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  1. Sorry that was yesterdays prices. Today you can buy a one bed flat in the same area for 60k Still want to buy now ????????
  2. I bought a flat back in '91. starting price of 60k , I paid 35k. Was self employed at the time with no accounts got a loan easy, banks were desperate to sign anyone up. This will happen again but will take a few years.
  3. I've been with the same Bank for 18 years, never had a credit card, what comes through the post yesterday ? Oh yes, new credit card............ Just in time for Christmas do you think ?
  4. Hi all. New here but have been watching for some time and waiting for this mess for longer. I'm in the contsruction industry ( High end Residential ) , project managing, and I know how much it costs to build a reasonable family house , Which unfortunatly doesn't exist in todays new builds, and it really gets me mad. Thats it .. hope to be able to contribute.
  5. I had a young lad working for me and ealier this year bought a One bed Flat in Canvey Island because everyone told him if he didn't buy now he will miss the boat. I told him to hang on for at least another year. He paid 120k You can now buy a two bed house for the same.!!!!!!! One bed flats in his area now going for 90k. Poor lad, should not have listened to his parents.
  6. There is a pub down the road to me, been empty for about two years now. Nice little village as well.
  7. Not much good if you have two children of different sex that cannot co-habit.
  8. What should happen is the goverment builds council houses, lots of them and quick, like the seventies. This done - no more need to private rent or buy a pokey house. problems solved. If you want to buy or rent privately that would be your choice, at the moment we do not have that luxury.
  9. My wife is from there so we visit her folks every couple of months. Its incredible how awful it is there. Nobody seems to care about anything let alone each other. Is that why it seems to be the training ground for extremists.
  10. Been to Bradford..........Not a nice place
  11. I was in Bradford this weekend. Prices definatly are falling maybe because rentals are so cheep and there are so many of them. I was surprised to see £ bed houses for around £500 per month. That would only get you a 1 Bed flat in essex. Hang on though, I can only see prices dropping......might move up there myself.
  12. Estate agents!!!!!! I work on High End properties in London as a Project Manager and had a visit from an estate agent just yesterday. Turned up in an Aston Martin 08 plate!!!! Soon sent him on his heals unqualified twit! How long before the car has to go back Ha Ha.
  13. Stubbourn is not the word..........2 bed bungalows for 200k. you must be joking. Even rentals are just as bad.
  14. Hi > Wickford is not so bad although I had a look at a couple of properties on The Wick I remember when this was just fields, they should have left it that way. The high street is bit of a mess as well> All that said there are some nice properties there , I will just rent for now and wait for a good one to come along.
  15. I will just carry on. House prices around this area still seem pretty stable unfortunatly. I'm pretty sure it's going to hit the fan soon though, maybe thats why all of the agents seem so miserable. Good! They certainly have got whats coming to them, the unqualified pompous lot> Or maybe Wickford wont be hit at all just because I want to move there!!
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