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  1. Put in a 20% off asking price offer on a place before Christmas, valuation came back at exactly what I'd offered to the £. Made me gazunder another 10% off straight away.
  2. Mate, if nothing else thanks for making me smile on an otherwise **** day. I salute you o7. Good luck.
  3. Blair was born at the Queen Mary Maternity Home[1] in Edinburgh, Scotland on 6 May 1953 Gordon Brown was born in Govan, Glasgow, Scotland
  4. Damn, I'm going to have to gazunder some more
  5. The delights of a roof over your head? Property repo'd mid 08. On market for (91% of last sold.) Initial offer 15% off marked price, 25% off last price sold - rejected. Offered 2k more - accepted. Pulled out a couple of days before exchange. New offer accepted at +30% of last price sold. Apologies for being sketchy, but once I have the key's in my hand I'll open up with the info. then nothing else you can stand in front of the EA/Seller and bargain like a b'stard
  6. Sorry you did lack clarity. On the subject of the subjectivity or otherwise of truth then I disagree. I picked a simple quote from Wikipedia, I do hope it's not beneath your vast intellect. As for the remainder of your answer, likewise.
  7. Nope never seen it sorry. Rather long rant to agree that all truth is subjective, what was that about ego again? Show me where I've stated opinion categorically as fact? That's right I haven't. So we are back to truth being subjective and based on perception. For me personal experience influences perception more than second hand anecdotal evidence. The second hand stuff is influenced by previous experience of the quality of information given by that person. All the way down to unsubstantiated rubbish, spouted on the internet as fact by people who never got further than searching Google to find his facts, and then only accepting those which fit his already pre-conceived perception of reality. None of the above stops Occam's razor being applied. First sentance is a statement, second is a question, the tone of the question is tailored by personal experience. Then again I have no way of proving it to you so you can either accept my word or not. The choice is yours (see para 2.) I suspect you are incapable of accepting anything that does not fit your pre -concieved ideas/opinions. Likewise I fail to accept what you say as you haven't really said anything yet. As for the name, sorry never seen an episode of Spooks either, real life is just to much fun to waste it watching the box.
  8. I suppose i should be flattered. “What you perceive, your observations, feelings, interpretations, are all your truth. Your truth is important. Yet it is not The Truth.” Your perception of the truth is different to mine. I prefer to base my perception on experience were possible and not so much on unsubstantiated rumour or increasingly bizarre conspiracy theories that often fail to stand up when Occam's razor is applied. People are sometimes just that stupid, clumsy, scared irrational or daft and do make mistakes.
  9. Pick any of the neighbouring countries surrounding the country with good links to UK, a porous easily crossed border in a hard to patrol/control mainly lawless area. Linky Then again i don't particularly like the musings of McCartney either so he may have a point. I wonder who said this one too: Why better to fight here? Monitored communications, hard to get hold of ordnance or you have to make your own, camera's on every street corner, little indigenous support even from within your own community. At home in the dry if they have any sense, it's bloody pissing it down.
  10. Fight in Afghanistan, or fight on the streets of UK which would you prefer? The Fundamentalists don't care. Afghanistan presents an ideal opportunity to have a summer holiday, pop back and say hi to the family, then nip across the border to take a few pop shots against the hated infidel. The more tied up in that godforsaken hole, the less impact they have here. Not ideal but how else do you deal with someone who is irreconcilably opposed to your culture, morals and basic way of life and not prepared to accept anything less than his aims and wishes accepted in entirety. Don't fight is not an option.
  11. Aiming for the medulla oblongata. Wiki link <h1 class="firstHeading"> </h1>
  12. Getting ready for a 20% off big new year sale. Put the price up then knock it back off come January?
  13. Geh weg, du bist zu hässlich! Only took six years working there to learn that I'll get mi' coat.
  14. Why go for a flat when you can pick up a "nice" 3 bed terraced for 60K? Rightmove Though it is Penhill
  15. I don't know, Peston is straying dangerously close to being off message: Peston So that's going to be 75000 - 9000 = 66000 repo's next year. I reckon the initial result will be a short term stall in HPC, but it's quiet over Christmas anyway. This is just a smoke and mirrors excercise designed to give a short term political boost. As the redundancies start to mount, and people find themselves barred by the small print from benefiting the crash will accelerate Q3/Q4 2009. Spring election anyone?
  16. Yeah, me mate Need to buy as well, but I'm just looking for a room over our head so have been mainly concentrating on the "rougher/cheaper" areas of town. I have an offer accepted on an end terraced (Repo) that went for 135K in mid 07. Offered 30K less than that. There have been quite a few at the bottom end of the market, in Penhill etc that have had 20K+ knocked off the asking price.
  17. Ahh, energy security for the country, then Nuclear is the least environmentally damaging, resource positive answer.
  18. Dunno about the nationalisation of the banks but in one of those strange coincidences that happen, was in conversation with a physics bloke today, one of those strange, almost extinct types. The main subject was primary and secondary cell storage of electricity but soon digressed. He was fairly scathing about most types of renewable energy sources. Solar panels are 1 to 2% efficient and when you balance the total energy to make, it takes between 15 to 20 years to recuperate the investment. Unfortunately the current crop of solar panels have a working life of 15 to 20 years - result zero gain and more than likely a potential loss. Wind power was slightly more efficient and wave power again only slightly better. The environmental damage , in his opinion, from wave farms would in his opinion be catastrophic. Imagine if suddenly the waves stopped washing the beaches, all that lovely nutrient that gets washed into the see disappears, all the itty bitty fishes that fed on the nutrients die etc, etc..... Some other interesting points were the average coal fired power station generates more radioactive waste than a nuclear, due to the crap in coal. He was fairly scathing about pseudo scientists who specialise in most areas ending in "ology." pointing out that much of the UK data for temperature change comes from the meteorological station based at Northolt. Hmm what could have happened in the Northolt area that would have made the temperature rise since the station began taking records. Maybe a bloody huge city encroached and someone built a soddin great motorway next to it.
  19. Forces are non-contributory, at 7% if I recall correctly. They used it as justification for low pay rises for years. Hence all the recent press pointing out your average soldier gets paid less than (insert random job here) for the privilege of trying to implement government foreign policy. I believe it's 7% as I remember they dropped the contributions one year by two percent, in order to fund a two percent annual pay rise. Not complaining about the pay, nurses deserve a lot more.
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