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  1. No, I read it but discounted it. Population density might explain higher expenditure - though the even higher NI figure runs contrary to this argument - but if so that won't be changing and the SNP will have to carry on paying it. Perhaps fairer to say geography makes it harder for the SNP to be thrifty.
  2. Looks like Biden is sticking with the localist, protectionist agenda...America first. So much for all the hot air around a trade deal hanging on the Ireland situation. All those wasted words. But in which stormproof port will old Albion park her plucky frigate? For ref only to discussion... Biden told the New York Times: “I want to make sure we’re going to fight like hell by investing in America first.” He named energy, biotech, advanced materials and artificial intelligence as areas ripe for large-scale government investment in research. The remarks underline the
  3. Per head it looks like Scotland is quite a bit more generous than England... from BBC, ref only... Last year, Northern Ireland spent the most per head, at £11,590, followed by: Scotland at £11,247 Wales at £10,656 England at £9,296 For the whole of the UK, spending per head was £9,584. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-38077948
  4. Do you not think they'll have to yoke themselves into a currency union? Imagine BoE will then insist they pay their share of ongoing interest on the historic debt, at least. If they go it alone with sterling they lose BoE as lender of last resort. And the SNP are not thrifty.
  5. The First Minister. SCOTLAND WOULD BE able to rejoin the European Union relatively quickly if it were independent, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said. The Scottish National Party (SNP) leader said that Scotland would be “seeking a way back in” to the EU if Brexit goes ahead. https://www.thejournal.ie/independent-scotland-nicola-sturgeon-rejoining-eu-4906104-Nov2019/
  6. Their exports to EU are only about 20%, their GDP is tiny, their deficit is huge. Oil would be contested (as would fishing) and is declining. They'd want the Common Travel Area to continue (I imagine) which might be tricky for the EU, given the border and huge volume of trade with England. They'd be expected to take the Euro and Sturgeon is on record saying she wouldn't want to give up the pound. Maybe they'd try the Norway route?
  7. MEP caught hanging from window story coming out of BXL is a chortle...an opponent of gay rights according to briefings...
  8. If the Protocol works then NI should benefit from SM membership and any UK deals, Wales voted to leave and Scotland would be looking at a hard border, currency strife and ten years at least before their budget was close to EU requirements for membership. Reports of the UK's demise are in my view overstated. Leonard said his questions about spending were “reasonable and rational” since the annual government expenditure and revenue Scotland report (Gers) found Scotland’s fiscal deficit last year was 8.6% of GDP, up from 7.4% last year. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/aug/
  9. I'm not expecting Brexit cake - more like Brexit gruel - and I don't know who's responsible for the inadequacies of the JC, or if the JC has been let down by one/both sides, but it's clear the NI Protocol isn't ready for the people of NI.
  10. Finance Bill whispered to be coming next week, will likely contain more contentious clauses, might not be great timing for the ongoing talks. And it's a money bill, House of Lords can't block it. Still no word from NI Joint Commission on which goods will be tariff free - "risk free" - GB-NI. UK negotiators feel this delay (and others around 3rd country listing) is the EU using leverage and the Finance Bill will give UK unilateral right to determine risk free goods from end of transition. Yes, Belfast, you will get your M&S bangers. Breaks the terms of the WA/NI Protocol. UK logic
  11. In my view they don't think the nascent EU model on consumer data protection is the best route to maximise profits.
  12. I was suggesting it might be their vision, it's not mine. But things are still cooling with China - bringing forward the Huawei ban this week surprised me - and I think Johnson is set on closer links with India. This would mean more open immigration, as part of any FTA. Also seeing estimates of up to 400K overseas Brit passport holders in Hong Kong coming to UK in 2021. The UK will not be getting more ethnically homogenous after Brexit, which is a good thing in my view.
  13. Try reading the comment the way Sir David Frost might...smooth economic transition has to be the priority, we can't allow the cost of no deal to our economies (no deal is not an option), just take the best we can get and sign the deal, Barnier...exclamation mark.
  14. The sense of your comment eludes me. But regards the UK-Japan deal, I'd go further and say it undermines the UK's case to be granted data adequacy by the EU, trusted to safeguard the data of EU citizens. As the UK diverges from the EU's digital regulatory/ethical orbit UK service providers will suffer. Hence I think Johnson and co. are banking on more service/analytic/IP business with other continents. They don't think the future is European.
  15. Another strange intervention from a German politician...this CDU guy is running for Chancellor. I don't think it's helpful for Barnier. At first glance it appears to be directed at UK but can also be read as a just-get-on-with-it quip to the Commission.
  16. The UK-Japan deal already breaks EU principles/regs on data protection...
  17. The settlement, if we can find one, is still so politically charged. Too many people want to see 'the other side' humiliated. And this was always going to be the testing time. Interesting comment from Merkel today... "Britain and the EU share common values. If we failed to reach a deal, it would not send a good signal." https://www.dw.com/en/angela-merkel-no-deal-brexit-would-send-a-bad-signal-to-the-world/a-55775382
  18. More unintended and unwelcome Brexit outcomes...soggy chips for ROI. RTE, ref only... At Leo Burdocks, Denis Duggan spells it out: "We can get home grown potatoes, they will be different, they won’t be as crisp sadly, the sugar balance won’t be the same. A possible post-Brexit ban on the importation of potatoes from the UK could affect supplies in Ireland next year. https://www.rte.ie/news/brexit/2020/1130/1181294-potatoes-brexit/
  19. Yes, a lot of Brexit voters just wanted to be different. Nothing to do with imperialism/enlargement, those days are long gone. They just didn't want to be defined as European. You say they'll care but I'm not even sure they'll notice. They weren't flying off to Berlin at the weekends to see the art galleries. I don't feel the establishment ever did enough to show working Brits the real benefits of being in the EU. They kept it to themselves, taking advantage of the financial perks. And then they were outraged when a lot of people were seduced/convinced by parochial arguments. Br
  20. None, the UK has taken the maverick path. More beneficial than the current rollovers but not necessarily more profitable than if we'd stayed in the club. At least that's my view. I think a lot of Brexit voters just didn't want to walk the EU path, they didn't care if they'd be richer or poorer in terms of GDP.
  21. Is globalism working? My own feeling is that a lot of people think it's gone too far. They want a more local world.
  22. Yeah, vision of Irish plates zooming past miles of lorries doesn't go down well with the UK negotiators. Not that it's ROI's fault. I imagine the UK were always hoping ROI would cut a deal with them first, then go to the EU, but ROI struck early and placed their bets with the EU. I wish them well. It will be in years to come when the power of the UK to negotiate in its own interest becomes more apparent and allows us to do deals that are more beneficial. Have to agree with this - or at least, this is the Brexit hope. On another note, thanks to DB for the Ivan Rogers link..
  23. 24 hours in a cabin. Weather permitting. Same as flying to Oz. No land bridge will be tough for ROI, and add substantially to haulage costs. And no fault of their own.
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