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  1. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-161...se&tr_t=buy still heading south (285)- will be in 250 stamp duty trap soon (sub275)
  2. pikey house now down to 289950....a long way to go me thinks
  3. To the tune of Panic by The Smiths Panic on the streets of London Panic on the streets of Birmingham I wonder to myself Will House Prices be sane again ? The Indexes you watch are begining to slide down I wonder to myself Hopes may rise for the first time buyer But BTLer, you're not safe here You want IRs to go down But inflation is still in town But there's Panic on the streets of Carlisle Dublin, Dundee, Humberside I wonder to myself Burn down the VI Hang the blessed EA Because the music that they constantly play Its says nothing about wahts happening before our eyes Hang the blessed EA Because the music they constantly play On the city side-streets that you slip down HPC has arrived in your town Hang the EA, Hang the EA, Hang the EA Hang the EA, Hang the EA, Hang the EA HANG THE EA, HANG THE EA, HANG THE EA HANG THE EA, HANG THE EA HANG THE EA, HANG THE EA Hang the EA, Hang the EA, Hang the EA HANG THE EA, HANG THE EA HANG THE EA, HANG THE EA Hang the EA, Hang the EA, Hang the EA HANG THE EA, HANG THE EA HANG THE EA, HANG THE EA Hang the EA, Hang the EA, Hang the EA HANG THE EA Lyrics by Beale/Morissey
  4. House price growth of 3.5% in 2008, expert predicts UK house prices will increase by an average of 3.5 per cent nationwide over 2008, it has been predicted. The prediction from property search firm County Homesearch refutes Nationwide's prediction that growth will remain static next year, but is in line with estate agents Savills' projection of three per cent growth. Jonathan Haward, managing director of County Homesearch, said: "I would expect to see moderate growth in 2008, with UK house prices increasing 1.5 per cent by June, finishing on 3.5 per cent by the end of the year. "This will be led by a significant tightening in lending criteria and reduced bonus spending, which will pour some much needed cold water onto what has been an overheated property market." Mr Haward also echoed predictions from the Council of Mortgage Lenders that three base rate cuts will be due next year. Cuts will most likely be seen in the first and second quarters, with a further reduction due later in the year, he said. http://www.teamprop.co.uk/articlepage.aspx...erence=18372021
  5. the reported as a seasonally adjusted figure - the non SA figure is -1.05%
  6. i agree - the haliwide indices are probably the most widely reported index in the red tops - could be some nice headlines on friday over the weekend if it does snap back - a nice dose of cpi with fuel / rail fares / food geeting up to keep IRs up....it aint gonna be pretty (or maybe it is!!)
  7. interesting point - though i think we may have seen this effect last month with the outarageous 1.1 spike - so hopefully a bit of payback is due
  8. ive been banging out this poll for months now and still it hasnt turned - got to be this month surely!!! for what its worth im going big - negative 1.2%
  9. local "pro plymouth" journo visits half empty auction http://www.thisisplymouth.co.uk/displayNod...e=sidebarsearch
  10. seen quite a few reductions goung to a lowrr price and stating OIEO - in this case it is hardly a reduction as i would expect to get near 10% of any advertised property (nice house though)
  11. good synopsis, i agree that pretty much with what you say i live in staddy at the momment and that new estate will be a chav hell hole, streets full of blue imprezas and the usual kids with cans of cider on a friday night (sherford will be daddy staddy) i am also in the navy and will say from what i am hearing that there will be no significant draw down on personnel levels - though they are working the ships harder than ever with less refits so the dockyard may slowly fade. plymouth is a great place to live compared to the other cities that you mention (persil effect) but the pay is poor and i think there will be a big drop in 2nd homers comming to plymouth as HPs generally fall throughout the country and the locals certainly cant afford em. the snake is starting to throw up some vaue compared to q2 07 prices which will only get better as the chavs need to clear their plastic after christmas - that is when the fireworks will really start - i think we have only seen the start of this kerfuffle (credit crunch) and think the Boe will find it hard to cut IRs much in the face of above target inflation - if they dont start to tumble by april then they never will and i will buy happy xmas ib ollie is a hypocrite
  12. my STR fund is also a STRTTBB (sell to rent then to buy back) fund. so i am happy it sitting in instant access cash at about 5-6%. it is heged against property that will hopfully head south at a similar rate which will make me a happy STRTTBBer. I need to remain flexible and realtively stable keep the faith
  13. betfair now going 6/4 a cut in december and shorteneing daily - lets hope that their sneak at the cpi figs aint pretty (2.4 plus)
  14. there is some "value" starting to appear out there now, but the trend is accelerating downwards - dont buy now watch the RICS survey/morgage approvals and spreadfair to start going positive - then go cheeky
  15. seeing that this will still be based on sales agreed before NR i cant see much to get excited about here - though having said that the market was stalling up to this point anyway im going for 0.0% MoM - fireworks to follow
  16. tories are now 4/5 on favourites on betfair to get most seats at next election ohh mr brown trousers
  17. on a day when mortgage approvals fall http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7108970.stm the builders have a good day across the board up 5% http://uk.betastreaming.finance.yahoo.com/...&m=L&d= why?? wise men please explain
  18. seen a lot of incentives comming on for new builds in my area - before northern rock these were about 2% market value - now around 6%
  19. respect to you kirsty from chaveast (plymstock) I think the market here has turned with very little selling - the only ones that are are shifting are those that put in a big reduction. must admit though that new listings seem to be at the same level as in the summer - but very little shifts. I beleieve the downturn will beigin in earnest in the new year when cash converters stop trading in chrimbo PS3's as they are overrun by the chavs try to clear thier cards. The reductions arnnt that bad and i dont think fulfords have shifted many (if any) during their "sale". To be fair plymouth has seen a lot of good redeveolpment recently which will act to hold up demand to some extent - but it will not be spared in GC08. even Ollie has got out while he can!! In the homeseeker all the "sold signs" have been repced with "new price" - people have stopped buying - i need no more evidence that the market is falling. keep the faith IB chaveast (plymstock massive - phat!!)
  20. what is your call on HPs in plymouth since northern rock?? up/ static/ down
  21. same in plymouth - have noted that builders incentives equating to about 6% discount -
  22. this one perchance - if so then i viewed it as well http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-161...=1&tr_t=buy cheeky bastards have got in the fulfords SALE as reduced from 350k!!! even though it was 289k when i looked the owners are a couple of pikeys looking for a quick profit funnily enough this doesnt appear on http://www.houseprices.co.uk/ een though they have only been there a couple of years i left thinking it should be 250k - no more
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