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  1. We're in the eye of the storm. It looks OK but around us is Chaos, we're just waiting for the next phase.
  2. Looking forward GSK have limited products to replace exisiting ones which will soon come off patent. They're looking 2-3 years of flat sales growth hence jobs have got to go..... The poor outlook for health spending just adds weight to the need to cut jobs
  3. I moved to Cardiff from the South East in 1999, at that time the difference in house prices was large. I moved into a nice house, in a nice area at what was a reasonble and fair price. Now in 2010 due to changes in work circumstances I am considering reluctantly moving back to the South East (Surrey). It is very interesting to see how the price gap has narrowed. You do still pay more in Surrey but the gap really isn't that big. The areas I have been looking are surrounded by Head Offices of large blue chip companies, the average wage/employment opportunities are far great than Cardiff. You're also within 1hour of London. Cardiff and South Wales are overpriced fact, they will fall further.
  4. Have you seen the state of Ireland? With an impotent media without the balls to talk straight to the British people the grand delusion continues.
  5. I spoke to an EA at a party on the weekend. She said currently 60% of their sales were of repossessed properties!
  6. Hang in there, it'll happen. All we need is for a little momentum.
  7. I totally agree with your comments above. I hate to say it but the South East has a more dynamic economy and hence house prices have responded much faster. Whilst it South Wales too many of us are in "la la land" deluding ourselves that the pent up equity within our homes is real wealth.
  8. For months now I've watched and waited for reality to hit the property market in Cardiff. As I travel a lot with work I get a good picture of how things are moving across the South of the UK. Price reductions are more evident in the South East than out here in the West. I can only guess that the ripples are still working their way out here. Cardiff is overpriced and ripe for a fall.
  9. If you're on £40K in Cardiff which is a good salary for these parts - you're looking at £160-200K mortgage that still leaves a lot of equity to find for a £560K house. Knock £150K off and we're starting to get sensible.
  10. I know a lot of people around me who are starting to call this moment as the bottom of the market much to my consternation. I live in Cardiff, we have some new 4 bed houses going up near us for £560K and they've all sold- it's madness! There are still plenty of lunatics on the loose from the asylum. We must have further to fall........for me it just dosen't add up.
  11. Tired of the diluted journalism I have am fed everyday I find myself reading these forums in the evening to gain some perspective of the days events. The TV is dead to me now.....
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