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  1. In around the 1850's, a man looking like Isambard Kingdom Brunel in his top hat is standing with his son next to St. Pancras Station, looking across Kings Cross.

    He turns to his son and says 'One day my son, this will all be whores'


    (courtesy of a old Private Eye cartoon)

  2. the thing is these houses were originally 2k because the area(s) were down trodden and finished. if you saw the newsnight programme about Grangetown in Middlesbrough you will know the sort of area i am on about.

            no one wanted to live there

      those areas that have seen no cash injections and ''clean'' ups still can't attract people to live there.....cpo's beckon (ie Grangetown).however, there are some places that have seen a massive regeneration both by private money and local councils(the local councils being the initial impetus) in order to go back down to 2k both investors and OO'cs would have to desert the area. with the regen plans that have gone on this simply is'nt going to happen.new blood comes into the area, owner occupiers, student lets etc etc etc.

      i will bet all my houses that you have not been to see the areas that you speak of, (Liverpool, Newcastle) therefore quite frankly you do not know what you are talking about.

        some areas do genuinely make it. others reach the CPO heap long before they are selling for 25k. i own some properties that five years ago people would have laughed at you if you told them you were buying there. a few weeks ago a multi million pound visitor attraction opened within the village. i'm not the only one who thought the area had potential. :D

    The so-called 'regeneration' industry in poor areas or more accurately named 'regentrification' is all about the creating the 'Appearance' of regentrification and box ticking, so you can get the next amount of funding, not actually doing it.

    The areas soon return to being high in crime/poverty as the fundamentals problems are ignored/patched.

    If these orgs. don't get enormous amounts of funding, they move on straight away calling everything a success, so they can duplicate it in othe poor areas.

    The Orgs. involved in these areas are notorious for forming cartels and are riddled with corruption, I was working in depressed areas of S. London, so came across these scum/vultures and sued some of them.

    It is very difficult to know what is going on in these areas from the outside, as the orgs are very secretive and councils cover it up as they look bad for supporting these orgs. What gets me is that these people deprive and decieve the poorest people, probably the only way to dent them is to send in 'ghost squads ( very secretive, undercover investigators ) and make examples of them. :angry:

  3. This bit of the article is interesting, as I thought the big Government plans were undermined by the fact that the 120,000 homes in east London were in the thames flood plain, which is severely under threat by rising sea levels and the fact the thames barrier is inadequate. I think this was according to the Environment Agency, making the homes uninsurable, therefore unbuildable.

    'A number of Irish investors have recently bought parcels of land in the Thames Gateway region east of London. The move into the area came ahead of expected government plans to spend massive sums on infrastructure in a 40-mile ribbon development on both sides of the River Thames.

    This will pave the way for more than 120,000 homes to be built and see the value of land surge — providing healthy profits for investors who have bought potential development sites.'

  4. Has anyone posted a review ? As fellow poster Dames suggested posting reviews to Amazon on Phil/ Kirstys book in my previous post re: the HPC banner ad.

    IT AT : http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/0...9275819-6826036

    This review below is the only one to have appeared in November. My review did not make it, and if anyone else did, its not on there. Who reviews then - Kirsty herself?

    The comment ' By the way, don't worry too much about the prophets of doom, we have ignored them consistently and done very well from housing. With full employment and low interest rates we won't be seeing anything like 89-94. ' seems to adds fuel to the 'talk the market up conspiracy theories'

    Customer Reviews

    Avg. Customer Review:

    Write an online review and share your thoughts with other shoppers!

    Worth a tenner, November 7, 2004

    Reviewer: Steve Moran from London United Kingdom

    We've bought before, so we're not new to the game, but we certainly found a few golden nuggets in this book which I think justify spending the money on it. Generally well-written and clearly set out. Rather too many photos for my taste, but I guess that's inevitable for a TV spin off. By the way, don't worry too much about the prophets of doom, we have ignored them consistently and done very well from housing. With full employment and low interest rates we won't be seeing anything like 89-94.

  5. :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

    I damn near cacked myself reading that "Crap Towns" website: it's *****ing hysterical!

    Sure is, makes you proud to be British ...not!

    Crap Towns book 1 was a massive suprise success so they updated it with book 2 and expanded it with Crap Jobs and Crap Holidays see www.Idler.co.uk

    the books available most everywhere, read for free in Hmv etc.

