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  1. Thanks sjilani! In fact the viewing did go well & we have an offer on the table (at the asking price), but like many other people they need to sell before they can buy! This is the 4th time this has happened! 1st person to leave a deposit is the buyer! I hate to say it (as I enjoy the slavering rantings of the demented & oh so sad PG!) but I shall probably NOT go down the competition route now. Mind you as neb120 said he hasn't "even considered the suggestion at all" & is probably "just mad because (he is) a property developper (who) went bust because the property market went down"! Although we'll never know because he won't answer the question! Hang on, just gone through some of his old posts and BINGO! On his post dated 24/08/2006 he writes "which is why I just offloaded all my BTLs. I just dont see how a 2% yield is an effective investment." Now I know why he's such a sad, unhappy person! I almost feel sorry for him! Ah Diddums!!!
  2. STILL haven't answered my question! And I think the medication is wearing off!
  3. http://ielanguages.com/blog/index.php/anne...ope-youre-rich/ Shows property prices per square meter for major cities/towns in France, and the increase or decrease in price from 2007.
  4. I would say more but do not want to be accused of advertising. "Soulless" is not a word I'd use, more like "peaceful" or "unhurried"... a bit like the UK 40-50 years ago. I did look at places in the Dordogne, but although they were more lively, they were full of ex-pats. We also looked at Spain and Greece (where my parents & sister live), but our preferred choice was here. I've never been to the (in)famous Burgundy, so cannot comment on there!
  5. Did I hit a nerve or what! I notice that in amongst all the frothy-mouthed, ranting you forgot to mention whether or not you were/are a rent to buy "investor" who is upset and facing a coronary because his investments stopped bringing in the exorbitant profits he was making off the backs of those who could not afford to get on the house buyers ladder. The fact that you are so obsessed with "HOW MUCH MONEY MY HOUSE HAS MADE ME" (or not) seems to indicate I am right! It's quite sad to find someone with so much bitterness and angst in his life. Is that what living in BURGUNDY does to you? Now place the tablet under your tongue like the doctors told you and try to relax... try not to think about all the money you might have made from buy to rent if the bubble hadn't burst. Oops, I think I've hit that nerve again!
  6. Thanks for the kind words about Saturday. You actually seem to be more informed and constructive than some "well established" contributors I could mention! I take on board your remark about negative responses, but I cannot understand why people are so bitter towards the Devon property owners. Have I missed something?
  7. Another twitter & bisted person Why go to Burgundy when I've been extremely happy where I am? Perhaps if I were or had been a property developer I might think they way you obviously do. In fact I suspect you are (or have been) a "buy to rent" developer who is now upset and full of bitterness because your once easy route to profit has been taken away from you! I do not expect an honest answer to that!!!! Oh and I think your first remark is both extremely dogist & extremely dangliesist!
  8. All valid points. I had read the link regarding the Devon lottery being postponed, but thought I'd like to reply to alexw as he had so many misconceptions about me and what I was trying to achieve. I also have a second viewing on Saturday, so hopefully I may not even have to consider this course of action! I also wish I could say more about myself & property as I think any misconceptions held about my intentions and whether I was a scammer or greedy, etc. would then be dropped! Thanks for all the other constructive thoughts, both from you & others, as well!
