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  1. This is an amazing decline on marchs auction whereby most were selling and at well above guide price - will keep an eye out or the report on this in the herald homeseeker (plymouth prop rag) as they often report / feature this auction
  2. the most telling point for me was the EA (fair play he told itas he saw it) - buyers halved and property on books up by 50% - so for every 1 property per buyer last year you now have 3 - or a 300% increase of supply over demand
  3. wow - this crash is getting very - big very quickly and a very interesting summer slow down awaits - anyone for a pimms
  4. Yeah my wife often says this - she is probably right - I love her to death though (I think she feels the same??). But she really wants to buy a house nowe evn though prices are falling heavily now (the new staddy estate have been dropped 20-30k across the board since my last post). It would be fair to say that we are poles apart on our views on housing. I am going to buy her a lovely house one day soon, circa Q1-09 when the major part of this crash has kicked in. I cannot be bothered waiting any longer than this as we need to get on with our lives and ithink to much of her to drag it out any longer (we aint getting any younger) - I will not be hanging around to bag maybe another possible 10% over 3 years - But the 10% forecast over the rest of this year is worth hanging on for though as it works ot at 3.5k a month on the average gaff or about 5k a month on the pikey house (source IG HP futures), which we all know is now nailed on what with the trouble in getting a mortgage which will take at least 6 months to start to improve, thi will hit plymouthharder than most waht with all the second homers not buying and the natives being heavilly indebted on relatively low pay - we will hopefully bag a good deal at the time as a cash buyer (wouldnt mind actually going on L3 with kirsty and phil - mmm maybe not). That would put me about level on my STR position (Q1-05) and would be as though I had never STRd so for me I would be happy with that after having lived through the scarymad HPI days in Plymouth of 06/07. All this HPC is all very well but you have to realise there are more important things in life. As in all relationships though it is all about comprimise and negotiation. keep the faith IB
  5. have any similar ones actually sold yet an if so for what price?? think i would be gutted if i had paid the thick end of 400k for one of these when the builder is offloading in this way - kind off takes the gloss of the dream
  6. something for the weekend Our local branch of "Your Move" went tits up a couple of weeks ago - anyway the sign men came along to remove the sign and found this gem underneath - genuine 1980s EA signage - Old School Baby - Like history repeating itself
  7. our local branch of "your move" went tits up a couple of weeks ago - anyway the sign men came along to remove the sign and found this gem underneath - genuine 1980s EA signange - Old School Baby - Like history repeating itself ps does anybody know how to put the picture in the text window???
  8. i was having a skeg around a new build site up in staddy the other day - must say that there were a lot of sold signs up against the plots taht are neraing completeion whicgh is suprising at these prices - cos it aint that nice a place - a heavy chav populus from the existing stuff up there http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-211...=1&tr_t=buy
  9. This is what you get for 800 in high season - http://www.clickholidaycottages.co.uk/holi...cottage3594.asp i think he is as delluded with his rental as he is is selling price
  10. could be worse it could be krusty - now that would take some shifting
  11. this thread is started to proclaim the significance of this mighty day the day a major indices goes red yoy the day that the hpc officially starts (at least in the minds of the sheeple) I propose that this day should be known as "national hpc day" or 30/4 amongst hpcers well done comrades we made it to the tipping point - may the battle be bloody and the victory be sweet horaah!!
  12. http://www.alan-partridge.co.uk/multimedia...%20a%20*****.wmv
  13. yoy negative - now that will be a day for celebartion a typical hpcer on natiowide day a typical hpcer on nationwide day
  14. looks like it has gone of the market now as the pikeys have gone into BTL as they expect market to recover and get the 350k they were touting last year-or maybe they cannot meet the incresed payments on their ocean finance mortgage (muhahah) watch for this to go repo in the next 6 months and i will see you at the auction. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-167...1&tr_t=rent They will probably live in he pigeon loft at the back I hate pikeys
  15. looks ripe for a bit of guzundering to me - these guys must be desperate to sell i d go for another 30k of on the day of exchange just for them taking the piss with the original price - what was it 6XX k - how time have changed
  16. Panorama Mon 4 Feb, 8:30 pm - 9:00 pm 30mins Bursting the House Price Bubble An exposure of sharp practice in the housing market which has kept house prices artificially high and plunged some homeowners into negative equity. Developers, valuers and solicitors all come under the microscope in Raphael Rowe's report, which reveals some nasty surprises for those who joined the buy-to let-frenzy. enjoy ib
  17. Egg acts over 'risky' customers Egg has given some customers 35 days notice Credit cards are to be withdrawn from 161,000 Egg customers who it believes pose an unacceptably "high risk". The internet bank is writing to 7% of its customers to give them 35 days' notice of the withdrawal. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7222336.stm
  18. im from plymouth and know mutley pretty well - this is one of the places that will be hardest hit due to the amount of BTL in the area - expect a big bail out of BTL to cash in on the 18%cgt in aprill - (whilst they still have some CG that is). rent somewhere else then look to buy next year - i think you may be pleasantly surpised. best of luck IB
  19. what chance a housebuilder PRICEWAR! that would get things moving...........down
  20. i offered 300k cash on a 330k gaff on the morning of northern crock - got refused. what a baastard ps prop off market now - vendor disulusioned with lack of interest - mine was the best offer they got
  21. i particularly like the end of 2010 fig which goes 170/172 about 25k of today or 40k in real terms!!!!
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