  6. It's on the main road through Felixstowe.

    Felixstowe is a nice friendly seaside town, nice people, virtually no crime and no immigrant invasion as yet. There is also plently of well paid employment here.

    been in Felixstowe for 2 years now and still enjoying it.


    I'm glad your enjoying Felixstowe, CrapTowns.com disagrees with your comments http://www.craptowns.com/html/frontsection...0_5/england.htm

    To be fair the review sounds like many other crap S. Coast towns ( I lived on the S.Coast for 25 years & experienced many of them mainly from Portsmouth to Brighton)

    I'm enjoying living in Chester, but it's just been nominated no. 50 in the Crap Towns 2 book. Just don't go out at night, unless you like dishing it with the boob tubed or short sleeved shirt binging hoards.

  7. What!?  Completely confused.  Pretty much have an offer @ £250k (giving £64k profit), yet they plan to delay selling until after Christmas 2004, then put it on the market at £265k.

    Someone help!  Don't understand......


    Yeah, talk about major greed in action, escape by the skin of their teeth, through skimping Health & safety, recycling and hard work, then aren't happy with a 34% profit according to beany.

  8. As I work from home and turn the tv on occasionally, I am appalled at the amount of housing related programming, which is mostly repeats.

    There has been talk on HPC before about the BBc talking up the housing market in their news, but this is ridiculous and terribly misleading as the age of the progs is only relevant to a rising market, anyone following their advice in todays market, could be heading for neg equity or bankruptcy.

    I think Hpc posters should complain on mass to the BBC - rant over.


    9:15 am

    Beat the Burglar ( new I think & arguably a good idea, although presenter is a twit, we had to suffer him every morning in another poor 'find a house' prog thats series has ended)

    10:00 am

    Homes Under the Hammer - RPT.

    11:00 am

    Trading Up (rpt I think)

    11:30 am - 12.15

    Houses Behaving Badly Rpt I think

    8:00 pm


    3:50 am

    Changing Rooms

    IF that wasn't enough there is Small Town Gardens 11:00 am

    on the other side in Wales region, which is a repeat of a roof terrace prog and then pm

    3:20 pm

    The Flying Gardener

    3:30 pm

    Escape to the Country (rpt) This is years old & has the most patronising presenter.


    BBC1 tomorrow

    9:15 am

    Beat the Burglar

    10:00 am

    Homes Under the Hammer

    10:45 am

    The Nation Remembers (not housing, but only 20 mins.)

    11:05 am

    Trading Up

    11:30 am

    Houses Behaving Badly


    BBC1 Friday Same as above


    Next Monday

    10:00 am

    Homes Under the Hammer

    11:00 am

    Builders Sweat and Tears

    11:30 am

    Houses Behaving Badly

    12:00 pm

    Cash in the Attic


  9. Brother-in-laws friend's wife works in Jump estate agents Sheffield

    They've all had to take a 33% pay cut as of this week.  Can't think why.  Suppose I feel slightly sorry for her, she just works there and is only obeying orders...


    Jump EA's with a website called www.JumpNow.co.uk ! This should have been on the inappropriate named EA thread, particuarly as the debt is starting to strangle people. Someone mentioned the increased divorce rate in a crash, any idea what the increase in the suicide rate is ?

  10. that's because you think small RJG. classic small minded textbook learnt baloney. i know a guy 45 who has one very large off licence. he is practically retired. he goes to the cash and carry once a day and that is it. pays others to work for him and banks the profit.......DOH!!!! complex stuff.

        he pays them out of, what was it again????

          profit i think he called it?  :wacko:

          if there is enough excess cashflow there, why could'nt you pay someone else to do it for you?

    I question the ethics of selling booze (ie addictive substance), I used to know an off license owner myself, and the trail of poor alcoholics in for their special brew/ white lightening cider was depressing and dangerous.

    Why not argue the case for heroin dealers and hitmen, they kill less folks than off licenses do and the moneys better.

  11. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/3990249.stm

    Im sure this headline read  'Still Strong' yesterday?

    The BBc seems to still be talking up the market with selective stats. as mentioned before on HPC. I saw the BBC 1pm news yesterday afternoon and they were quoting Land Registry figures showing house price rises of 16%, no mention of current slowdown. The local NW England/N. Wales news after was worse, talked of Anglesey in Wales where prices had doubled.

