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  1. I agree but I don't believe the answer is to reduce benefits (their are many that are already receiving less than they need to get by on and UK benefits are pretty low) but to improve working as an option (i.e. make it pay better). Benefits are supposed to be a safety net, not a life choice but conversely work has be worth it. If the conservatives had their way then the minimum wage would be gone tomorrow and the lowest paid jobs would be paid even worse, creating incentives for people to go on benefits instead (which would have the same conservatives foaming at the mouth when it happens).
  2. Because it can be spun for political kudos, why else.
  3. LOL, agreed. Their success record outside of Belfast is truly dreadful.
  4. I won't for one minute deny that there is a claims culture in the North but it isn't sufficient to justify 84% higher premiums and a 70% rise in 2 years. That's just insurance companies gouging. They can see other groups getting away with fiscal blue murder and want in on the act.
  5. And there in lies part of the problem. I've had debates on this forums before about the percentage of the population that lives in the greater Belfast area. I had figures between 50% and 75% quoted at me (it's actually about 33%). As with all capital cities a huge amount of money is spent in Belfast to try and address the issue of too many people living in too small an area and not enough spent elsewhere to try and even out the imbalance. Its also true that opportunity is extremely lacking in the North and the "way out" is seen to be moving to somewhere else, which just exacerbates the too many people in too small an area problem.
  6. The A level results and the figure you quote about the lack of literacy and numeracy skills would seem to contradict one another but I believe it reflects the outlook of people growing up in NI. Education is seen as a "way out" so a lot of emphasis is placed on it. Those who can do well tend to receive good qualifications and then up and leave chasing better jobs, taking those qualifications with them. Those who don't do so well academically have less choice and are less likely to move away. This is a reflection of a brain drain more than anything I think.
  7. This is in D4, a very sought after post code (or at least it was). The price still seems outrageous though, especially for an auction.
  8. Invest NI are an incredible waste of time, space and money. I know getting companies to look into the North West may be more difficult than getting them to consider Belfast but that doesn't excuse their continuing failure. If anything, they should be taking the challenge offered by the NW (and other areas outside of the greater Belfast area) to indicate that these areas are it's primary focus and that Belfast needs less time and attention. You would think that the (generally) miserable wages that are paid in areas more distant from Belfast would act as an incentive of sorts (although not a very admirable one) for business but it doesn't seem that way looking at Invest NIs record. Anyway pajd, I think house prices in Derry will come down - you shouldn't underestimate the intransigence and blatant ability to ignore reality of your fellow country men but reality has to bite sooner or later.
  9. It's a buyers market apparently... http://uk.news.yahoo.com/21/20110412/tuk-nama-keen-to-revive-property-market-e1cd776.html
  10. Well, to be perfectly honest, the acquiescence of people is a subject I find frustrating. Having said that the perpetually rising demand for more resources to prop up the banks in Ireland has reached a level that simply isn't sustainable. The current "plan" for bringing the country through the current economic mess was founded on unrealistic growth figures, a fact that is highlighted in the very article you posted. I'd personally advocate for a little bit of anarchy and revolution but I'm sensing that everyone else would like to take the path of least resistance :-)
  11. A quote from this article... "At stake is nothing less than national survival." This is nothing more than alarmist BS. If you're broke, you're broke. The nation won't cease to exist if it can't pay the bills. It's not as if the bailiffs are going to turn up and carry off large tracts of the countryside. Sure it will have a wide ranging impact but the "nation" isn't going to suddenly collapse in on itself. Nations have gone broke before and if it happens again it won't be a surprise. The author of this article needs to look up the meaning of hyperbole.
  12. LOL, it's amazing how the obvious sometimes manages to baffle people. Thank you BelfastVI, this brought a smile to my face :-)
  13. BVI, I've seen you make similar comments before but does your train of thinking imply that there is absolutely no logic to the valuation of property?
  14. I was told once that this is done when the house has been repossessed, can't say definitively though.
  15. Some Titanic Quarter buyers are claiming they are broke apparently.
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