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  1. I said no Little Englander. Or Daily Express. I rank them together on objective veracity.
  2. Truss is doing the rounds. Deal - rollover - just announced with Turkey, good news for Beko. And interesting mandatory two-year review clause on going further, expanding digital services, agri-foods etc. https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-britain-eu-turkey/uk-and-turkey-to-sign-free-trade-deal-this-week-ft-idUKKBN2910OC?il=0
  3. 750? More than three times the number of nation states on the planet? Impressive. You outdo yourself.
  4. i don't see a lot of noise from the ERG. Feel free to quote a source, as long as it's not from the DE.
  5. Starmer's in a corner and has no choice but to back the thing he hated. The deal is a huge win for the ERG - they got just about everything they wanted.
  6. And/or the review clause of the Northern Ireland protocol... Worth remembering Johnson will be able to call an early GE as he's scrapping the fixed term bill.
  7. Food price shock averted by the deal. Tesco chairman saying shoppers won't notice any change... ref only to this discussion.... John Allan told the BBC that it would "hardly be felt in terms of the prices that consumers are paying". https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-55460948
  8. Don't think there's any legal/constitutional necessity for MPs to vote on it all. Same with EP, I think. It's a concession. Some MPs are asking for a confirmatory vote in late Feb, same as EP.
  9. Depends on what metric you use and your own values. Seems clear UK govt priority was to remove any role for the ECJ in GB - bar some of the EU programmes we might enter. Price was EU regs in NI, signing up to very strict non-regression and moving on LPF, granting largely status quo on fish with threat of EU tariffs - though only on fish - if we change the quotas in five and a half years. Booting out the ECJ doesn't seem much of a win to me, compared to the benefits of the deal we had as a member state. But I can understand it's important to many. Economic cost doesn't seem worth it t
  10. Tesla reported to be having problems with the German (car) unions - but suspect this is part of the shakeup on the move to EVs generally, don't need as many mechanics.
  11. Think they've got a new NCA... for ref only... The UK will continue to have a role in four other EU programmes, namely the Euratom nuclear research programme, the ITER project to build the world’s first functioning nuclear fusion system, the earth monitoring project Copernicus, and EU satellite surveillance and tracking services. In the absence of defence cooperation, the UK will not have access to Galileo encrypted military data. https://sciencebusiness.net/framework-programmes/news/uk-will-keep-access-eu-research-programme-trade-deal-agreed
  12. New visa regs allow for trade fairs and some other limited business access. Nothing for the arts/tours though. However, just seen that the French are going further - gotta love France - and allowing cultural/broadcast/filming visa-free for 90 days.
  13. Yep, this is great news for anyone concerned the UK would drop standards. Deal - now published - is full of current regulatory protections on labour/environment, UK has fully agreed to non-regression. We can put the UK sweat shop canard on the slab. Some thoughts on first glance...this is largely the compromise predicted on this thread back in March. Arbitration tribunal for fairness, no ECJ except for EU programme access, UK moved a lot on fish and LPF, EU moved a little on LPF and dropped dynamic alignment. They've dragged it out. We stay in Euratom and can negotiate new terms for
  14. Waterfield seems about right on the break on the compromise, from the leaks thus far. There will be further EU controls hidden in the text, I imagine. Lost count of the number of times I've been branded a liar/traitor/troll for accepting the result the day after the vote and wanting a deal to mitigate against worst economic hit. So it goes. But the door's closing on no deal, that's the main thing. A first step. Now the UK gets to live with its decision.
  15. I've said I think we'll be poorer short to medium term, likely thereafter. I gave up on remain after we lost the referendum.
  16. Whatever the outcome you won't like it and will be resentful, as it's not EU membership.
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