    Also said Wales had become a property hotspot.

  12. Hi all,

    Been away for six months, things have sure got a bit s*****ie around here since i last posted (not as Navigator).

    Now you have to register, so no more wind ups or devils advocate posts i guess if people can find out who you REALLY are... pity.

    So the crash appears to have started...

    We sold up at six months before the peak and are now renting waiting for the right moment to go back in again. (hopefully within 12 months)

    We have been considering self build as a way back in... does anyone know anything about it?

    I presume land prices have boomed as well... are they going to slide?

    Do you get more for your money if you build it yourself?

    What are the pitfalls etc etc....

    Navigator, you can still say 'nads' if it makes you feel any better

  13. chuck

    9000 people out of 60 million....its actually nothing at all

    Cant you do better than this to find something to get off on?

    Seriously...dont be a knob and cite higher rate as the reason

    firstly rates havent been higher for long..and they are still v low

    secondly, to be a victim of bancruptcy via high rates would be a much more protracted scenario than 9 months (the period in which higher rates have kicked in over)

    legal wheels turn slowly..so this cannot be the reason..bankruptcy wld take much longer than this

    You let stats get in the way of reality

    if figures are 28% up at 9000, this means 7000 people got into difficulty in the preceeding period

    A difference in 2000 people pa in the total uk..hardly the signal of economic meltdown?

    the deathrate doubled in my village last week compared to same period last year!!!

    2 people died instead of one!

    keep trying!

    Don't feed the troll please

  14. I was just reviewing the Houseprice Crash Anthem thread and really started to visualise the tunes everyone suggested in some kind of guerilla documentary.

    I was wondering - why doesn't the site make one? It could be funny, it could be informative, it could be full of characters as they try to come to terms with the housing boom?

    anyone seen Spellbound? That kind of thing.

    Good idea COAB,

    i haven't seen Spellbound, but i was touched a while ago by the passion and honesty in 'American Movie'. A while back I bought the 'guerilla film makers handbook' but have not had time to read it. Do you have any links to a definition of what guerilla film making involves.

    I was about to put a post together for HPC on pros/cons of house sitting/caretaking which is an option to buying /renting I have taken on and off for the last decade. I can't remember seeing an HPC post or link on this subject before.

  15. That was the beginning of the end for self certs.

    After the programme the EAs and Lenders started climbing the moral highground stating they would be retraining their staff, as they did not know what was going on.

    :lol:  :lol:

    That was a brilliant doc. from memory, i think they said 'it went right to the top' ie the Halifax/Bank of Scotland, who were the biggest lenders at the time. They appeared to be turning a major blind eye.

  16. Webmaster, are you sure we have only 614 members, I made the jest below to member 666, Property Master and just checked the post to confirm it was not my mistake on his no.

    Maybe its like car number plates and you are reserving the first 50 or so member numbers. for auctioning off at a great profit in the future as your pension, or are they for vips! :):)


    Hello Property Master, member 666 (hope that is not a bad 'omen') someone seems to have hit a nerve with you. Please don't make sweeping generalisations of people on this site. There is a wide variety of types/views of posters and some excellent humour that I have seen.

    Thanks for taking some time out from your charity work in your early retirement to give us your view.


  17. I was working it out from you graph of the rough average asylum applications over the past few years. So we've got a 0.75m increase in four years. I have no reason to dispute that. What I would dispute is why all these people would go and buy houses? As I said, they'll be renting, and rents just haven't gone up on a National level. There may well be local effects and I'm sure the government's policy of dumping, sorry, dispersal is no good for anyone.

    What would be a good thing to compare is population increase and house price increase from 95-2004. The latter has tripled, I'm guessing the former has gone up maybe 3%. For comparison, do the same with the previous boom 82-89, and the previous bust, 89-95.

    Someone else a while ago posted on HPC the view that many immigrants coming to the uk will live with many people sharing one room, so normal rental patterns such as no. of immigrants vs houses/rooms required or rented apply.

  18. You guys!!!

    Do you honestly think that because property is going down that you can't make money from it!!! Do honestly think that NO-ONE is buying property???

