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  1. you did not risk your stake to start the company,you got paid every week but now you want the company ? would you bail it out if times got bad ...i doubt it .
  2. i would just like to say that most posters did not see the the original post, so they are excussed to my mind , i do think the mods should have left it up for a while to allow other posters the content to at least be seen in its original format to garner a full view then respond and post it on army rumours forum for comment! they are not heroes as such ,but require the welfare they deserve! the press are as much to blame with the constant news but at the end of the day they have signed up ! i still think happynuddist is a complete **** ! tbf ,you are understood .
  3. PERHAPS HE MAY LIKE TO APOLOGISE ? not to us but to service people ?
  4. the posters first post was changed like lightening, very abusive , his second post was dumbed down . i made my mind up on the first . HE,S A twit !
  5. ah feck it ! i,m off to prision planet .com , the true end game ! where have i put my seed bank ?
  6. sadly enough i kinda preach the same talk as j.d. but everyone i speak to say oh! it will work out, it will be okay , where are you going on holiday ? wtf . does anyone else realise the sh!t we are in ffs!
  7. chipmunks? where the f0ck do you live, and why are these critters still up ?
  8. no that cant be true, i,ve just bought an asbestos money belt so i can be the richest man in the graveyard !
  9. feck it ! r5l gone all "off topic " why cant these people just carry on the debate !
  10. no i,ve just changed my mind.... He is the grim reaper ! its got to be another war
  11. listening now J.D. sounds like the grim reaper
  12. no !they were bang on the money
  13. according to the radio the school worker was released but to be convcted at a crown court at a later date
  14. cant see a problem myself, unless they were just out cycling...feckin unlikely and if they were ...find somewhere else
  15. sorry i thought it was a thread about persimmon
  16. right fvck this i,m of to ebayf
  17. bugger should have realised it was an accent, the slopy writing...wot a load of italycs
  18. yeah cocktails ! i fancy one too ,yum
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