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  1. Maybe the bigger cut will come later today with the European Central Bank?
  2. And Sweden have just dropped by 1.75% Link: http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/5b01952c-c1e1-11...0077b07658.html
  3. The Japanese Govt. have stated that they are being forced into a position to de-value the YEN. Banks/Investors have been buying the YEN in order to find a hiding place for funds which in other areas would be more risky. That leaves the USD $ as a potential hiding place for bank/investor funds (are there any others ?) - I would like to know. Thats why the dollar is up, US stock market up... Its my point of view (no links to back it up at this stage). So... USD currency makes a comeback ? What will that do for oil prices ??? What happens if the States devalue their currency soon? Answers on a postcard invited
  4. Yes, its a pretty poor show for Sterling today. Anyone know why it's dropped so much? Surely Sterling cannot have dropped that much from the GB statement earlier?
  5. Hello Mr Parry, I'm glad to join the party. Actually, I have been a great fan of the "House Price Crash" website for over two years and I really enjoy reading up on some very useful information from dedicated members. Another converted Expat lurker!!! Greetings from Switzerland!
  6. OPEC have called an "emergency" meeting. They have brought forward their November meeting (which was supposed to take place after the US elections) to this week, hence now before the US elections. It's a good point to say that oil prices could be manipulated around the time of US elections, but do you really think that this meeting is designed to bring oil prices down further?
  7. Just my quick assessment of where oil is today, and what sub $50 per barrel would mean: It would mean that several of the OPEC oil producing countries would be in financial trouble, even Saudi Arabia needs the current oil prices to remain above $55 dollars per barrel in order for their economy to remain healthy. Iran and Venezuela need the current price to be $95 per barrel in order to remain out of financial trouble. Although oil prices should come down, I feel that they will be going up after Fridays meeting reveals that OPEC oil production looks like it will get a chop of around 1 to 2 million barrels per day.....
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