    If we at AQS are buying prop at a TRUE BMV We can offer it back to the market at a BMV price (leave something in it for the next man) thereby shifting the prop very quickly.

    You see property has ONLY ONE disadvantage over every other asset class..... speed of acquisition and disposal.... at AQS we exploit this and use this as our leverage to generate REAL discounts off property....99% of ppl wanting to sell their property WE ARE NOT RIGHT FOR.... but those ppl where speed and flexibility is more important, we are the ideal solution.

    Topher bear..."And where do they get their money from to purchase the properties and pay the costs?".....This has got to be the most dumb ass question ever!!! If you were gonna buy a property....where would you get the money from???!!! FOOL....plus whats to say you have to buy a property to sell it.... we routinely SELL properties that we DON'T OWN making a lovely profit and also not having to spend any money buying it!!! IT'S CALLED OPTIONS TRADING!!! Simple concept I know but maybe too difficult for a bunch of Neghead Bears....

    And seeing as you mention the CRASH you are expecting...... Yes the Froth is coming of the market... but crash??? Puh please.... just look at the cold hard facts....

    - High Employment

    - Inflation 45% lower than should be!!!

    - Highest Interest rates in the only important economies (Check HPC home page. Our rates are tooooo high...watch them come down after christmas fueling another boom in the housing market!)

    - Mortgages are still 25% more affordable than the Crash (OOOoooo a whole 27% from peak to trough....no wait thats only 1 year of growth!!! I can loose that no problem!) of 1991

    - HPI slowing

    - Economy slowing to less than Gordon Brown needs to get the tax take he needs.

    - Mortgage lending slowing

    - Need to lower rates to be in harmony with Europe ready to take the Euro

    - Extremely strong £££

    hate to break it to you guys... but ALL.... YES....ALLL the above economic indicators are pointing to Interest rates being lowered....and you know what that will do don't you....yes thats right... mortgages will become even MORE affordable.....meaning ppl will start to re-enter the market place and bringing some more upward pressure on HPI... My prediction... HPI to groe by 12% 2005.... forget 5%... or even a crash... it AINT GONNA happen!!! for it to happen we need....

    - Recession

    - Weak £££

    - High Inflation

    - High Interest rates

    - High Unemployment

    - Over-supply of housing stock

    - High level of repossessions

    - Lenders unwilling to lend

    - Over supply of rental props

    As a True Blue Tory Boy... Hate to admit it... but can't see 'Tory Blair' letting this lot happen all at once...

    Anyway... I also need to get something else of my chest...

    We at AQS need to THANK YOU all here at HPC... Your site is fabulous for us.... we guide all our clients to you... once they've read this load of tripe they're gagging to sell their property to us BMV... is as anything... I would say this website gets us at least 15% off deals alone... SINCERELY.... KEEP DOING WHAT YOU'RE DOING... YOU'RE MAKING ABOUT 80 PEOPLE WEALTHY BEYOND THEY'RE WILDEST DREAMS.



    now for the pitch.....

    Anyone here who might be interested...

    I have unexpectly had the Canterbury Area become available for a potential person to join us as a A Quick Sale affiliate.... this person will get exculsive controll over all leads generated in this area.... If you are interested in buying BMV property Week in Week out... let me know.... (you'll find the email over on SP)

    "You will find that one of the long-time posters on Singing Pig is a Southern Sales Manager at AQS. That's about all I need to know about it. He posts under the username "Property Master"(!).".....  :lol:

    " when I left you.... I was but the learner....now I am the Property Master"

    "Only a Property Master of evil Darth".....

    Do you guys have NO Homour??? IT'S CALLED SARCASM!!! Oh no of course you have no homour... you all sad negheads, who are jealous that some of us are able to buy and YES make a profit outta property... I'm 32 been retired on property for 2 years and making more money this years than I ever have.... there is just sooooo much out there to learn about property... even for .... "DUM DUM DUMMMM!!" "THE PROPERTY MASTER!"

    Cheers Guys


    (BTW My name is Jeremy if PM is too painfull for you to use!)

    Hello Property Master, member 666 (hope that is not a bad 'omen') someone seems to have hit a nerve with you. Please don't make sweeping generalisations of people on this site. There is a wide variety of types/views of posters and some excellent humour that I have seen.

    Thanks for taking some time out from your charity work in your early retirement to give us your view.

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