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  1. Taht will double the amount of smack addicts then ...Common Purpose .....Common F***** Sense ...... 1000x Dispairs
  2. Stoney you are still confusing the hatred of the breed (racism) with the inequality with which they are treated in preference to the rest of society.
  3. I not against the gypsys as an ethnic entity. I am unhappy that they expect to live a particular way (under human rights laws). Far removed from the main stream and expect the rest to pick-up the tab. I realise you could draw some parallels with politician .. but that would be OT
  4. Oh dear ... cant argue the truth therefore resort to character assignations. Juvenile at best.... Please give me some reasons why I should fund a certain group people that wish to live in a caravan and or move around. Expect washing and toilet facilities and educate their offspring. I have friends that have caravans …they don’t site their vans where they like. They also expect to pay for what they use. Why are these people any different. Were you once a “New Age” traveller that could handle the cold ???
  5. Irish Pikeys mainly. Not Gypsys in the true sense of. I'm totally against them getting any special treatment what so ever. I dont not want to pay for thousands of economic migrants that believes they have a human right to live in a caravan. At my expense. Or one of those nice purpose built jobs paid, for by the tax payer. Preferential planning, education and welfare. I say Fork OFF back to Ireland.
  6. I wonder if anyone will be asking for a pay Fall. When it goes negative.
  7. My HPC maths from the information in the article. Not definitive. As previouly stated, I think theres more to this.
  8. http://www.propertyweek.com/story.asp?stor...gin=PWdailynews 48k each
  9. "PCP" now that would make the arguments interesting.
  10. Were they not using some forms of NLP. I heard the word "Complicated" alot. But it seems to have been dropped recently.
  11. Did they ever prove how long it took for a quantity of CO2 to "diffuse"/ "dipleat" into the atmosphere ? My understanding is that this was an important variable that was required for their models. That they guessed? and revised, alot.
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