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  1. all respect to noels halifax thread for this months halifax http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...15&start=15 but here is one in MOM terms for what its worth im going -2.0% i cannot believe we are talking in these terms so matter of fact these days ---happy days
  2. nice thought - though to be fair she looks like she eats just about everything there is already
  3. www.whitehotproperty.co.uk just searched the forum for this and no mention so appologies if alraedy discussed - have been away a while not quite a bee or a snake - but if it catcheds on it could big - bear titalation non the less Mission Statement Below Realistically priced, white hot properties come to you direct from major national lenders and new home builders. Offered without property chains slowing the transaction, white hot properties give you confidence and assurance in your purchase. Quick, easy and hassle free to buy, many properties are offered with additional money saving incentives. Keep the faith IB
  4. I deliberately target the 250k mark as you get leverage around that price point that can be worth an extra 15k - I have one in my sights at the momment on at 295 down from 330 pre rock price - a bit of fishing with the EA it was implied that 275 for cash would do it but walked away - that was 2 months ago so probably take 265 now I might well bite if i can get it for 250. - and no stamp duty as well very tempting. stuff does sell in this range though - i have seen stuff go for 252k on houseprices.co.uk WTF!!
  5. will be interseting to see the detes of this. cannot imagine it will be for props above 250k which could make those in the 250-300 bracket impossible to shift.
  6. something all STRs need to be thinking about as the next chahge in direction in the market will be from down to up
  7. too late ........ to get the buyer sectioned
  8. glad they delayed this one till monday - will be a nice way to kick off the week im goin -1.1%
  9. i think the acid test of all this will be football attendances from august. nothing like a half empty stadium on match of the day/sky to bring it home to the sheeple come on you spurs (£42 sod that)
  10. much as it saddens me to say gambling is probably better than buying a 185k house that is loosing about 60quid a day
  11. my local property rag (plymouth) has got notieably lighter. Times must be hard - muhahhahhah
  12. let him burn for his sins
  13. saw agreat flyer in my local EA window "There has never been a better time to buy" In headline bold Picture of 2.4 kid famly skipping through the fields "Buy now before the market recovers" at the bottom to close the deal at least they are acknowledging its dropping i guess - so fair play On second thoughts ill just wait till house price futures on cantor spreadfair tell me the market may go up nad not the 25%+ drop they are showing in 2 yrs time at the momment
  14. 130 - 140k seems about right but expect trough bottom to be in 2010. It is much more mainstream and understood now.
  15. me - have been for 3 days and i need a tarwl though my town to keep my spirits up
  16. my property bee is not working at the momment - 1715 tues20 may- am i alone
  17. yeah - it means the seller is a greedy fcuker *** ofer 10% less and wait for a few months then when they accept it say too late mate the markets tanked
  18. i use cantor spreadfair futures as my guiding light - you need no more -this is people putting there money where thier mouth is - expect av hp down from 190k today to 170k by christmas- not bad
  19. Figures to be released on Monday are likely to show that the average asking price for new properties increased by 1.2 per cent last month, up by £2,879 to a new record of £242,500. The figures from Rightmove indicate that, nationally, the market is defying pessimistic forecasts. RM +1.2 ?? Bizarre - is anybody out there seeing this - Anyone.... we will see on monday i guess
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