situations. A psychotherapist might anchor positive states like calmness and relaxation, or confidence in the treatment of phobias and anxiety, such as in public speaking.[59] Proponents state that anchors are capable of being formed and reinforced by repeated stimuli, and thus are analogous to classical conditioning

    I heard the word "Complicated" alot. But it seems to have been dropped recently.

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