  9. You do seem to be (& I do stand to be corrected on this), a very bitter person alexw and I think you have assumed a heck of a lot here!! I am NOT trying to "get rid of the property at yester-years inflated bubble value" and I bought the property to live in NOT as an "investment". I also bought from a French person at a price I actually considered to be slightly higher than it was worth, but I wanted it & so paid a few euros more to get it. This was in March 2002, hardly "yester-years inflated bubble value"! Perhaps you are confusing French prices with UK prices! The house I sold for £170,000 when I left in 2002 was sold in 2003 for £275,000! One other thing is that I chose to buy in a non-ex-pat-Brit infested area, (where property prices could be expected to follow UK prices). I chose a rural area amongst very friendly French people. So having actually lived in the property for almost 7 years I am currently advertising at around 50,000 euros under the varying market valuations given this October by local agents. The valuation I am using is their's not mine! Since being here I have fully renovated both houses, built a pool, etc, but all for my own comfort and at greater cost & quality than if I wanted to "make a quick buck" & sell the property on. In fact until recently this was going to be my last resting place, so have renovated things accordingly; paying according to quality rather than price. When we decided we had to move, I already knew & "had resigned (myself) to the fact (I'd) made a loss on (my) ... property". But as I'd not bought it as an "investment" this was not such a big issue. All I wanted to do was to recoup as much of my costs as possible. Wouldn't anyone? Any money I do not recoup will be the cost of having six good years away from the rat-race & being able to bring up my children in a manner & safe environment I could only have dreamt of in the UK! Despite what you have chosen to assume about me, I am not a property investor nor developer! In fact I am a retired firefighter and a realist who knows that something is only worth as much as someone else is willing to pay for it. I would love to be able to "simply decrease the sale price till it sold", but in my case I just do not have the time! However you are correct in your assumption that I am "unsure if this will work or end up backfiring and cost (me) even more money. So (I was) testing the waters as it were for (your) opinions/responses". Is that not what a forum such as this is for? To gain the views of others on a certain subject/topic? Still at least you got one assumption right
  10. ANSWER "YES" & "YES"! Don't know why though as I am not advertising anything (see my previous reply). This is a genuine appeal to see if there would be any call for me setting this up. Like I say I don't want to lay out money if I don't stand a chance of recouping at least my costs if not enough tickets were sold. I did read the other thread you recommend and the people concerned did in the end sell enough tickets (& early too) so the draw date has been brought forward. According to the website designer, the couple's appearance on BBC Breakfast time increased interest so much that the original server couldn't cope with the amount of traffic and they had to set up a dedicated server for it at a cost (so they said) of £400 per month... not that it matters if your expenses are covered!! The website would cost me £4000 to set up, the solicitor wouldn't quote except his hourly rate and I didn't approach the accountant. Paypal were charging £1.04 per entry as well! So at least 600 entries (£15,000) would be needed just to break even on expenses! With regards the 35% being retained if you don't sell enough tickets, with expenses like the above quite a chunk would be needed. However as I said before it would be illegal to make any profit out of the comp, other than the value of the property. I should think therefore that the Devon property man will have to give any other monies to charity.
  11. Why is this a "blatant" advertisment when I have not said anything about the property, where it is located, etc.? I only wanted to see what people thought of the idea. Should I decide to go through with it and then post the web address, then I'd agree with you! That is the reason I was particularly vague about the property. Thanks for the interest though! You get as many goes as you want as long as you pay for them. Obviously this improves your odds. 2 goes 7,500 to 1 4 goes 3,750 to 1 I need to cover the cost of buying the house at market value, legal fees, accountantcy fees, advertising fees, Notaire fees in France and all taxes. When all these have been paid any surplus will be donated to the charity of the winners choosing. In fact looking at the figures again, perhaps I wouldn't need 15000 to enter, I just picked this figure as a rough guide to get the question going. 12000 may be a closer figure.
  12. I hope this is the right place to post this! I have a property consisting of a large house and a detached cottage with pool in SW France and need to sell quickly. With all the problems in the financial markets I am considering running a competition to award the property to the eventual winner. Assuming you can answer the question (the correct answer to which allows your name to go forward), would you "gamble" £25 on a 15000 to 1 chance of winning this property which comes complete with a cottage to rent out or for family members? The question would be of the type they often have on GMTV, ie: Which drink is Bordeaux traditionally famous for? Coffee? Tea? Red Wine? If more than one person gets the answer right then a draw will be made to find the winner. Everything will be done by a solicitor and I would never have access to the money, which could only be used for the house purchase and expenditure. Any profit from the competition would be awarded to the charity of the winners choosing... I am not in it (nor am I allowed under the Gaming Act) to make money, I just need to sell quickly! I look forward to seeing if this would be popular or not! Any other (sensible!) suggestions on how to get a quick sale in the current market would be gratefully received.
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