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  1. Research from FT - not known as pro-Brexit radicals - finds that job counts are on the rise in the City of London. All that wasted breath about the demise of the City. They seem pretty insouciant about prospect of no deal, their main concern was not to get roped into EU non-veto legal orbit. CityAM for ref only... A survey of 24 major international banks and asset managers by the Financial Times found that the majority had increased their London headcount over the past five years. https://www.cityam.com/london-retains-finance-jobs-as-brexit-fails-to-deliver-blow-to-the-city
  2. Tosh. The EU will not allow member states to trade and profit from illegally obtained fish. It's to do with commerce and legality and the CFP. It appears I have more faith in the EU rulebook than you do. Yep, voted remain, you're getting it, slowly.
  3. There's much sense - and cause to reflect - in what you say. And several posters on here - including myself - have declared that they think a more localized form of political representation is the best way forward. But the EU is simultaneously celebratory of its member states' uniqueness. It's a complex beast. I feel Brexit is all part of the evolution.
  4. Vice versa. I'm afraid whatever happens we'll be talking endlessly with the EU about trade.
  5. Exactly. But the talks would still have taken place and everyone would have seen the reality of the imbalance between the two trading parties. There would then have been a chance to reassess, via a GE or 2nd vote. But that path has been lost to us, if it ever existed.
  6. Yes. We would have spent 18 months (I think) negotiating a FTA with her backstop pending. How have the FTA negotiations worked out this year? At the end of which, we could have had a GE or another vote. And I would have backed a 2nd vote then, as the ref would have been acknowledged. Look at what we have now. Wouldn't it have been better to have tried the May route?
  7. I'll be too busy tending my survivalist veg plot to spend time on this forum. Or exploring the new globalist possibilities of the Brexit uplands!
  8. It looks like both sides are going to splash billions about to paper over the issues around no deal - if it happens. EU to fishermen/ROI and UK to same/farmers/industry etc. All to avoid us seeing - UK and EU citizens - that they were too stupid to get a mutually beneficial trade deal.
  9. Not a deadline then. How are we supposed to take either party seriously?
  10. Of course, I can't see why anyone would prefer no deal to a deal. I can't see the sense in deliberately making things worse than they need to be and I don't buy the "learning their lessons" stuff. But you know all that. If it goes no deal I plan to disengage fully from current affairs. I plan to do the same if we get a deal.
  11. What time in the evening? Is it a deadline on whether to agree more talks or call it quits?
  12. No. I think she would have offered a GE or a 2nd ref at the end of the (longer) transition. That was one of the main reasons I backed the May deal, I thought it would acknowledge the referendum result but leave enough time for a reevaluation to be possible. We had to pass the WA first and be seen to be leaving. I think you agree with me - you're just reluctant.
  13. You might be right. But don't you think that as a citizen - of either the UK or the EU - you have a right to see the detail of what they're spatting about BEFORE they decide it's no deal? Why haven't the EU published the texts? They either think they're fair and appropriate or they don't. No reason not to show us what they think is fair and reasonable.
  14. So apparently there's this BIG DEADLINE tomorrow on the talks... Does anyone know what time it is? Farce.
  15. That's no different to the gunboat pap, put out by "senior sources". A poster of your pedigree shouldn't buy into it. And even so, it can be played as a snub from the French and Germans and is counterproductive - will only help the dawn hate of the Brexit boosters. Not boxing clever.
  16. That's not the UK govt, rollover. This country is full of retired rear admirals. They're chocabloc in Chichester.
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