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  1. Agree here too. I went to see a few houses for sale between Leyton and Leytonstone and couldn't believe the interest in the houses. Frist house 1 had to queue up for 20 minutes and each of the 3 houses had around 40 viewings that day. I spoke to a number of people whilst queuing and most were British living in Hackney, Shoreditch, Islington etc.
  2. Unfortunately yes and only 1 of the properties I've considered buying over the last 6 months has come back on the market. I don't know where people get the money but I'm earning a decent wage and may consider looking around Surrey or Hertfordshire
  3. Area: South West and East London Not sure about flats in South West and East London but the few houses (3 bed, garden, large living space are my criteria) that come onto the market are getting snapped up within a week.
  4. I don't live in Leytonstone but agree with barberossa. It's the best affordable area in London and is getting better by the day, a lot of people working in the city/canary wharf are buying here as it's easy to get to work. Although Leyton is cheaper, I think it's much better in Leytonstone. East Finchley is ok but you won't be able to cycle into work and you'll also need to travel to either Muswell Hill or Highgate for decent pubs, cafes, restaurants etc. I like Peckham Rye too but overall think Leytonstone is your best option. Also I wouldn't bother with ex-council in any area within London.
  5. £1200 won't get you far in Clapham or Putney unless you go for a houseshare (which if you're young is great fun). Also worth considering Tooting Bec, Earlsfield, Kliburn and Kentish Town if you want to be central. If you want more space + garden and don't mind not having bars/restaurants nearby then consider Raynes Park and Surbiton.
  6. Not quite but it's certainly getting there. 650-700K will get you a small 3 bed with a tiny garden nowadays and you're better off looking elsewhere.
  7. I've been looking at Wanstead and it's a very nice village with great links to City, West End and Canary Wharf. Snaresbrook and South Woodford are good areas too and you get a bit more for your money than in Wanstead.
  8. I don't think buying a property a few floors above a restaurant like Zizzis is too bad but what may put me off is if the road is busy and noisy throughout the day.
  9. Where in London are you looking? Seen similar in more expensive areas like Clapham and Wimbledon but areas such as Colliers Wood haven't had prices come back up to 2007 levels yet.
  10. It's a repo and the bank want a quick sale. Also the highest amount a house has gone for on that road is 500K.
  11. Hi, I have just had a buildings survey done on the house and there has been some concerns over structural work. Being a first time buyer I am worried that I may be buying a property that would be difficult to sell after 2-3 years. I would be very grateful for any feedback. There has been extensive repointing work done to the house and a degree of distortion in the external walls and internal partitions. I been advised to have a structural engineer come to inspect the property and see if foundation works such as underpinning has been done. The property is in South London and is a victorian semi-detached house. * How common is it for the surveyor to request a structural engineer review the property? * Is there any way of finding out whether any work has been carried out other than asking the vendor or a structural engineer (maybe through the council or building regulations)? * Can I find out whether other properties on the same road have had underpinning / foundation problems? * If the property has been underpinned should we go ahead with the purchase? Thanks in advance for any feedback Tomas
  12. Is there a limit to the number of tracker bonds you can have?
  13. Thanks - was looking for fx trading. Is there a trial period before they stop the demo account?
  14. I am trying to find a demo trading account with the ability to trade using an Iphone app, do any companies provide this service?
  15. Are NS&I bonds paying RPI + 1% (ie this month they'll be paying 3.4%)?
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