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  1. Don't forget the Climate Con preaching......... I'm sending him lots of soap.
  2. I think the Tories will give a "Cast Iron" guarantee of a referendum if they win the next election. Probably so will Labour. Whether anyone believes them will be a different matter.
  3. Someone should tell them that the Land Reg figures do not include all house sales. junehousingbulletin2012.pdf junehousingbulletin2012.pdf
  4. Keep Calm........ Keep taking your over inflated salaries mayhousingbulletin2012.pdf mayhousingbulletin2012.pdf
  5. I like how they lump Housing Association figures into the private sector figures. Also read the foot notes... So if I have a second homes that I left empty for over a year and have not filed a census. Is that counted as occupied???
  6. How long have been on this site... If you must have learnt one thing; you can NOT rely on vested interested government statistics. End Of. What did they exclude, what didnt they include..... Make youself a coffee
  7. They would say that though ...wont they FFS.... Your going to tell me we all need to borrow more next....
  8. Reintroduction of MIRAS, or something very muck like it ???
  9. How can we be sure the Earth is constructed as we think it is? Different layer thickness. The molten core etc. Can we drill 100s of kilometeres into the earth. To "sample" it? Surely its just hypothosis! Any takers
  10. Clarkson was too reserved for likening....... The Audience booed Jabba the scumbag..........thankfully
  11. Coming to a nice neighbour hood near YOU...... So they did build all those executive apartments for social housing.....
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