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  1. Good this - Loving the Mew Machine maybe this is the new Liar Loan
  2. I agree. It was staged. Any person given the right to be the prime minister of a country should be well versed on turning a mobile phone off/on silent during a global televised conference. Edited to add: or not given the right
  3. After Albanians. Just had a word with my local Romanian 'big issue' seller on the high st - he says, 'stay well clear'.
  4. Don't pay the licence tax. I've had no problems for the last 6 yrs since I made the decision that Al beeb are a bunch of (unts.
  5. Fair play - will be in a registry office later in the year with my aussie bint - gold rings look naff - though could be useful for pawning/ bartering in a year or so. ps If your soon to be Mrs is too bothered about the lack of 'finery' on her wedding day then she probably aint worth it - good luck.
  6. I'm over 35 and feel that this is going to be one hell of a real recession or downturn or whatever. Apology not appropiate -
  7. IMO we won't see anything like the last 10 - 15yrs again... Peak Oil & Global projected population will see to that. http://www.un.org/News/Press/docs/2005/pop918.doc.htm
  8. Just caught the last 20mins - Campbell was letting the callers have a free for all.
  9. +1 Although Canberra is the Milton Keynes of Oz...But with Batemans Bay being only an hour away
  10. For me, it would have to be Balmoral, Sydney. Obviously if money was 'no worries' St Kilda, Melbourne is also on my list - Fantastic food in Australia too. When tshtf I know what country I'd rather be in.
  11. A friend was asked for over £600+ for 'admin fees' (ref's, inventory, signing, etc) on a 2 bed flat in Putney sw London in Oct 08.
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