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  1. 8 billion!, why do you believe this to be true? oh yes, newspapers, they illuminate our lives constantly with their unwavering accounts of veracity. 8 billion! Its far more than that. A mainstream newspaper would never give you any correct details on the wealth of the royal establishment. And you have no right to know the wealth of her majesty for you are just a bunch of subservient subjects.
  2. watched that a couple of years ago When's the revolution going to kick off?, and from what part of society will it emerge from first? Or will it start at all? or do we need yet another atrocious facade of murderous skullduggery to engage us collectively into a future pursuit of rebellion?
  3. thanks for your concern, but don't worry, all the above is checked out and sorted, just wanted to inquire if anyone had any information on the original question about transfering the money (different currency) for the purchase, what would be the best, safest and fastest way of doing this?
  4. Hello we are in the process of buying a house in republic of ireland, and moving out of the uk, we should be recieving the survey results etc by the end of the week, and if all is okay was wondering what is the best way to pay for this house which is 50,000 euros. Whats the best way to exchange our sterling into euro to buy this property, not sure how to go about it. Pay by cheque? or perhaps pay in sterling? Does it have to go through a bank? Never bought a house before let alone overseas and in a different currency. We are buying the house outright, not getting a mortgage, and there is no chain involved. Just confused about what channels we have to go through for the transfer of the money. Dealing with the bank seems to be a pain in the **** as we seem to need a "eurocheque" which of course incurs charges and takes over a week to clear, any advice on this would be of much help.
  5. She has the sexual charisma and personality of a Dairylea Dunkers Bread Stick She oozes apathy, drabness and banality out of every pore and orifice Any orgasm this inconsequential mammalian exhibits would be anything but an eruption To elicit emotion from such a vacuous being is an impossibility Far more enjoyment would be derived from humping a soft plush toy in the corner of your kitchen
  6. My Fist would manifest it's humble way across and unto his fried egg misshapen face and deliver a policy of pain. Questions, talk, are you mad? What kind of foolish talk is this, do you not know what is going on?
  7. Why do news channels willfully try to frighten people? Because fear induces and activates our primitive instinct of survival, these ever increasing doses of fear fed to us through the media inspires anxiety, which creates paranoia, paranoia leads you to act irrationally, you end up buying items which are something for nothing like Life Insurance, house insurance, pensions, Tamiflu etc etc etc
  8. Hello no offense intended but... Your part of the problem You are a dutiful unwilling stooge, a gleeful spoonfed idiot "every man and his dog" Please shut up, you silly media led numpty muttonhead A good dose of reality needs to be rapidly inoculated up your rectum And my boot is ready and waiting in kicking position to ensure its prompt delivery. Armageddon can't come soon enough
  9. theres no need for any action in the first place http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvufOvneJMk&feature=player_embedded
  10. These houses I'm looking at are not on ghost estates, these are cottages, houses etc in the country with land. Theres plenty of them from 100,000 - 160,000, the one i have my eye on, is a 4 bedroom house, finished well with heated flooring, with 6 acres land for 125,000, it is not on an estate, and i will be checking that one out in 2 weeks time, there is another with 4 bedrooms and 15 acres for 100,000, but the house looks like it needs a lot of work, and the rooms are small and i don't wnat that much land, could be more hassle than its worth.
  11. I agree, and yes i have lived in Ireland for a while back in 1994, seemed pretty cool back then, and I have been back there many times since, and also have family and friends over there, the properties I have mentioned are all on www.daft.ie the cheap ones are all out in the sticks and not really near big towns etc. Maybe thats why there so cheap. I will be checking out a number of them in the 2 weeks time.
  12. THere is no council tax, although that could change in the new emergency budget that they have in december (i think), the cost over there for food is more expensive, especially booze from supermarkets.
  13. Its a joke is it? I'm afraid not, carpetc**k Aging community?? What an idiot lol Your family are selling land are they?, what an ass. Lets go through the facts again for this particular slow person 15 acres of land, House needs some work though, but its good to go and live in, and its not a bog, and it is 100,000 euros, I would send you a link but i want to keep it to myself at the moment, but to be honest i don't know if i want that much land, plus i would rather have a better house. I have another one i have my eye on, which is 125,000 euros, with 6 acres land, and a really nice 4 bedroom house which is finished well with heated flooring. Don't believe me? I couldn't care less. Not really the point of the post in the first place.
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