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  1. Looks like another hit for the TAx payer... Targetfollow in administration today
  2. Walk into a burning building with the choice to walk out if I so wish....a few time a year. OR Go on patrol in Afganistan for 6 months... I know which I'd choose, no hesitation. I think firepersons get paid more too.
  3. Should never be allowd to strike in the first place. Its that simple You dont like the pay and conditions ...then ferk orf and do a real job ...FFS Often do more damage than they save half the time. Think water damage. Theres more dying because they all want to be "heroes". Never forgave them for the last strike. How many died then....officially!
  4. **** a doodle dooooooooooooo Good old Lloyds
  5. Apparently the data went via the University of East Anglia and a Mr Jones ???
  6. I ve always thought that said "take it up the bum baby" What do i know
  7. Battersea Power Station owner reports dismal figures http://www.propertyweek.com/5001524.article?origin=PWbreakingnews Theres hope yet
  8. My Second £10 donation..... Thanks PB
  9. Leave the bath running when you leave...flood damage is a bitch to
  10. Note Mandelslime put his Blue tie on for his opinion.......scumbag http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/election_2010/8649759.stm
  11. Apart from scaring the SH!T out of them.... The calm has been v.good ..which means the storms going to be BAD A £500 note by the end of thyear ???
  12. Still think he should be put up for PM .... Get rid of all those carcinogenic buses. Up the speed limit to 150mph. Petrol at 10p a litre. Cheaper road tax the more Horse power you have. Electric vehicles banned. Pedal bikes for off road only. Top Gear Rocks
  13. Tony's never going to beleive this is all we found.
  14. If it aint Broke...Dont Fix_UCK it up Webmaster must ex public servant
  15. Read more: http://www.propertyweek.com/story.asp?stor...s#ixzz0RoyTVmS9 Read more: http://www.propertyweek.com/story.asp?stor...s#ixzz0RoxXktJU Some of that print printy percolating through in the form of splints.
  16. Is "she" a Tranny ???? Could swear I saw an adams and some stubble.
  17. Make that any French car/ french built car or even non French cars with french components aka Nissan. Shame about the Nissan.
  18. If they abolished "standby" I would just leave on permenantly. Just turn the volume down at bed time.
  19. Persimmons are aggressively gaining planning permission on whatever land they have. Threatening local Authorities to lower their 106 agreements and grant permission or they are mothballing. Planning permission increases the price of land... Theres a shortage dontUno
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