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  1. No its 500 billion Zim bucks, payments start Jan 1st, the govt are going to use the money to buy a new pencil
  2. They made no secret about their stratergy which was to break even on IR only morgages, maybe they have salted some away , but I feel they were so arrogant they did not see it comming. if they are all OK why sell all at once?
  3. I have to say I find this hillarious they had no exit stratergy, they made as interest rates went down and rents went up if they'd got out 5 years ago they'd be multi millionairs, If they are putting the lot on the market at once collapse must be very close, can you sell 900 house in Ashford in under a year, yes but at what prices,
  4. My heart bleads purple piss in sympathy for them, I earn less than half that as a repair tech in the oil industry, where may I add about 20% of all jobs have gone, so just to put the record straight if you have a first in engineering and want to work 12 hours a day for 5 weeks then get 3 weeks off, on rotation, you will be on about 40K after 5 years maybee 60K the places you will work will be horrid, if it takes an 18 hour day to get a job done, thats how long you work. Compare that to the harsh life in HR for 50K
  5. I believe we are in a genuine ralley, LIBOR is the lowest level ever, property prices will continue to rise, but what will happen to the pound I belive it will fall, does Brewn give a sh1t, no, inflation will follow, but they will cook the books, interest rates will stay low, and then in June the Tories will get in, they will take one look at the books go OMG and start sorting it all out, but till then don't expect any more falls, a certain RB described these muppets using the words "one trick poney" he was right, don't expect them to learn any new tricks sorrey TF
  6. Strange I was fully in agreement, they are like the idiot who knows nothing about cars, has a fault so cleans the car as he cannot do anything else. I can tell you what their cashflow is like, it dire, they have maxed out for years and now rents have fallen and they have over supplied Ashford with rental properties I fear their cashflow is negative as rental incomes have fallen, but the interest on their depts has not kept up a child can work out what their position is their business model was "we are happy making £10 a year on each property" their model was making money from capital gain not rental yield.
  7. I like the comment about the vendor wanting a high price for their property, who wouldn't. My advice is simple wait, not donkies but untill the back of Nov the market dies Nov and dec it takes 3 months to go through so if the offer is accepted first week of dec you move in on the first week of march the days are getting long the weather is warming up and you have those spring bank holidays to work on the place just after you move in. I presume you are proceedable this give you a fair amount of leverage on negotiating the price, but dont try "clever" stunts with the vendor, make the vendor and the ea feel that they can deal with you. good luck TF
  8. put the problem off collect your bonus and hope by the time it hits the fan you've moved on, dispicable, crooked so very nu labour
  9. A couple of years ago I thaught house prices would fall and the labour govt would play their last card, inflation, unfortunatly I appear to have been correct so maybe this is not such a bad time afterall, try to hold out till the winter dip in November, can the other half get a 5 year fixed rate, taking that would be my advice. Godd luck TF
  10. I wish I had a pound for every conspiracy theory that was just due to shear stupidity or being bone bloody idle or both, Sometimes you have to remind yourself its not a conspiracy they are just a bunch of usless wan*ers
  11. We are hugely different from Argentina, they net export food we don't so we should be much poorer than Argantinians
  12. In answer to the original statement about being consigned to the dole, which is worse being unemployed with A levels and looking for a job, could take several months, or 3 years meegia studies 20K dept and looking for a job at the end, the luckey ones could well be the ones that fail to get in, I know a trainee management accountant who has just passed her first year, I also know a number of arts grads with degrees in ceramics, photography, glass making, and jewelry, I know who will be the bitter ones in a few years time
  13. 1 Our time will come have patience, bit like HPC we can call it Bullsh1t qualifications crash 2 Sh1t the bed, tell me its a lie,how will this country manage, I still have hope but its going to be a long tough road
  14. Its just a VI prediction, once the actual figures are released it will be unexpected GDP fall for UK, its probably already written
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