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  1. I had a big tv in my room when I was 7 ( 1988 ). I used it to watch open university programmes ! Mind you I did repair it a couple of times.
  2. Sheesh ... If you have a problem with the cost of motoring then look for loop holes. I have a tax exempt diesel land rover which will run on just about anything you care to put in the tank. £150 per year fully comp. Sorted ! You can get some quite nice classic cars now for about £3k with very cheap insurance.
  3. Well sugar is certainly a gateway drug !! But you should look at the drug usage rates where the laws have been relaxed Portugal and Holland spring to mind.
  4. You assume that there is the steel. the bricks, and the fuel to support this policy, also what happens after this quick fix ?
  5. So, the major problem people have with the free market and form of quiet anarchy that injun advocates is how do you deal with the violently and criminally insane.
  6. This report has a lot of very odd phrases in it. it looks like some ones just expanded on a rumour.
  7. No we need Ray Mears ! - I'd vote for him.
  8. Ah... yes between 1 and 2 exist an infinite number of real numbers. Also an infinite number of infinite numbers between the infinite numbers. I propose beer as a solution to further thinking in this area.
  9. Once we run out of fuel to power the farms, the economy will pick up as millions of people will be needed to replace the labour saving devices currently employed. We'd only need a cull if cheap energy was limitless, which it 'aint.
  10. Umm.. ok so you are putting money into a savings account whilst you are still in debt. This makes no sense, unless you are paying less interest on the debt than making on the savings. Surely the most profitable thing is to use all of your savings to reduce the debt burden thus reducing the amount of interest paid. Or am I Wrong ?
  11. Consisting of someone putting a large wad of notes into a garbage disposal :angry:
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