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  1. Could it be that something else is at play here. The stamp duty holiday delivers more benefit to a 500k house (15k) than to a 250k house (5k). This has led to more high value houses being sold than lower ones. In this scenario the average house price will rise even if actual individual prices stayed the same. Your thoughts?
  2. I own a holiday home that is designated holiday use only. It cannot be lived in 2 months a year. I think this tax will have a massive impact on irs value, so will be selling up to get out alive and let someone else wear it. This is a tax on Cornwall, will devastate the county's main industry and suck all the revenue into labour city sxxxhole heartlands. Not impressed.
  3. Seriously other props that rent for 1150 sell for 300k plus here (exeter) so 250 seems like bargain teritory to me. I can only think that the repo stigma has put others off. The offer goes in tomorrow.......the worry is that I dont really like it and am just taking a punt to spruce it up and sell it on before the cheap cash drys up after the next election. Also band f council tax which is a bit steep but would back up a 300k valuation
  4. Hi I have been away a few years but need some advice as tomorrow is d day I have come across a luxury town house with sea views that someone paid 400k for in 2006 and with 4 other identical units going for between 350 and 400 at or around the same time this looks like solid data and one sold for 330 k in 2011 .the one I am looking at has subsequently been repossessed and I have it on good authority that 250k will do it. They rent at about 1150 pcm. What do you guys think. Seems to good to be true or is it a gift horse.
  5. is it going to be bloodbath tommorrow - i dont think so a dip to start but will go positive by end
  6. here they are at auction - zero 4 evelopment auction listing
  7. it seems to me that teh following siuation has arisen here btl speculator buys off plan for 160k in aug 07 and has paid a 16k 10% deposit developer cannot shift units at old price so has cut to 130k in aug 08 btl speculator walks away from deal forfiting 16k but getting rid of 30k liabilty - cant blame them really
  8. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...showtopic=84865
  9. development website http://www.zero4plymouth.com/home.html these were advertised "from 159950" now being shown as from "129950"
  10. check this out http://www.thisisplymouth.co.uk/news/Prope...il/article.html A PLYMOUTH developer has told The Herald he has identified 10 'serial speculators' who he plans to sue for failing to pay up for apartments at the new £25 million Zero 4 building. Mike Hockin, London and Westcountry Estates Limited boss, claimed last month a number of potential buyers were reneging on deals because they have got 'cold feet' as the credit crunch bites. He has now told The Herald he has singled out 10 of those 'serial speculators' who he believes are planning to auction off their flats – thus, he said, breaking their contracts.
  11. there are people actually living in similar houses on this development - so i think it is a very genuine price to them - OUCH
  12. in plymouth this was 259k yesterday - they have relisted the whole development on RM and stll with incentives available so this is a genuine 18% cut http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-108...=1&tr_t=buy
  13. of course houses are still selling see attached (if anybody knows how to put an image in this box then please sort it for me and let me know how)
  14. hi BM IB from plymouth - this development made me laugh when I saw the prices advertised on them - a lot have sold though - the buyers are toast. I see falls of 20-30% over the next year - flats maybe 40%. My observation is down 10% in the last 6 months and speeding up - have you got a link to the developer sueing story?? IB East Chavsville (plymstock)
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