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  1. singlemalt

    Peak Water?

    Technology will undoubtedly lessen the impact of water scarcity (or rather misuse imo). When I was in the UAE much of their fresh water was desalinated.
  2. singlemalt

    Interest Is Coming

    Finally! someone who actually listened to what she said. It really sounds like she needs to sell up though or earn a great deal more. I struggle to understand why she hasn't come to this conclusion. She's like a bunny paralysed in the headlights.
  3. singlemalt

    Morrisons Plans 2,600 Job Cuts

    This is hardly surprising. They've been on a downward trajectory for a while. They need to do something to correct this. I sold all my MRW stock last year, gladly I got out before I lost anything. Tbh I should've shorted them! Went in there last week on the way home to grab a few beers etc for the England game. 2030hrs and all the checkouts closed (bar one) even all of the self checkouts. Result was 10 people in the queue. Some even abandoned their baskets. Unmotivated staff shuffling around like zombies, weird heavy metal music playing that just made you want to get out of there asap. Rudderless ship. Morrisons sandwiched somewhere between Aldi, Lidl and Adsa are toast.
  4. Chose -20% Up North the prices in the bracket I'm looking at are still 15-20% top heavy.
  5. singlemalt

    100 Miles Of Sheffield Roads Will Not Be Gritted

    No they'll be the first areas to get crossed off the list. Perfect excuse for all the head honcho's in the council who live there to 'work from home' for days on end at the first sign of the white stuff. In fact I can see people in the council fighting to get their road added to the 'Do Not Grit' list.
  6. Agreed. I read this story today on the way to work. A quick check on RM showed at least a handful of properties on the roads quoted in the article that have sold in the last year. Did the conveyancers do anything or ask any questions?
  7. Easy. XBox Live, PS4. Nothing to do with alcohol consumption.
  8. There are whole sectors that have grown up around distributing welfare and 'helping' people. Those involved don't want to fix anything or their business/employment suffers. Placate and perpetuate.
  9. singlemalt

    When Being A Nimby Blows Up In Your Face

    I sincerely hope that the people who objected to the flood defenses are the very same who are now mucking out their ruined kitchens, lifting sodden carpets and having a major headache dealing with their insurance company and that's before trying to dry out a damp house during a British winter. Completely deserved. Sweet irony.
  10. singlemalt

    The Million Pound Crappy New Build Thread

    I thought I'd clicked on the wrong link! Wow! How quickly money has become something so abstract. I advocate that one month of the year become cash only month. I'm convinced that it'd remind people of the value (lack thereof) of money.
  11. Deadbeats? Proud working people until Thatcher destroyed the coal mining industry and the community along with it.
  12. He must be suffering from early onset dementia. Clearly has zero grasp of basic economics.
  13. singlemalt

    The Problem With "accidental Landlords"

    No buildings insurance? epic FAIL! I bet she's got mobile phone insurce tho

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