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  1. thats not IE7.... Its IE6 and the bugs have been noted,
  2. this is something you should suggest to the admin of the forum.
  3. The site was updated for 1024 x 768 screen resolutions as this is a normal standard nowadays and a requirement for all of our websites from now on. (ironically) try stretching the page using the arrow at the top right and it should fit into your browser.
  4. ctrl + scroll up. I don't think font sizes have changed much anyway? On the forum or the actual site?
  5. As the person who implemented the design, I wouldn't know.
  6. you may still be using the old cached javascript page. I just forced it to refresh.
  7. Click the arrow icon in the top right corner to make the layout wider!! Thats also a very old version of IE you are using, I would highly recommend to update to either ie7 or firefox.
  8. New design is officially up! There are a few minor issues I'm ironing out right now, especially with the homepage, some stuff just can't be done until the design is live. Please point out any errors/feedback you have here!
  9. if someone pastes a link with the thread parameter turned on and you then click on that link, it will turn threaded on for you.
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