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  1. I'm sick of these people I claim mileage for work and have to put in receipt for fuel and get question if the claim is high against low miles. I think it's time people gave the MP's a good kicking over this and go for a national day to show our anger like the truckers did over fuel cost. Jam the citys !!!!!!!!!!! Every penny the gits get should be earnt not given away
  2. I think why this has come out now is regardless white,blue,brown it all has the same effect in the eyes of the HSE In construction it is covered by CDM and the client has to inform if any know hazards (asbestos will fall into this) So in a commercial sense if you are a tradesman you should be able to go to a commercial property and be informed of any asbestos ! Now in the domestic market should Mrs Jones be informing the sparky the ceiling he is just about to screw a new light fitting into could be asbestos ??? So will trades just assume and charge massive amounts for work Also once the HSE start getting their teath into this there could be fines going left right and center !! Employers not looking after there employees !!! I am guessing HSE have a bit of time on there hands now as the building market and all most stopped so maybe this is why this is in the headlines How will this fit into the market ? HIPS
  3. The biggest problem I can see is anybody who is going to buy a house at the moment (don't laugh there are some out there) could end up buy a house that in years to come nobody wants ... any body remember the concrete cancer houses where the steel frames rott !
  4. Used in house building up to 2000 !!!! It's in all sorts of stuff .... would you belive some plastics have it in !! Thouse kitchen floor tiles ..... could have it in !! That fiber board celing you where going to have a new light fitted into !!! Sorry brown asbestos so new celing
  5. At last a top story on the BBC http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7682295.stm
  6. I work in construction which has been having a hard time with asbestos .... but the other day I heard a radio advert about houses before 2000 having asbestos In them (very ture and it's not just roof tiles ect it's even in sokem plastics) So if this starts breaking cover into the main stream Who wants to buy a house which when you come to have work done on it is going to cost you thousands more because they have to test or remove asbestos ?????
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