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  1. I disagree. If Labour had backed her deal it would have passed. She still had a big chunk of her party. The Tories would then have bided their time before dethroning her.
  2. It's 66 and 447. Millions. Just for ref. Neither side has published any real detail on the current proposals for LPF, EC, we are being bamboozled...screwed over...conned. It's all whispers and briefings. That's why I think it's theatre - the last scene - and we'll get the deal. But I'm often wrong. That said, woudn't you like... ...to know exactly what the UK govt and the EU are arguing about on the LPF, given the threat is we crash out with no deal? I would. Instead they want us to talk about gunboats.
  3. The EU will not permit illegal fishing by coastal states. They are law abiding. The problems will be domestic and internal.
  4. All this BS about gunboats, whipped up by the Brit meeja chasing extreme positions and then presenting them as norms. And nobody is talking about the final hour trade talks that are supposed to be happening right now.
  5. We have a Navy. They do things like patrol waters. Yes? Has anyone in the govt made a threat to deploy "gunboats" against foreign fishing boats?
  6. She could easily have courted the moderates/rebels and stayed in. And won the votes with Labour. The Tories "installed" Johnson because May didn't win the votes.
  7. Maybe. Or Maybe she'd have agreed to a govt of national unity during the transition period - no other legislative business - with promise of a GE or another ref at the end of it? We'll never know.
  8. Rollover, who has made a threat? We do have a Navy. Is that the threat?
  9. Brexiters that opposed May are equally culpable, of course. Though I suspect they're happier with the likely result.
  10. A journo asks the Navy if they're ready to safeguard the Channel and they say yes. Cue hysteria. Who's talking about the ongoing trade talks in BXL?
  11. I'm not angry with Brexit voters, no - I'm a democrat. I'm not really angry with remainers either, just think their attempts to swerve the vote have been counterproductive and have delivered Johnson as PM.
  12. Again? Yawn. Yes, voted remain, respected the vote want the least-damaging Brexit possible. Same as ever. Critical of back to their senses guff because I don't think it works. Don't want to join the no deal cult.
  13. Why does this remind me of the remain campaign rhetoric? That went well.
  14. For the last 12 years you've spent 7 months of each year in the EU? You have indeed been screwed over by Brexit.
  15. Is this a repeat? The no deal is a million to 1 episode has been shown before. Almost like you'd be happy if there wasn't a FTA?
  16. So what do we get in the panto tomorrow...no deal is very very very unlikely. No, it's really unlikely, honest. Bof.
  17. Unintended consequences rolling in...threat of no access to Norway waters for EU or UK... Making it up as they go along. OSLO (Reuters) - Norway may stop British and EU vessels fishing in its waters from Jan. 1, its fisheries minister said on Friday, as talks on the management of common North Sea stocks have been held up by London’s protracted Brexit standoff with Brussels. https://www.reuters.com/article/britain-eu-norway-fisheries/norway-warns-it-could-block-eu-british-fishing-vessels-from-jan-1-idINKBN28L1ZP
  18. The senior service stand ready... What will Macron tell his fishermen on Monday, when Johnson rejects the fishing contingency proposal? Don't worry guys, we'll look out for you until zee English are forced to their knees. I guess they'll keep talking, too craven to give a deadline. Boneheads on both sides. Citizens trapped in the middle. EU drop the ratchet, UK take LPF and be generous on fish...can all be avoided. Gruniad, ref only... Chris Parry, a former rear admiral and chair of the Marine Management Organisation, said ministers should act assertively. “I would see
  19. The FTA might have a lot of things in it - positive - that we don't know about. A partnership deal.
  20. The more Johnson and VDL keep repeating no deal's very likely the more I think we'll get the FTA. Good chance we'll get to Sunday and they'll agree to keep talking.
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