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  1. You might be right, Fromage Frais but EFTA/EEA - and no clearly-promised end to FOM - is a complex sell to the public. But the way things are going...
  2. Tom N Dunn - The Sun, I know, I know - is claiming the DUP are going to back May if/when the backstop gets a deadline or quashed. A lot of ground has been laid in the last few days for a diplomatic push on ROI. Would allow May to give the EU an ultimatum on the backstop...but hard to see how they can back down now and look competent. Meanwhile there are reports of EU members wanting looser restrictions on aviation/trucking in the event of no deal...giving us access into and between EU states until end of the year.
  3. And they are going to send candidates to the Euro Parliament...standing in the coming elections. If the EU can't evolve in the face of Brexit its citizens will find another way. One of their candidates...from the Beeb ref only... Topping the list is Ingrid Levavasseur, 31, a care worker raising two children alone in Normandy. She accuses the government of arrogance. It's inequality that's driving this. The Davos gathering with its 'be anywhere, do anything rich global citizen' schtick looks odious and irrelevant. The 'little people' are shaking the tree. Vive la France! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-46985629
  4. Cyclones ahead if Bercow selects the Murrison amendment and it passes. It would mean the WA deal cannot pass in the House with the existing backstop and place huge pressure on the EU/ROI. The EU Parliament have just said they will veto any deal without the backstop. GrizzyDave, your pony is still in with a chance.
  5. Not much sign of Corbs' backers hoping for Labour manifesto pledges on a 2nd reffer...
  6. More EU wobbles. Lithuanian President says go on, get on with it and leave. Think we need unanimous for an extension... Euronews ref only... "The more we will be trying to extend any kind of uncertainty, the worse it will be for both sides. And in that case, even it's better to finish this chaos sooner even with no deal or with any kind of deal," she said. https://www.euronews.com/2019/01/24/no-deal-may-be-better-than-extending-brexit-negotiations-lithuanian-president
  7. Pretty clear the Commission dropped the ball on Tuesday regards border checks. Barnier has since been quoted talking about something very similar to Max Fac, in effort to assuage Dublin and now Dublin have said NI would have to go for full alignment - and been reduced to making threats to the UK on how difficult we'd find it making new trade deals. A total mess and shows that they could easily shift on the border if and when they decide they want/have to. AND...BBC ref only... He (Varadkar) said: "In a no-deal scenario, the UK won't have any trade deals with anyone. "I think it will be very difficult for them to conclude any trade deals with the question of the Irish border unresolved." https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-46990269
  8. 'pologies, been watching Tim Martin on wine lately and I got to ranting...
  9. Have you not seen the reports this morning on the 2nd ref amendment being pulled, rollover, Corbs called their bluff and that goose is cooked for now.
  10. But a GE might bring things back into the normal Brit diorama of everyone grumbling in unison about their politicians...
  11. It's the two quid plus VAT on every bottle that the govt snaffles that keeps the price up, not any tariff for a few pennies. I think the point is that all the talk about cutting EU tariffs on wine to move the price substantially is phony. Like much EU knocking. And I'd go further. The problems for the UK are the legacy of our ruined industrial heartlands, poverty, inept and redundant systems of governance, massive inequality, underfunding of public services and local councils, low corporate tax, elitism and the South East being too powerful. It's nothing to do with wine tariffs from the EU. Sadly, much of what has been regarded by some as progress over recent decades in the UK is just businesses taking advantage of EU loopholes and globalism to run down wages, employment rights and opportunities. For every start up EU-language finance biz there are cleaners and security guards and sandwich makers toiling away on low pay and in poor housing. These advantages offered by the EU - not through any fault of the EU itself, they were intended to benefit EU citizens I believe - have been abused and are not served well by the labyrinthian bureaucracy, gender imbalance and other obvious faults of the organization that really needs to reform and evolve in changing times. People voted to leave for many reasons, I imagine, but I think chief among them was a howl of pain that for too long their own life chance and communities had been ignored and overlooked by those benefitting from the new EU model. And the upsides of leaving the EU will be minimal, in my view - much like the pennies saved on wine tariffs - and as CofVIs has stated consistently, it will waste the time and energy of our politicians and public servants for many years to come. If Brexit can at least shake up Brit politics and society for the better - I live in hope - then at least something positive may come of it.
  12. Isn't life really just all about putting off the great reckoning... May's deal satisfies the referendum, it's enough. After two/three years of negotiations we can either move towards a close FTA with the EU or hold another vote about rejoining. May's deal is the EU's deal. It's the least harmful, least shocking move that doesn't snub the referendum.
  13. You say that but there's been scare talk this week from Tories about Corbs leading a Rainbow coalition of progressive parties after a GE - even with the SNP in the fold! Waiting for Starmer to say something on the pulled amendment - his local constit passed an emergency measure yesterday demanding that Labour back remain in any GE before we quit...
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